fiesty feminista

fiesty feminista


Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Phone: 917 727 2619

Member for about 2 years
Last logged in: 07/30/2021


Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 230 lbs - 104.3 kg
Physique: Curvy
Benchpress: 120 lbs
Squat: 100 lbs

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About Me

Hello beautfiul people! Im fairly new to mixed wrestling, but Im strong and looking to practive all the new moves Im learning, on YOU! Up for the challenge?! 

I really enjoy sitting on faces, wrapping my thick thighs around your neck and squeezing tight! Perhaps I can get you in a scissor hold and make you gasp for air until you tap. Or better yet, I can smother you with my enourmous breasts! I offer traditional submission style competitive and semi competitive wrestling, light fantasy, role play, semi comp boxing, and semi comp MMA style. I love to show off these muscles Ive been working so hard to build!

Very important in order to receive a response: In order to book a session with me you MUST write an email with the following info: Your name, height and weight, location of session, your desired session style, the date and times that will most likely suit you and one reference (if possible), and the easiest way for you to send your deposit (i accept, venmo, paypal, cashapp, google pay, apple pay, and bitcoin)

I always require a 50% non- refundable deposit. I will return your deposit in full if I must cancel, and I never cancel! And, due to the pandemic, I will return half of your deposit if COVID is the reason for your cancelation and you can provide a valid COVID positive/exposure letter. 

Time with me can range from $300+ p/h depending on location, your requests, time, etc... And if youd like to film our session, no problem, simply add $100 to your tribute. Additionally, I offer discounted rates when booking more than two hours and for those who are differently abled. 

Please inquire about custom clips, I enjoy creating new content!

I love to travel!!! I am willing to go just about anywhere, and if youre down to cover travel expenses, Im there!!! I drive, I fly, and I sail too! 

And finally, you should know that Im also a professional cuddler... how sweet it is to get rough and roll around, and then snuggle in each others arms after weve proven ourselves!

Really looking forward to allowing you to test my me what youve got!


Miss Fiesty


P.S. Dont forget to check out my OnlyFans page and my clips store!!!


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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
08-01-2021 08-02-2021 Ashville North Carolina
08-04-2021 08-04-2021 Columbus Ohio
08-05-2021 08-05-2021 Detroit Michigan
08-11-2021 08-11-2021 Green Bay Wisconsin
08-12-2021 08-12-2021 Milwaukee Wisconsin
08-13-2021 08-15-2021 Chicago Illinois
08-17-2021 08-17-2021 Grand Rapids Michigan
08-22-2021 08-22-2021 Indianapolis Indiana
08-23-2021 08-23-2021 Memphis Tennessee
08-24-2021 08-24-2021 Nashville Tennessee
08-25-2021 08-25-2021 Knoxville Tennessee
08-26-2021 08-27-2021 Atlanta Georgia
08-28-2021 08-28-2021 Birmingham Alabama
08-29-2021 08-29-2021 Muscle Shoals Alabama
08-31-2021 08-31-2021 Memphis Tennessee
09-01-2021 09-01-2021 Little Rock Arkansas
09-02-2021 09-02-2021 Springdale Arkansas
09-03-2021 09-05-2021 Tulsa Oklahoma
09-07-2021 09-08-2021 St Louis Missouri
09-08-2021 09-10-2021 Chicago Illinois
09-12-2021 09-13-2021 Minneapolis Minnesota
09-15-2021 09-15-2021 Bismarck North Dakota
09-17-2021 09-17-2021 Rapid City South Dakota
09-18-2021 09-18-2021 Billings Montana
09-20-2021 09-20-2021 Pocatello Idaho
09-21-2021 09-21-2021 Boise Idaho
09-22-2021 09-22-2021 Missoula Montana
09-23-2021 09-23-2021 Spokane Washington
09-24-2021 09-24-2021 Seattle Washington
09-26-2021 09-26-2021 Portland Oregon
09-30-2021 09-30-2021 Medford Oregon
10-01-2021 10-04-2021 San Francisco California
10-06-2021 10-06-2021 Sacramento California
10-14-2021 11-24-2021 Los Angeles California
I will be traveling with Kristie Etzold and offering double sessions in August and September in Nashville Knoxville Atlanta Tulsa St. Louis Chicago. Come get your ass kicked!!

Fiesty is amazing and so strong. She also has a lot of technical skill and can make holds you wouldn't usually think are that painful camel clutch, facesitting holding your legs up, or smothering quite painful. She has a great knowledge of skills and can give you a wonderful beatdown. I was so sore the next day after wrestling her and getting beat up but I loved it. She's also great to talk to about any topic and an intelligent woman


I recently just met Feisty in Philly and she was Amazing. She was easy to communicate her emails made me want to see her more. I loved her personality she’s tall curvy very nice smooth skin. I told her what I liked and she gave me her full attention and exceeded my expectation. She is very good at wrestling, domination I loved the way she talked and she also gives a great massage and has some strong scissors. I was also lucky to meet her traveling partner and legend Kristie Eltzold who is super nice. If you can see both that would be a great session. I’m looking forward to seeing Fiesty again if she comes to your town definitely see her.


This review is long overdue me and this beautiful lady went 8 rounds of boxing and then had a belly punch match right afterwards, if she's ever on your side of town don't hesitate the book her

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