Location: Quebec,
E-mail: jassleclerc1996@gmail.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 23
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I had a two hour competitive session with Fitbeast, the up and coming bodybuilder wrestler from Quebec City. Jess was very friendly and accommodating. She was eager to begin with arm wrestling, and since I grew up milking cows, I was able to beat her, although it wasnt easy. I noticed she looked slightly pissed at her loss, evidence to her 'never give up' attitude. We next went into competitive rules submission grappling, culminating to another win for me and my 50lb weight advantage. I was amazed at how much punishment she took before I finally finished her off with a knee to the back bow and arrow. We took a quick break to rest and chat and she was full of questions about wrestling techniques, determined to learn from every experience. Next I made two major mistakes. First I asked her to wrestle no rules to offset my weight advantage. That alone was enough to seal my fate. Second, I began a little good natured taunting, and this brought out the wildcat in her. From that point on, she completely defeated and dominated me, forcing me to tap repeatedly to armbars, crushing headscissors, and some excruciating rear naked chokeholds. In the end, she stood on me, one bare foot on my chest, one on my face, forcing me to concede the match to her. Jess is a super competitive, beautiful bodybuilder and you will definitely see a look of determination in her eyes when you go toe to toe with her. I cant wait for a rematch!


Had a scissors session today with Jasmine (Fitbeast). Setting up the session was pretty easy and she responded to all my emails in a timely manner. Her scissors are very powerful. Knocked me out a couple of times. Anyone who has a scissors session with her will be tapping. Very down to earth person and not a clock watcher.

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