Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: epicprowrestlingca@gmail.com
Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29
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I recently had a session with Dez Desire when she was in the DC area! She was amazing! The pictures are nothing compared to seeing her in person she is a beauty!!! Ask very strong legs! I had a semi comp session and i can’t count how many times i tapped. Highly recommended! Thanks again for an amazing session!


I went to Las Vegas and met Desi at a local and a very hard ring the Saturday of Labor Day weekend in 2018. My only session that I had in a ring. Very pretty, smart and strong. It was a really fun session. The only time I wrestled a lady outside of Metro Atlanta (which is home for me).


I had a session with Dez 18 months ago and I thought that I would let people know what an absolute pleasure it is to session with her. First of all she is very easy to communicate with and the organising of a session is simple with Dez.

When Dez turned up at the hotel I was immediately impressed with her statuesque build and pretty face. She also has very good conversation skills and shows a genuine interest in you as a client. In terms of session type we agreed to do a competitive session where we both try and make the other person submit. I train bjj and weigh 185lbs and Dez brought it to me for sure. Right from the get go I could tell that Dez knows her stuff...she almost caught me in a straight ankle lock early on...so I had to respect her total game from then on. We went to and fro for the rest of the session which ended up with a couple of submissions the difference between us. Dez has ample skill, is functionally strong and has great defense. I have sessioned with quite a number of the girls who are regarded as being up there with the best in the game (Veve, Tia and Venom amongst them) and I have no hesitation in putting Dez up there amongst them.

Guys, do yourself a favor and book a session with Dez, I guarantee that you will enjoy it and unless you know your stuff you will be defeated...of that there is little doubt.


I emailed her a couple of times acquiring a session for the both of us. But she won’t respond. I don’t know why? Does anyone have a clue?

dez desire

Hello Anonymous,

this is Dez.
I have no idea why I would not have replied- I usually am prompt with replies, but I do notice, during quarantine, there was ONE email I didn't see from April and replied to it only a couple days ago. Please email me again and tell me you are Mr. Anonymous on Session Girls. I have a Twitter, and Instagram and a website email you can contact me on as well, I'm sure you could have reached out there, too. Sometimes gmail emails are easy for me to get disorganized. Thanks!



I met Dez for a session in Cologne on the 10th of march.
Based on all the rave reviews of her and the fact that she lives so far away, I decided to go for a 3 hour session. And let me start off by saying that it still was too short!

I like to keep the form of my sessions very simple. Just wrestling with no intricate scenarios or too many requests. That way the session is like an improvisation, where the result is shaped by the personality of both participants and the mood of the day.
By doing so I was able to meet a Dez who isn’t only a terrific wrestler, but an all around cool person as well. With a vibrant personality and a lust for life who is interesting to talk to and fun to be around.
I got to know her as part one of the guys, part refined lady and part certified badass. A great combination in my book!
As we wrestled, she primarily switched between the roles of tormentor and teacher. Torturing and coaching in equal measure, she showed me how to do some offensive as well as defensive moves. I always enjoy learning some new things and this might prove useful in my next sessions!
Speaking about moves, they say that variety is the spice of life and Dez definitely proves this with her vast arsenal of holds. She’s like a wrestling encyclopedia and likes to show off a bit by making a conscious effort to put you in as many different holds as possible.
She has a fluid style, which she herself describes as being like water. But to me, she felt more like quicksand. As the more I struggled and moved around, the deeper in trouble I got.

So to summarize this review: great wrestler, great person, great session!
I only have one major gripe with her: She lives too damn far away!
I had a lot of fun and and I never knew if there was a laugh or a tap coming up next.
If you’re considering to meet Dez, please do. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


I had a session with dez yesterday evening in Cologne and I LOVED!!! It :))). I wanted the session to be a roleplay. The scenario included her putting me in my place for treating her little sister poorly. Her acting was so convincing that I could really feel her anger. I could tell that she prepared before the session to deliver such a great performance which just shows how important it is for her to fullfill ones wishes. While kicking my ass with slaps, punches and chokeholds, she looked after me, respected my boundaries, and she made sure that she didn´t inflict too much damage on me.

