Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: emmaerotic7@gmail.com
Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37
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I am new to sessions and had been thinking about pulling the trigger for years. I decided to see Emma and I hit the jackpot immediately.

Communication was fast and easy. She is affable and quickly made me feel comfortable. She is definitely fit and muscular (currently off-season), sweet, ambitious, professional, enthusiastic and will be a formidable opponent for anyone, even though she is also new to this.

You’d be making a mistake not seeing Emma.


I had my 2nd session with Emma about 2 weeks ago. This was maybe the best session I've ever had. Emma was bigger and more muscular than last November, the amount of muscle she has gained in such a short time is such a turn on. I can't wait to session with her when she is close to her competition size. I asked her for a muscle worship, forced domination session, and boy did she deliver. Emma listens to your request and is very quick to understand exactly what you are looking for. I am hoping to see Emma again very soon, she is now my No.1 FBB and this is before seeing her in competition shape.
Thanks Emma, can't wait for my next beatdown.


I recently had a semi-competitive wrestling session with Emma, and it turned out that it was her first one ever. She is still training in this area, but she has the right attitude and enthusiasm to get good at it, even though she is still working on her craft now. If you are looking at her and expecting her to overwhelm you in a wrestling match, that's not what you'll get (at least not yet), but if you want someone energetic and willing to give it her all, then you should give Emma a look.

She has a great attitude and wants to make sure that you are satisfied with your session. She just needs some experience, and I recommend you give it to her.


I was very impressed when I saw that Emma Erotic was starting to post on Session Girls a few months ago. I was familiar with her from her bodybuilding and physique shows, and she is absolutely one of my favorite FBBs. She always had amazing overall shape, and some of the best abs, chest, and back in the biz. Her legs are awesome too, and her skin tone and facial beauty are hot stuff. I knew I had to meet her, and when I had a chance to take some time off in late December, I went up to Atlanta and met her for a session.

Emma was very easy to communicate with, and very prompt in responding to me throughout our communications. I set up a muscle worship session, and Emma doesn’t disappoint! She definitely lives up to (and exceeds) the Erotic part of her name. Emma was in great off-season shape, and I’m a big fan of her natural pecs/breasts. It was amazing to massage her – such a great back and butt! Her posing is hot and sexy too. Oh man… if I had to pick a song to describe her, it would be “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole, because I can’t forget my time with her.

Emma is not a clock watcher, and she was very courteous to me with her time. Of the 5 sessions I’ve done, I can also truly say that she is the sweetest and friendliest FBB that I’ve met for a session. She is very upbeat and positive, and just an overall sweet lady. I definitely highly recommend Emma for a session, and I’m excited to schedule another one with her in the next few months. Keep up the great work, Emma!


Totally agree with you! Very pretty, courteous, and puts the E in erotic. Im hooked and booked again! :)

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emma erotic

Thank you so much!! I had a wonderful time, and look forward to sessioning again!!


Hi, this is the anonymous that posted the original post here. Many thanks to Wiseman50! You are correct, sir - she puts the E in erotic for sure. She's sexy and sweet. Emma, thanks too, and I will be booking a session again soon. Take care, and keep up the great work.


Had my first muscle worship session with Emma yesterday while in Atlanta (2 hrs). Communication was easy and friendly. Intially was hesitant to pay the 25% deposit , but she was very reassuring that after some rude people had booked and cancelled after wasting her time with emails and txts with out paying a deposit,that is was the respectful thing to do, Booked two weeks in advance. Hosted at Nice hotel on the north side. She was on time and when I opened the door, I was very excited about her appearance. Not contest prep condition, but in good condition, slighly vascular, and plenty of muscle in her arms legs and back and shoulders to worship!! Sat and talked for a few minutes and had a glass of wine, at which point she told me she had been training hard again for about 6 weeks, I had two phone conversations with her previously and felt like I had known her forever when we actually met, which mad me feel very comfortable. She was very senusual and the session went exactly as we had planned ( as I had made some special requests on attire, and a few other details) and I am so glad I finally got to meet and session with her. I VERY highly reccomend you see her. Not a clock watcher, great sense of humor, and a real professional during the session. I will be back In Atlanta for buisiness in middle of next month, and yes, I have already booked with her again!! Thank you Miss Emma, The session was everything I expected and much more!


