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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Im an excellent wrestler with an amazing knowlege of submission holds! I have my own wrestling video business, Les Femmes Fatales Productions. My website is I love wrestling and I love my session guys.  Most of my clients are repeat customers and many have become very good friends.  I do semi competitive, role play and fantasy sessions, including rope bondage, smothering and scissor sessions.  I am a scissor specialist and I apply scissors slowly, playing with all my muscle groups as my thighs grip your neck! I also do beat downs, one sided boxing and lift and carry (up to 180 lbs).  I produce Custom Videos and have 100% customer satisfaction.  So please email me if youd like a session or a custom video.  I also train girls to wrestle for sessions and in videos.  Email me for my rates and more information.




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Chicago NYCSingapore Akron DC San Francisco and Boston all Postponed due to restrictions on travel thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As soon as everything returns to normal I will be traveling again! So stay positive! I hope to see you sooner than later! In the meantime I am doing virtual sessions on Skype or FaceTime! So please email me to set something up! And visit my website for Updates Diaries thousands of photos and close to 900 videos!!! Hey! You want to session with me but dont see your city in my travel plans You can fly me to YOUR city to session with YOU!!! Email me for details!

Had a few sessions with fightbabe , years ago in USA and Europe , she is a real strong fighter , with very strong legs and experience in BJJ holds , don't forget to tap when she has you in her killer headscissors.


I ordered a custom video with her before christmas. the video is a role play scenario and she is perfect in it...really this video is a 5 star video in which she dominate and humiliate her opponent with a lot of facesitting and trash talk. She play the role perfectly and not to mention she is a beautiful and a very nice lady... I really recommend this women for ppl who want a custom video with her as she did all I wanted to see in the video...a great model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Nobody

When I arrived at her location, she asked me what I like and don't like. I told her I normally only session with those who offer full competitive sessions but made an exception in her case because she is the legendary Robin. She, to my immense delight, told me we could wrestle competitively, which we did.

I was after an intense and sweaty wrestle, and I got it. I am much larger and stronger than Robin, but she is in much better shape and significantly more experienced. She also has had training, whereas I have had none.

Even without training, I know enough to know how to defend certain things. I was able to defend quite a lot (she remarked that I have good defense) and even got some submissions of my own with my very rudimentary offense.

We went back and forth until we were tied at 4-4 and decided to go for one last fall as the hour was drawing to a close. When we tied up, I wound up on my back with her pinning me down in a cross body pin (once she got on top of me, I could not get her off). We struggled and strained for some time. After much sweaty grappling and heavy breathing, Robin was able to secure a sort of modified kimura (she got most, if not all, of her subs via joint locks).

She was now up 5-4 and the winner. For the last 15 or 20 minutes, as per my request, she put me through a punishment round of facesitting and scissoring. Her facesitting is fantastic. There were several times in which I genuinely tried to remove her and could not. She would take me to the point of passing out and then ease up. If I managed to turn my head and get a breath, she would turn my head back into her crotch or rear and tell me to "get in there". It was awesome.

Her scissors are legendary for good reason. She has levels to her scissors and cranks them as necessary. I think hers are the strongest I have ever felt. She put me through several front and reverse scissors. In one of the reverse scissors, she got me just right, and I felt myself lose consciousness right as she released. I don't think she knew I was out. It was very quick and subtle and not painful at all. I liked it.

She wore a two piece black bikini. She has a really nicely toned and shapely body. Her muscles are magnificent. She is athletic and muscular but still very feminine. I would describe her as being lithe. To look up at her as she mounts and wraps her body around yours is a truly a lovely sight. I had many great views during our time together.

And I found her to be very sweet and kind and accommodating. She hugged me when I arrived and gave me a good tight hug before I left. She really loves what she does and it shone through in our session. And she is so sweet, she even sent me an e-mail the next day to thank me for the great session and for driving to see her (I had to drive about 4 hours round trip).

I will see her again. I might even schedule for two hours.

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