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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30

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Thank you for finding me here!

I only reply to you via this email regarding session wrestling or creativing custom wrestling videos.

Im a fighter, have prowrestling experience, BJJ competitor, and have just had my fourth MMA fight.


To be clear,  once We have determined the date and location for our session, $125 non-refundable deposit is required via PayPal or Venmo at least 24 hours after booking. We can do this over email, however, now that the website is up and running smooth, Booking has changed with booking feature-- much easier for both of us.

Basically, your booking is held for 24 hours,  after that, a deposit must be made to reserve it. Otherwise, its accessible for someone else to book. 

Your time slot hot is only reserved with Deposit. 

The person who pays deposit first gets the booking.

An exception to be refunded is if I, the wrestler, must to cancel,  then a refund will be applicable, totally honest and easy.

When emailing your first email, include: if youre coming to Vegas or where you are located, what type of wrestling session youd like, and what days are best.

Visit for mor information (FAQs), VIDEOS for sale, BLOG, and photos. 


Thank you!!


Squeeza Ya Soooooon!


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If youre interested in a city tell me right away-- if there is not enough interest the city is removed. Email or book at Please note travel dates Days are tentative depending on demand in that area.... AND days are LOOSE. I am posting DATES AROUND that time frame. It is dependent on interest of all the cities before or after a specific location. Thank you. Please book via website. Hi. Ive missed you. I know youve missed me. We will get through this. You need an outlet an outlet to get your ass handed to you. Email me. And browse Sessions Deposits of 125 will be required via Paypal Cash app or Venmo preferred. Sessions typically begin at 400hr donation. Wardrobe and other requests may add more. Please dont bother asking a bunch of other various things about what will happen during the session. I will simply refer you to this webpage to look at the details again. And then if you seem serious you can tell me the date youd prefer. We can figure details out AFTER the session date is confirmed. If the profile doesnt answer any of your questions or you have specific questions yes feel free to ask. You wont be disappointed. Thanks and I look forward to dominating you.... Itll hurt so GOOD!

I’ve met some fine talents and personalities over the years in the world of session wrestling. I’ve got to honestly say Dez moves to the head of the class. What a beautiful lady inside and out! I was so awestruck, I didn’t want our time to end- as she felt like a best friend after just two hours of knowing her! I was thankful she was out East on her travels at long last.
Dez is very adaptable moment to moment. She can kick your ass, sweetly wag her finger at you as your succumbing (a trait of hers I noticed in her video work which a year earlier I had stumbled upon), and stop to give you pointers a long the way as to recommended stances, guards, etc... to prevent you from getting your ass handed to you too easily 😊
Dez is the greatest combination of strength and MMA skill set around. Her legs are insanely strong, and she knows every pressure point. I could go into more specifics, but you get the idea. Very sweet gal and a very interesting person off the mats, as well as her ties to MMA. I really hope to meet up with her again. She is very kind, giving, and was way more that sweet girl next door than I expected. Yet in a heartbeat, she can become one ruthless, bad ass vixen who can hurt you and break your spirits quickly if you resist too hard!


****Review for the November 13, 2021, Women on Fire event****

The event was amazing! I got to spend the evening surrounded by beautiful, athletic women. The competitive matches were actually very intense, and the other activities were quite entertaining (I was lucky enough to be put through the scissors circle 😊). And, of course, the afterparty was fantastic as I got a chance to session with several of the awesome ladies there.

I really couldn't ask for a better time, and I'm really looking forward to the next one!


I had the privilege of meeting and wrestling Dez Desire at the WAonFire event in Las Vegas. She is top tier. And in addition to being a standout session wrestler, Dez is kind, funny, quick-witted, and charismatic. (Wrestle her while you still can. It won’t be long before Hollywood discovers her talents and takes her away from us). I first noticed Dez when I walked into the venue. She must have been 10ft tall. I looked up at her surprised, and she smiled down at me. Little did I know, that wouldn’t be the last time she smiled down at me that night. But more on that later.