At the end of the session, she showed her soft and caring side, which I requested her to do. Dez was such an angel, she caressed my face, hugged me and told me that everything was going to be fine. The pain from the ass-kicking and humiliation immediately went by and I just felt safe and protected :).

After that, I could leave with a good feeling. I still feel the warmth of her goodbye hugs :)). All in all, it was an unforgettable session full of pain, joy and fullfilled desires ;). It absolutely BLEW MY MIND :D. I cannot recommend her enough.

Dez, it hurt sooo good! :) you are a very skilled fighter, actor and a very warm and nice woman at the same time. I wish you all the best for your future and I definitely want to session with you again some time :).


I had a 2-hour session with Dez on her March 2020 London tour. Since I stated session wrestling (8 years ago), I've been hoping to find someone like Dez. She is the perfect session wrestler. She has everything.

Dez is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. I can't get over how lucky I am to be able to wrestle with someone that is so beautiful. There is no-one on the planet that I would prefer to spend time rolling around with, from a looks perspective (or from any other perspective)!

She has a really sweet personality off the mats. She is very well mannered / polite. She makes a real effort to thank people that help her, e.g. I saw her thanking Pippa for the invite to her Submission Room show. Dez made it clear that she appreciated Pippa's invitation. She is a lovely person to be around. She listens when talking. She cares about the person she is talking to. She remembers things from earlier in the conversation (she is not just pretending to listen!). She said that she loves meeting new people - and this is clear to me, having met her.

I didn't know fully what to expect on the mats. I was 100% sure that she would destroy me given her background in MMA & Jiu-Jitsu and her record against other top session wrestlers - but I didn't know how she would feel relative to the other top session wrestlers that I've faced. She feels as good as any of them. She is very powerful and skilled. There are some very interesting potential match-ups ahead for Dez in the session wrestling world. She is right up there with the likes of Sheena, Diana, VeVe Lane, etc. I genuinely don't know how these matches would go. But Dez is right up there with the very best. There's no doubt about it.

Another great thing about Dez is that she can roleplay and trash-talk better than anyone. This might be my favourite thing about her - where she would tell me what I wimp I was in a calm, believable, direct way while smiling and putting me in whatever submission hold she felt like. She is a complete natural at this. She brings her personality to the session. I didn't ask her to do this but she checked if I was ticklish (by tickling me). I am ticklish. She then got me into positions where I was fully restrained (couldn't move) and tickled the hell out of me - forcing me to say things, forcing me to repeat things after her, etc. It was the most fun I've had in a session in a long time (or ever actually).

Dez is super fun, super hot, super skilled - honestly, the best session experience that anyone could ever want. It's hard to justify booking anyone else knowing that Dez is out there. I hope she comes back to London again. If not, I will have to make the trip to Vegas.

Thank you so much Dez!


She's simply great, there's nothing she doesn't offer that you could want. She'll act, pose, lift (even guys over 200 pounds), punch, kick, toss, spin, stomp, pin, sit, sleeper, triangle, smother, scissor with legs only a bit less unyielding than your standard issue crowbar. I'm pretty sure she'll sing too if I had asked for that, maybe next time. If you find yourself within 50 miles book her, unless you have some aversion to sensational gorgeous women.


Sessioned with Dezi in Las Vegas inside a real wrestling ring. She is the real deal, the complete package. She is athletic, attractive, attentive and amazing. She put me at ease immediately, greeting me with a warm hug gently massaging my shoulders. We chatted, which is theraputic opening up about something I keep hidden and private.

I wanted a session which incorporated learning inside pro wrestling combined of course with role playing, physicality safely, sensuality and most important just plain fun. She expertly "showed me the ropes", stretched me out and trash talked throughout. I had a few scripted stories beforehand to get the most out of the session. Not only did she play them out to a tee, she went above and beyond my silly scenarios. She is a very good actress.

