domina ava savage

domina ava savage


Location: Calgary, Canada
Phone: 1403919-7675
Skype: https://dominaavasavage
Travel Phone: 1403919-7675
Whats app: DominaAvaSavage

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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About Me

I am Domina Ava Savage. A strict yet sophisticated Dominatrix who will forever mesmerize you and your perverted mind...

I am a smart and stylish empowered femme fatale who owns herself sensually and without apology. As an experienced high-class libertine for refined seduction, luxury kinks and fetishes I have the capacity to make things run wildly, and yet I possess a fetish dichotomy as I was a pro wrestler who will take you down and leave you breathless. I offer elite femdom experience to submissive who appreciate the finer things in life and arent afraid to seek it out.

Abandon yourself in pleasing me,

Domina Ava Savage

I conduct my dominatrix practices with fine tuned precision, and skill, and do not run a sloppy, irresponsible operation. As such, the imposed guidelines for my business are in accordance with the social distancing act.
Now... Id be remiss if I wasnt to convey that this is actually a really good opportunity for all of you whom may be too intimated, or undecided, as to whether or not youd like to commit to an actual in-person session. Here you are able to (have an experience for a temporarily discounted rate) where you can safely dip into the Domina Ava Savage waters, for an introductory virtual session experience. In lieu of the aforementioned mandated policy, I have safely implemented for the safety of both Domme and sub parties,  discounted promotional rate to first time virtual clients so that you may enjoy my service in the intern.
Futher to that note, I often suggest to new clients that they should Skype with me before booking a session, (regardless of the current circumstance). Virtual sessions allow for an introduction into my world, and allow me to determine as to whether or not you will be a good fit for me to play with.
Please contact me to inquire about rate, and session booking time.

I am a strict disciplinarian, and some of specialties include (but not limited to); 

sensual dominationworship trainings, my body being worshiped, your humiliation, impact play, scissoring, face sitting, breast smothering, choke-holding, ball busting, role play, foot fetish, and... basically just kickin your pansy ass. Its time for you to be put in your place. 

Images taken are all recent and unaltered/non photoshopped. This is my body captured in real form. 💋 PS my face is even better! 


I guarantee to all my clients that I arrive on time, I am always prepared to dominate, and/or wrestle. I also guarantee I am in the Exact same condition as my posted images (although most all clients indicate I’m “even better in real life”). 

My dominatrix reputation is on the line, and I pride myself in customer satisfaction, and be sure,  I do satisfy in the world of Dominating and fetish wrestling

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-26-2020 10-30-2020 Montreal Canada
Hello Montreal! Okay... listen... I had such an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE in Montreal last month and had to turn down so many people because I just did not have the time so... Im coming baaaccckkkk yall! Make sure you reserve your spot because I tend to book up very quickly. See you guys soon X Domina Ava Savage 1403-919-7576

Domina Ava is amazing! Absolutely recommend for anyone looking for a down to earth Dom who is highly professional and very natural at what she offers in a session. She is absolutely beautiful and a body to die for.

Highly recommend a Dom session as you will easily become her pet and obey her commands. I know I did, and look forward to seeing her in the future!

You will not be disappointed with the time you spend with Goddess Ava!


I had my session with Domina Ava and her counterpart, Domina Rocco, last night.

After they left, I felt ecstatic as I did not think the session would turn out that way. I sat on my couch with a huge grin on my face, still smelling their perfume, feeling physically and emotionally elevated. I was not expecting that.

If felt both like I just had a great full body massage and met the girl of my dreams in high school.

I just wanted to watch the two dominatrixes wrestle each other but we ended up all rolling on the mats together. I’m so glad that happened.

When the two squared off against each other, they went at it hard like Domina Ava said they would. They strained, were fast, grunted, went back and forth, breathed heavy, their faces flushed and they sweated.

They had to take breaks to recover but went back at it again. Glad I put padding on the walls as they crashed into them a few times. It was an intense gamut of visuals that made my heart pound with the intensity of it all.

They dragged me onto the mat to take them both on and, wow, was that ever great. I got to feel the bodies of the girls that I was so in awe of against mine. Domina Ava got her ass against my face so many times and surprised me with several textbook face sits. Her sweaty vagina in her booty shorts pressed hard onto my face sealing off both my nose and mouth. I had to open my mouth real wide to get air. It smelled so good too. Wish I could have stayed in those positions longer but the need for oxygen wouldn’t allow that.

I admired Ava’s and Rocco’s pictures before the session and it was a bit surreal to do all this with such gorgeous girls.

Domina Ava has an incredible booty.

Overall, this was a very therapeutic experience and I hope to do it again soon.

domina ava savage

WOW WOW WOW @Summitter! Thank you for your eloquent, and verbally visual depiction of our exhilarating match!

Tremendously thankful to have had this wonderful experience with you & Dominatrix Rocco. I look forward to hopefully doing another incredible session with you again hopefully soon.

With sincerest gratitude,
Humbly yours,

Domina Ava Savage

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