As it turns out, Dez wasn’t really that tall. She was on a pair of stilts. (Yes, she can walk on stilts. And quite comfortably, I might add). Even more impressively, she was on them for the entirety of the show. I should mention that that’s in addition to her helping set up the event from early that morning. (Her poor feet!) The audience was no match for Dez’s natural charisma. Now, imagine this coupled with her holding the microphone and being on stilts (making her, by far, the tallest person in the room). Over the years, I’ve been to dozens of kinky wrestling events on both coasts, and I cannot recall a time when an audience was so captivated.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty decent wrestler, myself. I was All State back in the glory days of high school and I have been involved in the sport for decades. With that said, I am very particular about who I will session with. I politely declined some of the other athletes who offered me a session. And that’s no reflection on them. I’m sure they would have been challenging and fun to wrestle, but I had flown in for this event from out of state and my time was limited. I wanted to wrestle the very best of the best, and Dez was one of the few on my list of potential opponents.

During the event earlier in the evening, Dez referenced a shoulder surgery that she was recovering from. So, I was under the impression that wrestling her would not be an option. We had spoken briefly a couple times and I mentioned in passing that I was excited to take her on in a competitive match at some time in the future, once she had recovered. Without hesitation, Dez said we could wrestle.

I had some strong reservations. Although I was well aware that she is legit, this was her livelihood we were talking about. I made it clear that I was concerned about her shoulder and I let her know that I was reluctant to wrestle her for that reason. I also let her know that I had a considerable amount of wrestling experience and that I was no slouch. I wasn’t saying this to brag. I just wanted to be open about my skill level and the risks associated with proceeding.

We agreed that she would let me know if her shoulder was hurting at any point, and I would respect that. We began from our knees. When we started, I began my feeling out process and Dez did the same. We tied up and fought for positioning, with neither of us expending much energy. Dez is 5’9”, about 160 lbs. Although Dez is strong, at 6’1”, 210 lbs., I was stronger than she was, but not by much. I attacked her legs and she defended well, sprawling and catching me in a front headlock/guillotine position. I was able to find an angle and get behind her using a look-away drag (also commonly called a “sucker drag”). We had just started and I had already taken her back. Things were off to a good start.

I pulled her backwards and into a tilt. I was expecting her to try to get off of her back, and I had a plan for when she turned in either direction. The only problem is that she never turned. She didn’t mind being on her back. She wasn’t pinned and she wasn’t in any kind of pain.

One significant advantage Dez had, I would find, is that she was comfortable being on her back. I was not. She slowly and methodically worked her way into a comfortable position. While on her back, she started working for arm bars, triangle chokes, and other submissions with which I was vaguely familiar. That is, I could name them if I saw them on TV. But as far as understanding the nuts and bolts behind them, how to set them up, and the intricacies that go into executing them effectively, I was in the dark.

As a result, Dez was incredibly efficient with her energy and I was not. She knew when to exert energy and when to relax. I, on the other hand, didn’t know which positions were dangerous (where I needed to tense up and spend some energy), and which were not so dangerous (where I could relax and recover). Given those circumstances, I had to react to, and resist, everything she did. It was exhausting.

I was caught between going for it and trying to overpower her, or alternatively, just being conservative and trying to run out the clock. I went with the latter. But Dez is very intelligent. She could tell I was trying to slow the match down to conserve energy, so she started getting more active. In something of a panic, I was able to successfully lock up a cradle on her. And while I may have been panicking, Dez was not. She inched her way into better positioning, one small adjustment at a time. Once she felt the time was right, she used her legs to break my lock. When she did, without any break in the action she trapped my head and arm between her legs and locked up a triangle choke on me. That was the first of many submissions.

After I submitted, she released me from the hold. When I got back up, Dez was sitting on her butt. She had realized that I was stronger and tie-ups would favor me. She also knew and that I had the advantage if we were going for takedowns. (Note that takedowns can be dangerous because wrestlers often get caught on their back while being taken down, even against opponents who could not otherwise turn them from referee’s position. So, some wrestlers who have a big lead may deliberately give up a takedown late in a match so they can ensure they give up the two points on their terms, rather than risking getting thrown and giving up near-fall points, or possibly being pinned. I can only guess that this concept may apply to submissions as well). So, what was her incentive to play my game? She could let me start on top and control me from the bottom.