Thank you Dezi for an hour that fulfilled my "Desire". You are a strong, sexy, superior athlete. More important, I can tell you are a warm person as well.


Met Dez for a 3 hour gi/no-gi comp/semi-comp grappling session at the dojo. Mr. Judo vs. Ms. Jiu Jitsu.

Where to begin on this woman? So cool and collected and easy going. Super nice, just a sweetie. And, a killer.

On to grappling - her domain. From the moment we engaged, I felt instantly overpowered and overmatched. Way. Dez’ grips and motions were swift, purposeful, and powerful. Against top session girls, I have session grappling experience by the dozens. I do pretty well. Never before, though, have I been so quickly and convincingly put on the receiving end. Surprise! I had a tigress by the tail. Or, I should say, she had me.

Visually designed for the catwalk, Dez’ sleek, svelte, and athletic 5’10” frame, is, perhaps, equally or even better-suited for the mats.

Dez’ Speed, strength, technique, and conditioning were way beyond my ability to defend. Period.

I had practically no effective rebuttal to almost every move, hold, or submission attempt on her part. And, there were many. A bow and arrow out of nowhere(!), heel hooks, ankle busters, arm triangle and d’arce chokes, belly-down armbars.....you name it. She even slapped a twister on me! Damn!

And, whenever I briefly managed to gain an advantage, Dez was quick to put out my fire with the kind of grit and moxie that only come from a woman passionate enough about her craft to be an MMA fighter - and a great one, at that. Goes without saying: Still undefeated! And, still a sweetie!

If you are down for the ultimate roll and/or think you have grappled the best - whoever that might be - you need to book with Dez. Bring everything you’ve got, and be sure to check your ego at the door, boys.

Looking so forward to a rematch, Dez. This time, though, with knowledge aforethought, that I won’t have a prayer. That’s OK. It is what it is. And, it was most surely a blast! Thank you, Dez!


Just finished first Session with Dez and like other reviewers said just Wow !! First off , pictures do not do here justice. Shoot the photographer. (Except the selfie of course) Great grappling skills with just the best personality your ever will find. Getting my ass kicked was never so much fun. It was all I could do to slow her down. Already working on setting up next session. Do not miss out.


Had a lift and carry session with dez and all I can say is wow.. she is very pretty super sweet tall and athletic... she carried me in ways i didn't even think were possible my 165lbs was nothing for her carried me around with ease.. piggyback, firemans, cradle Carrys, should rides and almost every lift she did with me she would squat me as well .. even got bodyslamed and got a piledriver..and she even did a crotch lift on me I was impressed on her strength she woman handled me with ease..she is the lift and carry queen.. I am definitely gonna have another session soon with her.. I recommend yall do the same you wont be disappointed


AWESOME session i had with Dez in LV. She is very beautiful, fantastic personality, tall, long legs, fantastic body, fit, smart, witty, dominant and very into the role that was discussed. I wish i could have tried out some of her fighting skills, but i'm way out of her league and would get whupped any way she chose.
SO prompt to answer emails, inquisitive, really wants to know what you're looking for and she does a super job of providing what you want. SO much fun and she is just so memorable.
Cannot wait to see her again. She is a total joy.
Very highly recommended, beauty, power and first class!!!
thanks so much Dez,


This is probably the best session I ever had. Dez is not only drop dead gorgeous but she is really strong and know the holds professional wrestlers do. I had the opportunity to session with her on new year eve and it was awesome. What a way to end the year being scissored and lifted by this amazing woman and I'm really looking forward to our next session. JP😎

dez desire

Wow, JP, thank you!!
I'm totally looking forward to the next!


I've had a lot of great sessions with awesome women I met through this site & I must admit after 1 session Dezzy moved herself high up my list due to her unique combination of legit skills, a beautiful face and a FANTASTIC body with good size & athleticism to boot. I'm a very big guy with ok athleticism and strength myself and even if I'm feeling submissive (which is rare) most women wear themselves out just trying to get me into holds, let alone having the energy/strength to squeeze out a submission.

