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Location: Melbourne, Australia
E-mail: evezmusclez@gmail.com

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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Eve Musclez 


Location - Melbourne Australia Height - 170cm 

Weight offseason 85kgs (very heavy and strong!)

Stage weight 65kgs

For all session bookings Evezmusclez@gmail.com

Custom videos available from $250 per 20 mins

Specialities - 


Fantasy wrestling, role play, domination/humiliation, Scissors (be warned / head scissors are very strong!) choke holds (again, very very strong! You are warned), feats of strength, lift and carry, arm wrestling, muscles worship and sexy muscle talk, erotic posing, face sitting and smothering, trampling, foot fetish...email me your fantasies 


No time wasters, very strict vetting process. Price on application and deposits required. Available year round in Melbourne. NO SEX - I am not an escort. Please do not offend me by asking. 

AVAILABLE TUESDAYS - Melbourne Australia 10am-8pm or email Evezmusclez@gmail.com for a private appointment to your schedule.

About me - 

Top ranked  bodybuilder, very sexy and feminine BUT with enough size and strength to dominate and make you admire these beautiful muscles. Long dark hair, green eyes and an evil laugh to drive you wild. Huge quads, perfect to squeeze you with, huge 17inch calves to match and my massive biceps will either choke you out or have you in your knees to worship your Queen along with my big back and traps. Naughty, nice, sexy or full domination - tell me your fantasy. 



Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


AVAILABLE TUESDAYS - Melbourne Australia 10am-8pm or email Evezmusclez@gmail.com for a private appointment to your schedule.

I met Eve in August in Melbourne near the city centre so it was a good location and easy to get to. Her communication leading up to the session was great with quick replies and stating her main goal was to make it a fun session including a choice of clothing she would wear.

For the session itself she was bigger in person than I expected compared to her photos which was a nice surprise. The photos don't give a proper sense of how large she is especially her glutes (shockingly big!) and calves (also very big!) while she is in off-season shape at 85kg. I am almost the exact same height and weight, but she gave the impression of being so much more solid and massive, I regret not taking more time to compare her muscles more closely with mine. Her thighs and pecs were very firm and I was surprised how thick her back (also very hard) and glutes felt from front to back as in how far my arms had to reach forward to feel the back of them.

I didn't really know what I mainly wanted do to during the session, but Eve was very accommodating in trying out different things like a bit of arm wrestling and lift and carry (she seemed to like picking me up in a front bear hug / cradle and tossing me on the bed a couple of times). It turned out the best part of the session was simply having her solid weight and different parts of her lying and sitting down on top of my body and head, it felt like I was being crushed under her and when she pinned my hands down or wrapped her arms and legs around me I couldn't move.

She was very friendly during the session and easy to talk to, but indicated she could be more rough and dominant if that was requested. She's not trained in wrestling, but said she is considering taking grappling classes. I also hope to see her again when she is maybe closer to competition shape to see the difference between her off-season shape and when she is more shredded and vascular.


Eve muscles was the best session I have had. I weighed 155 pounds and she was able to do all types of lift carry with ease. She even picked me up under my armpits so easily and was motivated. Must session with.

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