Location: atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: fitnessamazon2003@gmail.com
Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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I just recently had a couple sessions with fitness amazon and it was totally worth it. I had sessioned with her a couple years back and those were great as well. Unlike many of the girls on this site it is obvious that she takes her training serious as she looked fantastic. She is also enjoyable to be around. I would definitely recommend her if you can handle her!

your personal punching bag

When can you come back to Alabama? I'll love to session with you.


If you’d like to pay for travel expenses ill come when you’re ready :)


Fitness Amazon is just a very unique woman; so athletic, physically dominant and aggressive but also very lively and fun. She will put a hurt on you and she honestly enjoys watching you struggle and writhe. She’ll take you to your limits and into the realm of fear, but she is very responsive when you tap or beg her to stop. She had me near tears on one occasion. We discussed all details, desires and limits before we started, and she was very attentive to my needs. She was in control and dominated from start to finish. There were many occasions where I had to beg her to stop because she is so naturally aggressive and strong, but she always let me go when I properly admitted that I was defeated. I would gladly session with her again and I strongly recommend her to any man looking to savor defeat at the hands of a perfect Amazon.


Awesome session w/Fitness Amazon!! Not only can she wrestle but she is also very agile & strong! I had a wonderful time & I highly recommend this lady! She is the real deal!!

If you are looking for a hard roll & a cool time, look no further & contact Fitness Amazon


Brilliant. Custom video. Great personality, strong improvisation around some unique requirements. Stunning woman, stunning talent. Great conditioning. Exceptionally responsive and quick turnaround time. A pleasure to work with, will continue to do so!


Fitness Amazon is fantastic! 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend her. She's beautiful, sexy, and has an amazing body. She's also imaginative and great at improvising a fun session. She's dominant but funny and effervescent at the same time. You'll love losing to this woman!


She is absolutely beautiful. She has an amazing body she is muscular and toned yet she is all natural and looks feminine all at the same time. Her abs are legit I really could sleep on them every night. I’m telling you do not waste your time with any other girl. She really is the real deal. Btw is tall and strong so get ready to get your ass kicked. She is super nice though and really cares about your experience and she will do her best to accommodate your fantasies. She is also get with communication.


I had a very professional and positive experience with FA. Unfortunately I was unable to experience a session with her due to scheduling issues not syncing up with each other, but she was very prompt in returning my deposit in full. I am confident that she and I will meet one day for a session, but I can already assure you she has a professional, responsible, and friendly vibe to her demeanor.


She’s so strong and so sexy. I couldn’t even last the entire hour with her because her legs are like pythons. Highly recommend if you like being completely dominated.


I just got my custom heavy bag video from her, and I truly enjoyed it!! She's amazing. She has solid strength in both hands!! She's very beautiful too! I hope to be her punching bag soon.


She is absolutely stunning in person, even better looking than her photos. Great personality and a fantastic session. I will definitely see her again.


She keeps her word and delivers. Worth it will continue to session with fitness Amazon. What a knockout


I had a great conversation with FA today. She comes across as "alpha" and not one to take lightly, which is a good thing. I was impressed with her openness and the effort she made to see if we had the chemistry to move forward. We are a distance from each other but I was left with the impression that it will be worth the travel and the expense.


Had a Skype session with Fitness Amazon yesterday and just from the Skype session she was awesome. Even though I haven't met her in person she still had incredible energy and seemed very tall. I'm definitely gonna set up a live session with her in the future


Spoke with Fitness amazon today. we scheduled a session. we spoke on phone she was very easy going and seemed very accommodating to what I was looking for. we are meeting on June 26th. her prices are fair and cant wait to meet. also she is very responsive and replies back within minutes


Sooooo, I took a chance on a faceless girl profile and contacted the Fitnessamazon in Atlanta. Definitely one of the best session decisions I ever had. I initially was reluctant about paying a deposit (never done so in 25 years of doing sessions) , but she had reviews so I took a chance. Guys....this woman is a total winner. Gorgeous body, free-spirited persona, professional attitude, and STRONG AS HELL! She's the sexy, pretty ebony woman you've always wanted to get beaten by.

Her legs are gorgeous, athletic, solid, but not remotely over done. Her arm strength is incredible, though you wouldn't think so by looking at her initially. She's playful and aggressive and wants to be in control. Definitely respect her boundaries and not get crazy with her though. She discusses the will not and wills prior to meeting up so there is no confusion. Keep the room cool because she works hard to please in wrestling and works up a sweat and will need to take a break if she gets to worked up. That's not a bad thing though as she's actually still cute when she sweats.

Though she is new to session wrestling, she is not new to the fetish world or adult proclivities. I had a great time with her and recommend those curious or interested in meeting her to take that plunge or even Skype her. She's worth it!


I had a Skype session Ms FitAmazon. I had i great time. Very polite honest and straight to the point. I look forward to meeting her for a real time session. I would recommend her to anyone.


She's a definite keeper. Easy to book with prompt responses and scheduling. Definitely one of the most attractive girls out there...athletic body with a very pretty face to match. Our session included some much enjoyable face sitting/smothering and verbal humiliation. Hoping to meet with her again soon.


This woman is sexy and amazing. Contacted her for a personalized video and she responded back quick and with ease. Had it within the same day. If you can't see her in person, you definitely should order a video from her!

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