Location: Orange County, Southern California

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hey Guys: My name is Tiffany and dont make the mistake of judging me solely by my size.
I am a fitness nut, a gym rat, originally a power lifter and I usually workout six days a week.
As soon as I can I hope to study bjj and then look out.
I am very strong and there is nothing I would enjoy more than to show you the physical
and psychological power I have over you.
If you are looking for the girl next door with a great personality and a natural dominance,
to go with it, look no more.
We will have lots of fun and you will realize that I enjoy your surrender even more than you enjoy surrendering to me.....
If you want to do a phone chat, my rates are reasonable. If you want to set up a session, please contact me but know I require an immediate deposit.
Sadly there are guys who have nothing better to do than waste time and that ruins it for everyone else.
Session rates start at $350 per hour. 


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At first I was a little nervous given that she has no pictures of her face, but believe me when I say you have nothing to worry about. She is beautiful and is one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. She may be short but her legs are unmatched in their power. We tried a few moves that neither of us have done before and she got the hang of it in no time at all.

She was very inviting and very easy to talk to, one of the sweetest girls on here. But once she gets her thighs clamped around you, you ain’t goin nowhere. Whether it’s around your neck or on your ribs, there is only one way out, and I was tapping for my life every single time. Don’t miss the opportunity to see her if you get the chance, I’m already anticipating the next session.


I had a great session with Tiffany last week. Since I live in Southern California, I decided to email her and set up a time to wrestle, which went smoothly. We also worked out the details of what type of session I would like through the phone after I made the deposit - I decided to go with tickle wrestling, scissoring and pins.

The session went very well – Tiffany is very strong, her scissors were inescapable, and she pinned me down easily. When it came to the tickling, there was no way I could squirm out from underneath her (nor did I want to). I laughed so hard I was out of air. She also put me into a headlock, reverse naked choke, and we had a great time.

Tiffany has a great personality and attitude - I would definitely recommend her for sessions to anyone in SoCal/OC.


I contacted her through email and she was pretty responsive. I was a little skeptical of setting a deposit at first because her profile was very new, and she didn’t show her face in pictures. However, since I saw that she was in the same area as me, I decided to take the risk. After I set the deposit, we did a quick 10-15 minute interview on skype to get comfortable. If you’re worried about this her faceless pics, DONT. This girl is gorgeous.

I decided to do a scissor session with her, and she was great. Although she was new to the scene, I can tell she was a natural. She’s very open minded and definitely not a clock watcher.

Her body was perfect. She’s very fit and toned, and thick in all the right places. I will definitely repeat soon before she gets too popular.

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