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Height: 6'1” - 185 cm
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hi guys!! Its my second year sessioning! I have done wrestling in the past for CPL Wrestling, ScissorFoxes, Doom Maidens to name a few. I have a great personality, fun and energetic. If you are looking to book a session with me, you will have a blast. I do require the following information when emailing:

1. Name, Age, Height, Weight and Location

2. The type of session you are requesting

3. I DO NOT do anything else sex related what so ever, dont ask. Have respect please.

4. I do require a non refundable deposit before our session. 

I offer a wide range of wrestling sessions in Ottawa and I tour regulary. if it is not listed please feel free to ask. As for lift and carry I will only go to 180lbs. I want your experience with me to be memorable, fun and something you wont regret doing. I love the feeling of over powering a man and completely making him submissive to me. I am very powerful, but will never go beyond your limitations, as you should respect mine as well. I will dominate you easily with a smile on my face!!!(As I love to smile!!)

I look forward to hearing from you and bring your wrestling fantasy come to life!!


No time wasters, dont write me saying, oh I can beat you, yadda yadda, dont be disrespectful in emails, as all will be ignored.

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09-30-2021 09-30-2021 Ottawa Canada

I had my first session ever with Gia a couple weeks ago in Boston and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I booked two hours and I was so glad I did. One just isn't enough with this Goddess. She made me feel so small and weak, and I'm 6' 185 lbs. She twisted my body every which way and lifted me so easily. Getting me into holds I never thought I would be in and completely controlling me. Her legs immobilized most of my body and she easily used her upper body strength to pin back my arms until I was engulfed and trapped underneath her. I fought as hard as I could to push my arms up and out of the grasp she had holding them outstretched and over my head but i couldn't budge. She used her huge muscular thick booty to smother me and also press me against the wall and lift me off the ground with my feet dangling, my body draped over hers as she moves back and forth and bounces up and down. She sat me on her lap and curled me up towards her like nothing and then swung me around like that. When I sat on her lap while facing her she stood up from the bed and held me in the air for almost a minute and then sat back down cuddling me and would then proceed to stand up with me again, rocking me back and forth. We did this for 10 minutes and then I hopped right on her back for a piggyback ride. She walked over to the mirror and the sight of me riding on her back, hiked up high with my head above hers and my arms wrapped around her made me feel so weak and tiny. She walked around the room and would stop and lean over with me wrapped around her big strong body and we would hold out our arms, with my weight completely resting on her, and just hold me there. Then straighten back up and continue walking. She gave me a pony ride with her on all fours and me sitting on her strong butt and back while she moved around and bucked and bounced me. What more can I say?! Are you still reading? How haven't you booked your session yet?!!! You will not regret anything.


Gia the Giant

A couple of years ago I placed Gia the Giant on my bucket list. I am intrigued by athletic females who are taller and heavier than my 5 foot five and 160 pounds. Due to the pandemic I had to wait for two years until a meeting was possible.

On her photos Gia looks impressive, but when she embraced me after I entered her room, I knew she was a lot more muscular and far stronger than I had anticipated. In view of the limited space in her room, we decided to wrestle on the King Size bed rather than on the floor.

When we faced each other on our knees I still believed I could make it difficult for her to pin me or force me to tap out. I thought she might prevail in the end, but it would take a while. This expectation of mine is based on sessions I had with other females considerable taller and heavier than I.

Within seconds I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. Once she was on top I could not budge her. I was pinned and if she wanted she could have stayed there all day. Luckily for me she eased off as she applied hold after old and let me struggle for a while not applying full power until she decided to force a submission.

She convinced me quickly that she could knock me out at will, if she wanted to. Without exerting too much effort she immobilized me over and over again with a variety of holds. When she applied armbars, I could not budge that particular arm, and placing her legs over my body or face rendered me absolutely helpless unable to move or turn. I realized she just held me in those positions without applying too much pressure, but there is no doubt in my mind she easily could have broken that arm.

Her head and body scissors force immediate submissions, she just showed me she could apply more force, then eased off and let me struggle. I read somewhere that her thighs measured 28”. You register that as a number, but actually having your head, neck or body trapped between those muscles convinces you immediately that there is no escape, there certainly was no escape for me, I felt paralyzed, barely able to to tap out.

She told me she weighed about 240 lbs. That is just a number, but when you have that weight on top of you for a while, it saps your strength and has an impact on your endurance, one of the advantages I thought I had going in. That advantage went out the window very quickly.

When she wanted to sit on my face, she just did. There was nothing I could do to prevent it or even delay it; nor was I able to get her off once she had assumed that position. Based on my previous experience I expected to be able to turn my head, so I still would be able to breathe. That did not work with Gia, once she satvon my face, I could not turn my head not get any air.

The image that is still edged in my mind, is when she reverse straddled me, inching backwards on my body until her buttocks covered my mouth, still leaving a little space for my nose. I clearly saw the curvature in her spine, forming a little valley in her muscular back. In thisbposition I still can breathe through my nose, but my head is fixed, unable to turn. At any time Gia can lean back, covering my nose and cutting off any air. My arms are trapped underneath her knees. As my legs hang over the edge of the bed, I am unable to tap out with hands or feet or verbally signal my distress. At this point I felt totally helpless and at her mercy.

In order to make it more interesting for Gia, I challenged her to hogtie me, but tying me up in a very specific sequence. I always believed that it is very difficult to tie anyone against their will, and so I thought asking Gia to begin tying my arms behind my back and above the elbows, would result in an extended struggle or even fail altogether. As it happened she simply turned me onto my belly, forcing my arms onto my back, imprisoning them with her knees, and then leisurely wrapped the rope around both of my arms above the elbow, then cinching both ends together until my elbows almost touched. The rest of the sequence I had planned for Gia was just routine for her. The only slight delay I could manage was when I kep my legs straight to prevent the hogtie. Gia took care of that easily in the next attempt.

As mentioned before, I was very well aware of the physical advantage Gia had. That alone, did not prepare me for her overwhelming strength, and her great knowledge of wrestling. She pretty much knew how much I could tolerate, how long I could last in a hold. Using her weight she knew exactly where to place her body for maximum impact, the best positions for her hands and feet to immobilize me.

For me Gia is a very beautiful person, both inside and out. Even though she can be very intimidating I will try to have another session with her. Yes, even as she was holding back during our session, there is some pain and discomfort, but that will not prevent me from trying to have another session.


Had my first session ever with Gia. Being new sessions in general she completely made me feel comfortable and eased my nerves. What can I say when you first see her 6’1 frame its stunning even for me at 6’8. Her physique is strong but beautiful. As her body softly collapses on yours causing you to fight for every breath or being stuck in between her thick thighs with her headscissors which was my favorite. Don’t get me wrong though I thought I had a chance but she is so strong she makes you feel as helpless when she puts you in her holds. Her knockout ability is one of a kind as her thighs can have you out in 4 seconds. Her Facesitting is undoubtedly one of the best not being able to breath under all that ass. She let me record which I highly recommend because your going to want to relive getting your as kicked over and over again. If your looking to book a session with anyone definitely book one with her it’ll be worth all your time and money. Hopefully she tours again soon cause I can’t wait to do another session with her.

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