Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
E-mail: dakotarosey@outlook.com
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 26

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My name is Dakota I have a passion for health and fitness  I love challenging my strength and body, I absolutely enjoy lift and carry sessions the most there such a good laugh, I also do muscle worship, domination,  and other things that I have ticked the boxes for, (nothing sexual) I like to do scissoring, fantasy wrestling and semi comp.. nothing too extreme or dangerous. I can also duo with another lady from this site : Madampennie but this would cost extra but extra fun for you :)


If you want to book a session with me then get in touch for my rates 

My lift and carry limit is 85kg


i am am mainly in Leeds but tour in Manchester, Birmingham and London, Newcastle, Scotland, Bournemout. Thinking of traveling to Germany, Dublin, Belgium, France in the future if anyone can recommend me some easy access hotels, that arent too expensive and dont have any keycards or fobs to get in.. that would be much appreciated :)


I always ask for a deposit to my PayPal account after we have agreed a time and date of our session.. please don’t feel scared or put off by this, it is to filter out any time wasters as I take my job seriously and us girls have to pay for accommodation and travel so we need to know if you guys are 100% going to turn up as this will be a waste of or efforts, time and money which isnt very fair so no deposit = no session Im afraid


Can anyone please let me know of popular areas that are screaming out for girls? I would appreciate it much Muchly xoxo 


PLEASE READ*** if you send me long ass emails with a ton of questions I will assume you are a time waster and ignore your emails.. serious bookers always get straight to the point with dates, times deposit none of this time wasting business! I’m a busy lady and don’t want to play email ping pong with a time waster that just wants a free fix***


Check out my onlyfans for my recent updates


Many thanks,





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02-23-2019 02-28-2019 Leeds United Kingdom
03-28-2019 03-29-2019 London United Kingdom
Flexibility in the West Yorkshire area if you can come to me I have mats London 28th-29th March Email me to book a slot! Looking forward to Sessioning with you guys Xxx

Just had my 4th wrestling session with Dakotarose and had another amazing experience. I’ve had sessions with a few girls previously that overstated their grappling skills and were a bit of a disappointment but, when I first met Dakota she was totally honest about not having any wrestling experience before. I’m mainly into competitive matches so wasn’t sure but I thought I’d give it a go and had one of my most pleasurable sessions yet. I was blown away by how strong she was for such a slight woman and how keen she was to give me the experience I wanted.
Anyway, 3 months on and I can safely say that if she told me she could kick my ass in a wrestle it would be no lie or embellishment. Today she had me tapping from head scissors, arm triangles full nelsons and even had me tapping seceral times to bodyscissors (her scissors really are something else now). She must have tapped me with her triangle four or five times. I think this may be her new favourite move. A couple of times I couldn’t last more than a few seconds in it before being forced to tap.
She’s been accommodating and professional with the setting up of every session and had been an absolute pleasure to spend time with.
Dakotarose..... you’re awesome!!!!


Dakotarose is by far the best looking lady with the hottest body on the scene. And her personality is of a angel so sweet, caring, professional, bubbly and witty. She is super strong for her size it’s amazing to see! Her legs are brutal, she has a very strong core, and arms too. If you haven’t booked this lady yet then you don’t know what you’re missing she is a real life superwoman.

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Aw thanks was a pleasure to meet you xox

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