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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29

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About Me

Thank you for finding me here!

I only reply to you via this email regarding session wrestling or creativing custom wrestling videos.

Im a fighter, have prowrestling experience, BJJ competitor, and have just had my fourth MMA fight.


To be clear,  once We have determined the date and location for our session, $125 non-refundable deposit is required via PayPal or Venmo at least 24 hours after booking. We can do this over email, however, now that the website is up and running smooth, Booking has changed with booking feature-- much easier for both of us.

Basically, your booking is held for 24 hours,  after that, a deposit must be made to reserve it. Otherwise, its accessible for someone else to book. 

Your time slot hot is only reserved with Deposit. 

The person who pays deposit first gets the booking.

An exception to be refunded is if I, the wrestler, must to cancel,  then a refund will be applicable, totally honest and easy.

When emailing your first email, include: if youre coming to Vegas or where you are located, what type of wrestling session youd like, and what days are best.

Visit for mor information (FAQs), VIDEOS for sale, BLOG, and photos. 


Thank you!!


Squeeza Ya Soooooon!


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Some openings for Cologne and Frankfurt. Can shoot or session. Las vegas las vegas always.... Come get your ass kicked by me. Most weekdays. Any time after 2pm. In vegas we have available spaces wrestling ring mats and mma cage. Approx extra 60 hour. When emailing please specify Location day and time and if you have a place to host or not. Then what type of session and if you have wardrobe requirements. Deposits of one third of the session price will be required via Paypal Cash app or Venmo. Sessions typically begin at 400hr donation. Wardrobe and other requests may add more. Please dont bother asking a bunch of other various things about what will happen during the session. I will simply refer you to this webpage to look at the details again. And then if you seem serious you can tell me the date youd prefer. we can figure details out AFTER the session date is confirmed. If the profile doesnt answer any of your questions or you have specific questions yes feel free to ask. You wont be disappointed. Thanks and I look forward to dominating you.... Itll hurt so GOOD! 122019 Lift and carry may or may not be available. Message me anyway.

I met Dez for a session in Cologne on the 10th of march.
Based on all the rave reviews of her and the fact that she lives so far away, I decided to go for a 3 hour session. And let me start off by saying that it still was too short!

I like to keep the form of my sessions very simple. Just wrestling with no intricate scenarios or too many requests. That way the session is like an improvisation, where the result is shaped by the personality of both participants and the mood of the day.
By doing so I was able to meet a Dez who isn’t only a terrific wrestler, but an all around cool person as well. With a vibrant personality and a lust for life who is interesting to talk to and fun to be around.
I got to know her as part one of the guys, part refined lady and part certified badass. A great combination in my book!
As we wrestled, she primarily switched between the roles of tormentor and teacher. Torturing and coaching in equal measure, she showed me how to do some offensive as well as defensive moves. I always enjoy learning some new things and this might prove useful in my next sessions!
Speaking about moves, they say that variety is the spice of life and Dez definitely proves this with her vast arsenal of holds. She’s like a wrestling encyclopedia and likes to show off a bit by making a conscious effort to put you in as many different holds as possible.
She has a fluid style, which she herself describes as being like water. But to me, she felt more like quicksand. As the more I struggled and moved around, the deeper in trouble I got.

So to summarize this review: great wrestler, great person, great session!
I only have one major gripe with her: She lives too damn far away!
I had a lot of fun and and I never knew if there was a laugh or a tap coming up next.
If you’re considering to meet Dez, please do. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


I had a session with dez yesterday evening in Cologne and I LOVED!!! It :))). I wanted the session to be a roleplay. The scenario included her putting me in my place for treating her little sister poorly. Her acting was so convincing that I could really feel her anger. I could tell that she prepared before the session to deliver such a great performance which just shows how important it is for her to fullfill ones wishes. While kicking my ass with slaps, punches and chokeholds, she looked after me, respected my boundaries, and she made sure that she didn´t inflict too much damage on me.

At the end of the session, she showed her soft and caring side, which I requested her to do. Dez was such an angel, she caressed my face, hugged me and told me that everything was going to be fine. The pain from the ass-kicking and humiliation immediately went by and I just felt safe and protected :).

After that, I could leave with a good feeling. I still feel the warmth of her goodbye hugs :)). All in all, it was an unforgettable session full of pain, joy and fullfilled desires ;). It absolutely BLEW MY MIND :D. I cannot recommend her enough.

Dez, it hurt sooo good! :) you are a very skilled fighter, actor and a very warm and nice woman at the same time. I wish you all the best for your future and I definitely want to session with you again some time :).


I had a 2-hour session with Dez on her March 2020 London tour. Since I stated session wrestling (8 years ago), I've been hoping to find someone like Dez. She is the perfect session wrestler. She has everything.

Dez is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. I can't get over how lucky I am to be able to wrestle with someone that is so beautiful. There is no-one on the planet that I would prefer to spend time rolling around with, from a looks perspective (or from any other perspective)!

She has a really sweet personality off the mats. She is very well mannered / polite. She makes a real effort to thank people that help her, e.g. I saw her thanking Pippa for the invite to her Submission Room show. Dez made it clear that she appreciated Pippa's invitation. She is a lovely person to be around. She listens when talking. She cares about the person she is talking to. She remembers things from earlier in the conversation (she is not just pretending to listen!). She said that she loves meeting new people - and this is clear to me, having met her.

I didn't know fully what to expect on the mats. I was 100% sure that she would destroy me given her background in MMA & Jiu-Jitsu and her record against other top session wrestlers - but I didn't know how she would feel relative to the other top session wrestlers that I've faced. She feels as good as any of them. She is very powerful and skilled. There are some very interesting potential match-ups ahead for Dez in the session wrestling world. She is right up there with the likes of Sheena, Diana, VeVe Lane, etc. I genuinely don't know how these matches would go. But Dez is right up there with the very best. There's no doubt about it.

Another great thing about Dez is that she can roleplay and trash-talk better than anyone. This might be my favourite thing about her - where she would tell me what I wimp I was in a calm, believable, direct way while smiling and putting me in whatever submission hold she felt like. She is a complete natural at this. She brings her personality to the session. I didn't ask her to do this but she checked if I was ticklish (by tickling me). I am ticklish. She then got me into positions where I was fully restrained (couldn't move) and tickled the hell out of me - forcing me to say things, forcing me to repeat things after her, etc. It was the most fun I've had in a session in a long time (or ever actually).

Dez is super fun, super hot, super skilled - honestly, the best session experience that anyone could ever want. It's hard to justify booking anyone else knowing that Dez is out there. I hope she comes back to London again. If not, I will have to make the trip to Vegas.

Thank you so much Dez!

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