So I met with Emma, a couple of weeks ago. She is very beautiful, not very muscular at the moment, but she assured me that she was back in training and would be back to competition shape soon.

She is new to session scene and is still learning, but I have to say I had a pretty good session with her, she was very sensual and even though not showing huge muscles, the strength is there and I was not able to do anything against her.

She even contacted me back to offer another session for free as she felt that she could do better, I have yet to arrange that with her. But I will definitely be looking to do so.


I recently had a ballbusting session with Emma Erotic. Whenever I first saw her I knew I was in trouble. She wore leggings that could barely contain her powerful thighs. She put those thighs to use, brutalizing my balls. The best part about the session is that she enjoyed what she was doing as much as I did. It's always nice to play with somebody who has fun and is personable like Emma.

I highly recommend having a session with her and I look forward to my next one!

your personal punching bag


I just had my session with Emma and I really enjoyed it!!! It was a boxing session and she delivered. I can't wait for round 2!!!


WOW!! Had my session with Emma today and guys, believe me It's hard to believe this lady is new. Knows every submission hold in the book, and even though i had asked for a semi competitive match, I figured I would try to get out of a few of her choke holds. Well, that was a mistake! Her legs are so strong I couldnt budge. Very Erotic as her name implies. Knows just what to say and when to say it to makethe whole session even better. Communication was excellent from the first email to getting her number and texting to confirm. Very professional .The appointment was made only 3 days in advance, but she was able to schedule me in and I will never complain again about paying the 25% deposit. Totally worth it and so good, I tipped, which sad to say , I dont do often. Time to come up with a new challenge and see if she is up to it! I already know she will be. Thank You Emma! and yes you are very erotic! See you again very soon.

your personal punching bag


I enjoyed my boxing Skype session with Emma today. She looks super hot in boxing gloves.

Thanks for doing that for me Ms.Erotic😘


I really enjoyed our phone chat the other day. I hope to meet her soon!!

your personal punching bag

I enjoyed our phone chat on Wednesday evening. She seems really cool. I look forward to having a session with her..one day


Had my first session with Emma Erotic Today- She was very prompt in returning my initial emails and we set a appointment for some semi competitive wrestling and submission. put down a 25% deposit on a 1 hour session. I was a bit skeptical because of her being new, ( which she graciously explained in her first email reply). exchnged cell phone numbers after deposit was made ,and she txted and let me know that was looking forward to our session and asked some dtailed questions about my likes and dislikes. Which I reallly liked! She also explained to me that she had just recently began weight training again and apologixed in advance for her current look. When we met today, I saw that there was no need for apology!!. I can only imagine how good she will look after training for another few weeks! wow! Initially she was a bit cautious but when I told her that I wasnt made out of glass, things got real! She is very quick, strong, and knows some pretty effective takedowns, but when she locked in a chokehold , I was tapping in about 5 seconds. She put me completely out.. I tapped a bit late, so its not her fualt, it was mine. It took a few minutes to regain my bearings, and then proceeded to fall victim to a figure 4 type leg scissors, ( which I was surpised she was capable of if she was new) But once again I was tapping in no time! This time tho, I tapped early enough to not get get completely KO'd. lol. She never watched the clock and always made sure I was ok . Being hard headed, i asked for a face smothering then a different type of leg scissor, and she was happy to oblige and lived up to the "erotic " part of her name!, even though we actually went over the 1 hr time frame a few minutes, All I wcan say is that I'll be booking again very soon , Time and money VERY well spent. Highly reccomended!!!

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