Sensing that her strategy was working and I was losing steam, Dez started getting more aggressive. My stamina was wearing thin, and I could no longer tense up and resist everything she did. The submissions started coming more frequently. And I found that the time between my tapouts was becoming progressively shorter.

I was frustrated and tired. But from the look on her face, I’d say Dez was delighted. At one point she grabbed both of my wrists, pulled me on top of her feet, and started rocking me back and forth. She was toying with me. I felt like a toddler being given an airplane ride by a big sister.

I was becoming increasingly desperate and doing riskier and riskier things to get some kind of advantage. Invariably, they backfired. Anything I did, Dez was two steps ahead. It was like a game of Chess and she was always knew my next move. At one point, Dez caught me in a triangle choke and forced me onto my back. She didn’t make me submit, although she could have. She released her lock and sat on my chest. I bridged her off of me, but she didn’t go far. She got back up and on top of me. At this point she was lying on me and I was on my back.

She sunk a grapevine in and one of my arms was trapped at my side by one of her legs. She looked down at me with her infectious smile. “Are you tired?” she asked. Submissions were one thing. But being pinned hit me where it hurts. I squirmed and struggled, trying to get off my back. But the more I struggled, the tighter it got. Based on her facial expression, I’d say she was enjoying my helplessness. I can only imagine how pathetic I must have looked, struggling underneath Dez, feebly pushing on her with my one free hand. If this were a game of chess, this would be the part where she had taken all of my strong pieces, and now she was just taking her time, knocking out all of my pawns. I continued my pitiful attempt at pushing her off of me with my one free hand and she grabbed my arm with both her hands and pinned it down above my head.

How did I end up in this position? She was strong, but I was definitely stronger. I was pinned flat on my back and I couldn’t move any part of my body. All I could do was lie back and watch helplessly as she savored her conquest over me. Eventually, I laid back and accepted it. As if my ego weren’t hurting enough, sensing that I had lost any will I had to fight it anymore, she let my other arm go with her leg and quickly pinned it above my head. She had me in a grapevine and she was holding both my arms down above my head. Before I had time to process what was happening, she hopped up and sat on my chest. She placed her knees on the outside of my arms, just about at my elbows, and pinched her knees together. Her crotch was in my face.

That’s right. Dez pinned me in a competitive match by sitting on my face. And there was nothing I could do about it. I have to admit I didn’t think that was a real move. I always thought it was a sexy position for videos. But it was real and it was shockingly effective. I tried to bridge and buck her off, but I was just too tired. I was breathing hard and trying to catch my breath. To add to my humiliation, all I was breathing in was her scent, given that her crotch was pressed against my face.

I had no way out. I considered asking her for a fresh start, but I was afraid my words would be muffled by her crotch. And that would have been more embarrassing than just lying there. Worse yet, the writing was on the wall. Even if we started over, she could put me there again if she wanted to. She was the better wrestler and we both knew it. I felt pretty stupid after having talked such a big game earlier. I never pinned or submitted her even once.

That was the worst I have ever been dominated. Really, I cannot think of a time in my life when I received a more one-sided ass kicking. I like to tell myself that I could give Dez a better match. That maybe I wasn’t at my best, or it was just her night. But the truth is she was recovering from a shoulder surgery. She had also been working there and helping out with the event from the early hours of the morning. She hosted the event while walking around on stilts for hours. And right before wrestling me, she wrestled for 40 consecutive minutes in competitive matches against some of the best session wrestlers out there. Despite all of those disadvantages, she had my number.

Dez was just better. And she wasn’t mean or cocky. The more she dominated me, the more playful she became. She has something of a nurturing quality. She went out of her way to make sure I enjoyed the session, and she even asked me to e-mail her when I got back to my hotel room so that she knew I made it there safe and sound.

If you get the chance to wrestle Dez, do it! Nothing I write here can do her justice. But suffice it to say, she is incredible.

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