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Height: 6'1” - 185 cm
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hi guys!! Its my second year sessioning! I have done wrestling in the past for CPL Wrestling, ScissorFoxes, Doom Maidens to name a few. I have a great personality, fun and energetic. If you are looking to book a session with me, you will have a blast. I do require the following information when emailing:

1. Name, Age, Height, Weight and Location

2. The type of session you are requesting

3. I DO NOT do anything else sex related what so ever, dont ask. Have respect please.

4. I do require a non refundable deposit before our session. 

I offer a wide range of wrestling sessions in Ottawa and I tour regulary. if it is not listed please feel free to ask. As for lift and carry I will only go to 180lbs. I want your experience with me to be memorable, fun and something you wont regret doing. I love the feeling of over powering a man and completely making him submissive to me. I am very powerful, but will never go beyond your limitations, as you should respect mine as well. I will dominate you easily with a smile on my face!!!(As I love to smile!!)

I look forward to hearing from you and bring your wrestling fantasy come to life!!


No time wasters, dont write me saying, oh I can beat you, yadda yadda, dont be disrespectful in emails, as all will be ignored.

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
09-19-2019 09-20-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
09-21-2019 09-21-2019 Hartford Connecticut United States
09-22-2019 09-23-2019 Manhatten New York United States
09-24-2019 09-24-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
09-25-2019 09-26-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
09-27-2019 09-27-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
09-28-2019 09-29-2019 Toronto Canada
11-21-2019 11-24-2019 London United Kingdom
11-25-2019 11-26-2019 Paris France
11-27-2019 11-28-2019 Berlin Germany
11-29-2019 12-30-2019 Frankfurt Germany
12-01-2019 12-02-2019 Munich Germany
Travelling with Amazon Amanda and Mikayla Miles Sep 19-29th we will be available for double or triple sessions as well.If interested in meeting up for a session please email me with details and to arrange sending a deposit to secure your spot!! First come first serve!!! Coming to Europe in November available for sponsored trips to your location!

I did a lift and carry session with Gia on April 4. She is friendly, strong, and a good communicator. She lifted me with ease. I felt relaxed during the session.


I did an hour session this morning with gia in Philly & from the moment she opened the door i felt welcomed. I'm always shy the first meeting a wrestler for session for first time but not this time she was all smiles friendly & good spirit. We did a smother face sitting, neck scissors Boston crabs & camol clotch & wow she was strong full wait crushing her neck scissors are so strong I tap out & she didn't even started squeezing. it was that strong. I wanted to add some extra fun & in the email as I was setting up the session if I should bring a flogger & a padle she was interested from the start so I brong it for some flogging & padling it was awsome it was painful but really good it was my first time trying it out & it was my most bigger dream session come true. She is awsome I gave her the flogger & paddle as a gift it looks good with her. I recommend seeing her if she's near you I'll be putting aside $ & can't wait to see her again next time in Philly.


Simply put, Gia has it all. I had a dual session with her and Bella Rush in Ottawa, and it was amazing. I especially like old school, rough and tumble women who tend to take care of wrestling business first, and worry about their hair later. While she's safety conscious and careful to tailor the match to your wishes and abilities, Gia has the strength, skills and attitude to make you tremble with fear, if that's what you asked for. Her scissors, facesitting, armbars and leglocks give you a taste of what it must have been like to face the likes of Terri Shane or Penny Banner back in the day. At the same, shes a captivating, exotic beauty with curves that go on forever, an angelic face, and a devilish laugh she uses to almost hypnotize you as shes working you over. And those eyes.... just when your not sure whether to tap or panic, she gazes down into yours, smiles, and makes you feel like losing is a wonderful thing! Get a session set up with Gia. You'll love it.

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