This was not the case with Dezzy. We only did fantasy semi-comp due to her having a minor injury to her shoulder but we still went at it pretty good & she had no issues wrestling someone my size & locking in solid holds. We were just having fun & not keeping score but I definitely tapped a few times over the course of an hour.

I was excited before hand to see what type of arsenal someone like Dezzy had & she didn't disappoint! I sent her a pretty thorough email ahead of time & she took the time to ensure everything I asked for was included in the session! During the match I could tell Dezzy really enjoys sessions & wrestling in general which is key for me personally. There was no going through the motions, she was completely dialed into the session exactly how I laid it out from the second we started which was a really big plus!

Dezzy used a variety of playful pro and real submission moves exactly like I requested. Her creativity & experience on the mats also allowed her to come up with a few holds I hadn't even thought of but thoroughly enjoyed! So much so that at certain points it almost felt like she was reading my mind.

Another thing that makes Dezzy so rare is that she is by far the TOUGHEST woman I've ever wrestled. As I said we were just having fun but even with a bad shoulder at one point she let me have a good position & made it a point to let me know she was disappointed I wasn't putting all of my weight on her to gain an advantage. The term gets overused these days but this woman's definitely a SAVAGE!

Not only is she an animal on the mat, she's also drop dead gorgeous & a total sweetheart! From our 1st email through the entire match itself Dez had a very engaging, bubbly personality and infectiously beautiful smile. If I didn't actually wrestle her myself there's no way I'd think someone so down to earth and easy going could also be such a ferocious opponent.

The only thing that disappointed me about my session with Dezzy is that I only booked her for an hour! I regretted it so much that I started planning a trip to Vegas for a spring rematch 2 days after our session. I learned my lesson & will be sure to request at least 2 hours moving forward! In closing whether you're passionate about mixed wrestling like me, just a curious beginner or some where in between there's no way you can go wrong setting up a session with Dez!

dez desire

I must say, it was SOOOO fun and one of the only times I considered a male may have a chance... one of the two times.... but you didn't.
I hope to see you again. Going to try to get to DC area.
Take care!


Dez, get ready for the 'third time' when we face off!


Just had a session with Dez in Philadelphia and it was quite possibly the best session I ever had. Her communication skills are fantastic, no hassles at all in setting up the session. Dez is absolutely stunning in person with a very friendly and sweet demeanor that she kept up even when she was working me over. I lost track of the amount of holds Dez put me in and made me tap to. She choked me out and stretched me in ways I didn't know existed, all with a sweet smile on her face.
If you're in Vegas or Dez travels to your town, put her at the top of your list. Highest possible recommendation!

dez desire

It takes one to know one... stunning, great communicator, friendly... you were all these things and also a great victim!!
I hope to session with you again.


What can be said about Dez? She is very attractive, fit, powerful and skilled. She doesn't quit! A delight to spend time with and a definite keeper worth visiting Las Vegas to wrestle!!! I am a big guy and she handled me with ease. Looking forward to the next time!!!

dez desire

Hey you,
I appreciate the review!
I recommend you, too!!
As I said, technique will preceed size, but often I am the bigger one!
I look forward to another session with you.


Dez was remarkable. Super easy to setup a session and kept me up to date on all travel. She was very strong and took me down with relative ease. She’s also very informative about holds, chokes and has other good info. Just chatting with her was awesome could spend a day just listening to her. If you want your body to experience some pain Dez is the way to go.


She wouldn't reply to me.

dez desire

You probably sent an email only saying "hey. I want to box you".
With no information or anything.
Be thorough and mature in your correspondences-- I have people who are serious about sessions and cryin experience, those who send certain types of emails, never end up being serious.

Send a second email with relevant information, please.



Dez is and was by far my favorite shoot. She is incredibly nice and super athletic. We boxed and wrestled. Dez in a very skilled striker and no problem exchanging blows and eat body punches. She's an even better grappler. At one point she even knocked me out. I recommend her to anyone who wants a great session. Can wait to do it again


I have been doing sessions for over 20 years. Dez is by far the best! She is my "dream girl"!
She was punctual and polite.
Dez can be as docile as a lamb or as fierce as an ox. She is tall and has model-looks...just a natural beauty and genuine. Let me reiterate, I have been doing sessions since I was in my late teens, and she is my favorite. Dez will put you at ease, or put you to sleep with her holds, it's up to you and you won't be disappointed either way!


