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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Im an excellent wrestler with an amazing knowlege of submission holds! I have my own wrestling video business, Les Femmes Fatales Productions. My website is I love wrestling and I love my session guys.  Most of my clients are repeat customers and many have become very good friends.  I do semi competitive, role play and fantasy sessions, including rope bondage, smothering and scissor sessions.  I am a scissor specialist and I apply scissors slowly, playing with all my muscle groups as my thighs grip your neck! I also do beat downs, one sided boxing and lift and carry (up to 180 lbs).  I produce Custom Videos and have 100% customer satisfaction.  So please email me if youd like a session or a custom video.  I also train girls to wrestle for sessions and in videos.  Email me for my rates and more information.




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I will be back in NYC DC and Boston in late September! Hey! You want to session with me but dont see your city in my travel plans then fly me to YOUR city to session with YOU!!! Email me for details!

I saw Robin for a two hour session in Chicago and she was amazing! Her pictures do not do her justice - she is absolutely gorgeous from her long blonde hair, blue eyes, smile, and girly giggle, to her shapely and athletic figure highlighted by her legs and feet. Her legs are deceptive - they are feminine and shapely, but once she wraps them around your neck or head, you will discover that they are 100% lethal. By far my favorite hold is Robin’s reverse figure four headscissors. You will enjoy a very intimate view of Robin’s sexy ass while experiencing unbearable crushing pain that will turn you on and terrify you at the same time. Believe me, Robin’s reverse figure four headscissors alone is worth the price of a session. Ask for it over and over to maximize your pleasure and ask her to wear some sexy pantyhose when she does it. The bottom line is that Robin is the best in the business and I have sessioned with quite a few women. I would strongly suggest that you set up a session with her when she comes to your city or sponsor her to come see you! You won’t regret it!


Robin was my 30th session. Ive been doing sessions even longer than her. Honestly, i can not tell you why i waited so long. She is beautiful, warm and an absolute pleasure to be with. She is not a clock watcher and she is a great communicator. She has a strong, thin sexy body. She beat me in arm wrestle, even with my strong arm against her weak arm. We did pin wrestling. I had over 50 pound advantage and she was still able to pin me each time within about one minute or so. While she had the upper body strength advantage, by itself that should not let her beat me that quickly (because of my weight advantage). But she was amazing at getting passed my defensive and doing these lightening headlocks. (With most ladies i can defend against headlocks.) Then using some incredible technique and crazy leverage to like triple her normal strength she effortlessly roll me from all-fours position onto my back for pin. I still cant figure out what happened. It was like she had super human strength. One thing unique, about wrestling with Robin, i could tell she was really enjoying herself so much during the matches, she giggled with delight. I dont think this is something you can easily fake. Once she pinned me flat on my back, she laid her body flat on top of me, with my ear pressed against her chest as i listened to her heartbeat. When she did this, it felt lovely and somehow she felt much heavier then her actual weight. I felt completely helpless. I asked her to count to 100 instead of 10 for the pin. We did boxing as well. She quickly got the advantage and her punches were non-stop. It took her about a minute and my head was spinning and eye blurry. I could not see the punches coming any longer. I was defenseless. She was hitting me full strength with MMA gloves and the punches were powerful. She knocked the wind out of me with a killer punch to the solar plexus and i started falling, but she pushed me back agaist the wall and kept hitting me. I started repeatedly begging and pleading with her to stop. She just kept pounding me. After several more hits to my head and i fell down to the floor. She started getting on top of me and raised her fist. I felt desperate, like she was a machine and in another minute she would kill me. I was scared, shaking and yelling "Please, please stop". She said "you didnt say the safe word" ( We had not arranged a safe word). Furiously i started guessing " "Enough, Red, Mercy". Mercy, that was it. Mercy saved my life. I took me almost 5 minutes to be able to focus my vision after that brutal beatdown. Thank you Robin for
an intense, but wonderful session.


Robin was my first ever wrestling session experience. She greeted me at the door towering over me in her huge heels, I stripped down to my little gray Speedo and she began overpowering and dominating me from start to finish. We even had an armwrestling contest and she very easily beat me. I was absolutely humiliated and aroused at the same time as my tiny little boner poked through the Speedo throughout. I thought I would have to let her win going into it because I like to think I'm pretty strong but she legitimately whooped my ass and mopped the floor with me easily. I have been wanting another one with her ever since.

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