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empress asia


Location: New York, New York
E-mail: empressasia@gmail.com

Member for over 3 years
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Gretchen - blonde, green eyes, German Moroccan 5’10” 230#s bust 60GG!

 Nova - Amazon Latina, blonde hair tan skin,5’11”190#s bust58FF

Empress Asia -World Famous Japanese Body Builder Licenced Pro-Wrestler Ultimate Top, Therapist;Genuinely carring! for your Personal Psychological & Physical needs!                    3 times Golden Gloves Champion, National Champion,Mixed Martial Arts, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Love Physical Domination! Love slaves! Beat downs! hardcore Face Sitting,Beautiful giant Roider C,Sqirt/showers,body worship,foot worship...                                                                                                                            ALL FETISHES WELCUM! Looking for SPONSOR! Honorable Charming Generous Gentleman! to Host me/Travel the world! Great Adventures w/ Empress Asia! Exotic Getaways! Spa/Massage whore!lol Love being wined & Dined! I LOVE to eat Delicious little things! Love dogs & birds! Animals, horticulture,Intellegent conversations, theater, museums,sightseeing.... Looking for my soul Mate! could you be him??? Do contact me ASAP! So we can connect!                                                            Ous! Most Honorable Empress Asia~ 21st century Warrior!

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11-13-2019 11-16-2019 Galveston Texas United States
Note this is NOT an escort service! Asia is coming! Who did you want to see Asia or Nova all ladies profiles on Wb270 Based in Nyc a World Traveler! Always looking to share Great Adventures Experiences of a life time w like minded fans perhaps become Good friends Please Read carefully all the information and answer questions This will help us provide you the most Wonderful session experience! Whats your Name City home Age Occupation Budget Whats your Session Whom have u seen Where did u see my ad Sensual to severe! Increasing in competitiveness physical contact nudity sensuality hard-core fetishes... Depends on ur session Working mans Discount session - 200- light playful one way BB or facesitting worship foot worship Bikini Standard -300- U.S. 1hr 2hrs 500- Semi comp option Vip -500- 1 hour. 2hrs 800- Competitive Extreme fetish option Elite vip 1000- 1 hour. 2 hours 1800 Over nights weekends available! 50 percent non refundable processing fee deposit required! www.paypal.com to agw.bank@gmail.com For your convenience Other forms of payment available! Sponsoring anywhere in the world! is airfare hotel session time. International sponsoring is approximately US 2500 up Pre-paid! Per lady! Looking forward! Thanks- Empress Asia and Nova

So I had another session on 10/22/19 with Empress Asia. Our history dates back to the 90's, so I know she always delivers on what I request. I played the role of a Male chauvinist, attending my first MMA class. She was the instructor. The scenario was I would be upset to find out that my instructor was a woman and would challenge her expertise. BIG MISTAKE. Asia wore GI pants, a black belt and a sports bra. The first thing I noticed were her biceps. Usually, when we meet, she's wearing the full gi. To see how toned and solid her arms were was a nice surprise. As the session began. She immediately embraced her character. I wanted emphasis on foot choke/smothers and did she deliver. She sat on my chest and planted the heels of her feet directly on my neck. I tapped quickly. While in an arm bar, she repeatedly slapped my face with her soft, powerful soles. She moved from.move to move without hesitation. She taunted me as I tapped out from her various scissor/foot smothers. Once defeated, her toes were a delectable delight as she stuffed them in my mouth and rubbed her soles in my face. As the session turned sensual, she was once again a delight in every sense of the word. I highly recommend going to see Empress Asia. She will definitely give you your money's worth and then some.


Empress Asia is great. She is well versed in role playing, domination and humiliation and martial arts. She is not a clock watcher and is funny to me. She is straight up New York. She has the attitude yet she is respectful, open minded and is great with conversation. She used to be the New York women's Golden Glove champion back in the early 1990's. She still looks good. She can kick ass. I only did like a semi-competitive session with her and she is tough. I hope to meet her again.


I have booked 3 sessions with Empress Asia over several years and I found her the best. Great conversationalist, not a clock watcher, interested in clients enjoying their time spent, personable and friendly, and tries to listen to what you want if you take the time to tell her. If you don’t enjoy talking a whole lot, just tell her. (er, Politely. She’s pretty socially intelligent so no cause to be obnoxiously direct.) I’m not the biggest guy (5’9”) and I got the feeling Asia could kick my ass pretty good if she felt like it. Although older than many doms, she still has a >Great< body! Probably one of the best aspects of wrestling or being dominated by Empress is her open-mindedness, undoubtedly reinforced from her years as an experienced wrestler and, later, a dominatrix. Would go more often if I lived near New York City.

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