I saw Desi for a mostly lift and carry session sprinkled in with some wrestling and must say it was a total load of fun!! She's Beautiful, Tall, Sweet, and very Strong, Athletic, and Fit!! She was very nice and accommodating and seemed to be able to lift and carry my 165 lbs very easily and tirelessly!

She even was bold enough to suggest carrying me in the hallway and back!! But she didn't just carry me she ran!!! :) When it came to wrestling it was very evident she could do anything she wanted to me, but fortunately she was very sweet and kind and respected my limits. Had a great time and great conversation with her and she's definitely worth seeing!!


I saw her recently on her trip to my town, and she's great. I think she's a bit newer on the scene, and I'm glad I got to meet her. I'm a bit bigger than her, but she was able to control me, probably pretty easily. Her legs are great at scissoring, and she was nice to talk to as well. I hope she comes back sometime. She's also really quick to respond to emails.


I love Dez! Had a session with her recently. She is the perfect session wrestler! Beautiful, sexy, strong as an ox and kicked my butt easily. I'm 6'0 195# and I couldn't keep her down. Her legs are like marble and her back is super strong. I loved everything about our session. Definitely will see her again!

dez desire

HI Larry!!!
Thank you for the review!
I look forward to another session with you!
Be sure to register (free) at my website, www.dezdesire.com


Met Desi on my last trip to Vegas all i really need to say is she checks all the boxes. The set up is easy and prompt, she is absolutely stunning, and very skilled from pro wrestling, grappling, and boxing she does it all. In person she is very welcoming and enjoys the session just as much if not more.

I have never been inside of a ring and took the opportunity to schedule that with her, she took the time to show me the ropes literally and we even had a pro style match it was so fun and I thank her for showing me a small insight on pro wrestling. We also boxed a little nothing too serious and i was glad for that cause I would have gotten tagged up.

Bottom line Desi is a must see and I can't wait for my next opportunity

dez desire

You are a joy of a session and I thank you for the review!
Hopefully, one of us gets to make another trip!
thanks again.
Don't forget www.dezdesire.com


Lift and Carry fans there is new L&C queen! I agree with all the other reviewers if you get a chance to session with her - grab it - you wont regret it. I recently had a session with Dez and she was *AMAZING*. It was so good that I had to turn around and have a second session. I have had several sessions over the years with some of the best names in the business and Dez is by far the best of them. I session mostly with athletic girl next door types and not body builder physiques. Not only is Dez gorgeous, she has a great personality and is a totally genuine person. Not a clock watcher - she will make sure that you get your L&C fix and go back happy!. We did all sorts of lifts - Shoulder, Fireman, Cradle, Upside Down and she had no problems handling my 180lbs. In our second session she carried me almost for the entire hour my feet barely touched the ground. Only reason I got down was because I was tired - otherwise we kept transitioning from one lift to another. And most of this was with her in 3" heels! She even did squats with me wearing heels - and not just those fake squats - she went below parallel and easily - no strain!. All I can say is wow!!!


My session with Dez took place at a hotel very close to Seatac Airport. I very much enjoyed my time with this poised and charming lady. She offered up a wide range of holds, but always took care to make sure that I would not leave with any sort of injury. Her attitude was upbeat and I found her personality to be both friendly and outgoing. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking an exceptional experience with a very attractive female athlete.


Had a great session with Dez recently. Wrestled for a good, competitive hour and Dez is a pleasure to talk to. Will make you feel at ease and comfortable in her company. One of my best sessions so far, very highly recommended.


