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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30

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About Me

Thank you for finding me here!

I only reply to you via this email regarding session wrestling or creativing custom wrestling videos.

Im a fighter, have prowrestling experience, BJJ competitor, and have just had my fourth MMA fight.


To be clear,  once We have determined the date and location for our session, $125 non-refundable deposit is required via PayPal or Venmo at least 24 hours after booking. We can do this over email, however, now that the website is up and running smooth, Booking has changed with booking feature-- much easier for both of us.

Basically, your booking is held for 24 hours,  after that, a deposit must be made to reserve it. Otherwise, its accessible for someone else to book. 

Your time slot hot is only reserved with Deposit. 

The person who pays deposit first gets the booking.

An exception to be refunded is if I, the wrestler, must to cancel,  then a refund will be applicable, totally honest and easy.

When emailing your first email, include: if youre coming to Vegas or where you are located, what type of wrestling session youd like, and what days are best.

Visit for mor information (FAQs), VIDEOS for sale, BLOG, and photos. 


Thank you!!


Squeeza Ya Soooooon!


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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04-23-2021 04-24-2021 Minneapolis Minnesota
04-23-2021 04-24-2021 St Paul Minnesota
04-30-2021 05-01-2021 Stockton California
04-30-2021 05-02-2021 San Jose California
Hi. Ive missed you. I know youve missed me. We will get through this. You need an outlet an outlet to get your ass handed to you. Email me. And browse Sessions Deposits of 125 will be required via Paypal Cash app or Venmo preferred. Sessions typically begin at 400hr donation. Wardrobe and other requests may add more. Please dont bother asking a bunch of other various things about what will happen during the session. I will simply refer you to this webpage to look at the details again. And then if you seem serious you can tell me the date youd prefer. We can figure details out AFTER the session date is confirmed. If the profile doesnt answer any of your questions or you have specific questions yes feel free to ask. You wont be disappointed. Thanks and I look forward to dominating you.... Itll hurt so GOOD!

I had a session with Dez yesterday and was so impressed by her sincerity and wrestling prowess that I felt compelled to write about my wonderful experience. First of all, she made scheduling the session so easy. I truly appreciated that since it has been a long time since my last session.

Secondly, she is gorgeous (even more so than her photos on Session Girls and those pics are amazing!) and very engaging. I was nervous about sessioning since it had been a long time, but she made me feel right at ease by giving me hugs and bantering with me before, during and after our wrestling. I later shared with her that she is the sweetest strong woman that I have ever had the pleasure to know.

I wrestled when I was in high school so I had some experience on the mats. That did not help me much. Dez is unbelievably strong, especially her legs, and she was amazingly quick to react to any move that I made. She was virtually impossible for me to takedown from a standing position due to her strength, quick reflexes and her lower center of gravity. I am about 3 inches taller and outweigh her by about 30 lbs, but that didn’t help me a bit. I knew going into our session that if she got her legs into a scissor hold on me that I would be tapping out soon. She didn’t disappoint in that regard. And, she let me off easy by not using her full strength when she got me into a jiu jitsu inspired scissor hold. The most painful hold she put me in was one where she wrapped her legs around my one arm and then used her arms to tie up and stretch out my other arm while lying perpendicular to my head. I am pretty sure that when she did that I felt a pop in my back. I will feel more of that pain tomorrow I am afraid. As we were wrapping up the session, Dez was kind enough to allow me pick my favorite holds which she then put me in as a parting gift.

As I told Dez, it is always disarming for me when I am supposed to take on an attractive woman in any competition especially one who is dressed to accentuate her beauty. That kind of sounds sexist which is probably not the best thing to say to a woman who can literally kick my ass. I enjoyed every minute of the beatdown I received. I remarked to Dez that I want to be in better shape the next time I session with her to give her more competition. I realized soon after saying this that she trains every day so she will only be stronger the next time I meet up with her on the mat.

In closing, I want to leave the reader of this review with the following take home message—if you are in Vegas and want an incredible session experience you need to contact Dez. She is the real deal and will leave you with a smile on your face after she demolishes you on the mat. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to session with this beautiful and athletic young lady.


This isn’t a session review; rather it’s a review to praise Dez on her production skills. I ordered a custom boxing video, and to say that she met my expectations would be a stark understatement. She went above and beyond to satisfy my request. Based on the video she made, you would think it was made by a professional company.

You have got to order a custom video from her. It will be a great investment of your money. On top of that, I will also see if I can session with her if she ever visits D.C.

dez desire

In am so happy you're happy with it!! I LOVE making videos!! That one was so fun! Thank you again for ordering from the bottom of my heart!!

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