Location: Leeds Sheffield, United Kingdom
E-mail: dakotarosey@outlook.com
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29
Deadlift: 110 lbs
Benchpress: 80 lbs
Squat: 170 lbs
Legpress: 225 lbs

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My name is Dakota I have a passion for health and fitness  I love challenging my strength and body, I absolutely enjoy lift and carry sessions the most there such a good laugh, I also do muscle worship, domination,  and other things that I have ticked the boxes for, (nothing sexual) I like to do scissoring, fantasy wrestling and semi comp.. nothing too extreme or dangerous. I can also duo with another lady from this site : Madampennie but this would cost extra but extra fun for you :)


If you want to book a session with me then get in touch for my rates 

My lift and carry limit is 85kg


i am am mainly in Leeds but tour in Manchester, Birmingham and London, Newcastle, Scotland, Bournemout. Thinking of traveling to Germany, Dublin, Belgium, France in the future if anyone can recommend me some easy access hotels, that arent too expensive and dont have any keycards or fobs to get in.. that would be much appreciated :)


I always ask for a deposit to my PayPal account after we have agreed a time and date of our session.. please don’t feel scared or put off by this, it is to filter out any time wasters as I take my job seriously and us girls have to pay for accommodation and travel so we need to know if you guys are 100% going to turn up as this will be a waste of or efforts, time and money which isnt very fair so no deposit = no session Im afraid


Can anyone please let me know of popular areas that are screaming out for girls? I would appreciate it much Muchly xoxo 


PLEASE READ*** if you send me long ass emails with a ton of questions I will assume you are a time waster and ignore your emails.. serious bookers always get straight to the point with dates, times deposit none of this time wasting business! I’m a busy lady and don’t want to play email ping pong with a time waster that just wants a free fix***


Check out my onlyfans for my recent updates


Many thanks,





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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
11-18-2021 12-15-2021 Leeds United Kingdom
12-12-2021 12-13-2021 Birmingham United Kingdom
12-17-2021 12-17-2021 Manchester United Kingdom
Flexibility in the Barnsley South Yorkshire area if you can come to me I have mats here and a pool for oil wrestling Yorkshire-flexible Email me to book a slot! dakotarosey@outlook.com Looking forward to Sessioning with you guys Xxx

I had the pleasure of meeting Dakota Rose earlier this week at her London location and it was an amazing and memorable experience. You already know what she looks like from her photos but I was gobsmacked upon seeing her in person! Imagine meeting a model who is completely toned/ripped head to toe, who has a great personality and sense of humour but can go toe to toe with you on the mats and you have Dakota Rose! Prior to finding out she is UK based I actually thought she was American based on her look/physique and name.

Setting up the meeting was a breeze and done over a few pleasant emails where we discussed the type of session wanted, etc and then full details provided for location. I opted for a 2hr fantasy based session with some outfit changes.

I was slightly nervous upon reaching the location but literally within 5mins of meeting Dakota I was at ease as she is very down to earth and friendly. The session consisted of wrestling holds, pins and submissions where I was the lucky victim! Whilst I requested an easy to medium session I could tell Dakota Rose definitely has the strength and skills to up the gears and one of the neck scissors she applied to me where I tapped fairly quickly she told me how deep and long she can apply it and I wasn’t even close! Also for a lady with a size 8-10 frame she can lift incredibly heavy which is something you would not expect. Dakota also told me she is taking classes with Gracie Barra with the expectation her skillset will get even better as she progresses. Dakota definitely impressed with some of the outfits she choose and I can’t believe how quickly 2 hours passed.

To conclude if you want to meet a lady whom looks like a WWE Diva but doesn’t act like a diva and can wrestle for real then look no further than Dakota Rose as you will not be disappointed!


Had the pleasure of sessioning with Dakota for the first time a few weeks ago. Was 10/10 would 100% recommend


Had the absolute pleasure of a semi comp session with Dakota today, first of all just wanna say that she is lovely, literally the sweetest soul, and i could chat to her all day, but dont be fooled, on the mats she will have you tapping left right and centre!

As i mention it was a semi comp session and im a big guy, 6 foot 1, about 90 kilos and train in the gym a lot, can bench 90 kilos etc. I have only had 1 wreslting session before and never trained jiu jitsu or anything. I was assuming that in order for Dakota to make me tap, i would have to almost switch off for a second to let her get me in the hold, but that was anything but the case, she has only been training bjj for a year and a half i think but my word she's good, she 100% had the upperhand over me and controlled the match by far, her guard is so difficult to pass, i think i maybe passed it twice in the whole hour, and from the bit where you are kneeling at the start she always managed to overpower me and put me on my back straight away, i could never get hold of her, she tapped me early on with some variations of the rear naked choke, guillotine, armbarred me twice, and i think maybe even breast smothered me once. She is so strong and most the match i just spent pinned and had no chance at getting up. And her quads are insanely strong i literally tapped in her scissors within 2 seconds!

I think she won about 8-2, i wasnt expecting to be able to try my hardest and still lose, so i literally couldnt be happier with the session, overall dakota is stunning, genuinely a really nice person, but rock hard aha and a very skilled wreslter, would highly recomend and will be back as soon as i can x

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