I sessioned with Dezy in Dallas this weekend and all I can say is wow. When you first meet her, you'll think she's too sweet to have that dominant side. Don't let her gorgeous looks or beautiful smile fool you - she's the real deal. Dezy is probably the most skilled wrestler I've had the pleasure of meeting. She controlled me the entire match and probably made me tap at least 50 times. I had so much fun that I actually scheduled another session with her the next day (the first time I've ever done that!). She's a blast to hang out with even while she's dominating you. She's very respectful of limits, but she can make you beg if you ask her. She can use BJJ holds or the traditional fantasy holds; either way you'll be tapping a lot. I had a blast and can't wait to see her again!


I have been sessioning for about 10 years and hands down Dezy was by far my favorite session ever! This girl is PERFECT from start to finish. Quick correspondence and polite emails to set up the session and when she walked through the door, WOW, I was taken aback by her AMAZING, model good looks. This girl is stunning! But don't underestimate her wrestling ability because this knock-out can wrestle! She is a competitor and strong athlete and had me easily tapping from her arsenal of pro holds. Trust me, I can wrestle and usually win but was no match for Dezy! Rear naked chokes, triangles, grapevines, scissors, etc I was beaten and exhausted. When she caught me in a tight headlock I told her it was more like a "heaven-lock" because although it was painful, I felt like I was in heaven. Dezy is a beautiful person and has an infectious personality. She will no doubt live up to her dream and become a nationally know professional wrestler so trust me, set up a session with her while you still can. She is truly one of Gods gifts and my only regret is that I don't live closer to her so that I may she her beautiful face more often :)


Dezy is my new favorite session wrestler. She has an athletic contender attitude and doesn’t quit. She’s smart and a skilled martial artist who can defeat men who are bigger or stronger than she is. She completely put me in my place. She’s also drop dead gorgeous, which isn’t fair because it will make you weak in the knees!


Just had a session with Dezzy in Vegas. I have to agree with the other positive reviews I see here: this woman is skilled and tough, but also beautiful and charming. She was a delight to session with, and I look forward to doing so again if/when the opportunity arises.


Just had my first session ever after watching mixed wrestling videos forever it seems. Finally, a girl who came to my city! And what a girl! Super sweet personality , as beautiful as you can see in her pics, and tall! I am 6'2, and the tall ones make my temperature rise. She had a place with a real pro wrestling ring and I soon found out that she is a bonafide pro wrestler as well as a real MMA fighter. She just got done whooping on some other poor girl in a sanctioned mma fight 3 days before she saw me! Needless to say, my nervousness at going to my very first session ever just tripled after she told me about her pro wrestling background and showed me her fight video on her phone! A practioner of bjj as well, and oh my lord, it showed when we started to scrap. I asked to do some kickboxing first and as it was our first time together, we were both hesitant to land anything hard, so we turned it quickly into a semi comp mma fight, and quickly went to the ground to submit or be submitted! Wirey and as strong as they come, I soon realized that being in the situation was a lot tougher than I thought. If your cardio is not good, you will quickly be worn down by all the exertions of just trying to avoid her submission holds. My cardio, alas, is horrible at this point. I outweighed her by at least 60 pounds but it didn't matter. That was something I always wondered about. Could someone much lighter truly have their way with you on the mat? The harsh reality was humbling but eroticly exhillerating as well! I finally found out first hand, just how strong a woman's legs can be! I think she really enjoys tangling with bigger guys in a competitive manner which is what she gave. There were at least 6 different holds she put on me that progressively got stronger and to the point of losing my ego and tap tap tapping. And as requested, when I tapped, she would let up a smidge just to let the cobwebs out of my brain, and then push it down again, making me tappity tap tap again and again. Gees, I could write a book as I just got home from the session and feel so great! I even have a couple marks on my face from the sparring. But whatever your Desire is, I think this woman can fulfill it in spades! There is a God! :)


Describing Desi as absolutely incredible is an understatement. She is a total package of charm, beauty, athleticism, and talent. As far as skill, I imagined she would be tough, but she completely exceeded my expectations and had me tapping-out often (and I humbly consider myself above average in grappling). I can't recommend her enough and hope to meet again.

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