Location: Ottawa,
E-mail: tallgoddessgia@gmail.com
Height: 6'1” - 185 cm
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: Curvy
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What can be said that hasn’t already been mentioned in her reviews? She is great! Seen her a couple of times and lost both matches :p Looking forward to the next session with Gia.


Be careful, this one's not nearly as soft and cuddly as she seems. She can really wrestle and she's extremely powerful. She's got good BJJ basics on top of the problems that naturally come with trying to deal with a lady her size. If you like scissors that might hurt the next morning Gia is one of the best, not just in Canada but anywhere. And if you're drawn to the more overly sensual parts of that seemingly cuddly physique, she absolutely won't disappoint there either.


Met Gia for a scissors session. The booking process was very simple. She was very cordial upon greeting me and throughout the session. When this girl puts a reverse scissor on you her inner thigh muscles just explode. The first half of the session I was able to stand her scissors but just barely. Felt my jaw and head were going to cave in. She was very surprised she could not make me tap as she was going 100%. Gradually her power was gradually weakening my tolerance with every scissor. In the second half of the session she made me tap multiple times, otherwise I would have passed out. If you are looking for a girl with scissor power you won't be disappointed.


I met Gia about a month back in Raleigh, for a lift/carry, Scissoring, and Height comparison session. Started with a little lift & carry, grappling then Scissoring. She wrapped her leg around me and started squeezing; as she increased her pressure she counted 10%, 20%, 30% I had to tap out at 30%...all there times, as I was unable to breath. As she had her legs wrapped around me, she asked me to get out of it...I tried with all my strength couldn't even move her leg an inch and she kept looking at me with a smile. Then we moved to comparing height, I am 5'7" and I was barely over shoulder, then she put on her heel (8") and now top of my head is just under her armpit and her waist is almost up to my shoulder. Finally, ended my session sitting on her lap. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience....wished booked it for few hours...


I just had my first session with Gia. First of all, she was very responsive and made it really easy to set up the session. When we met, she was as gorgeous and sexy as she looks on her site. Incredible. The session was as hot as anything I have ever experienced. She was it totally control with her unbelievable strength and seductive control. I would have literally done anything for her as she smothered me under her perfect ass and between her perfect breasts. I absolutely cannot wait to see her again, and I surely will. Thank you, Gia!


I met Gia in Frankfurt Germany. It was my second session and to sum it up directly, Gia is really awesome. I loved every second.
I asked for a mix of semi competitive, domination and fantasy. I also told her that I'm not a foot or facesitting slave but I struggle and love her to be mean.

As soon as I entered the hotel room, I was lost. Gia is one of the best huggers I have ever met. I always love a warm hug, and hers just calmed me down very much. And I knew I was at the right place, instantly.

Gia tricked me. ;) I thought we would have a conversation at first and she asked me to sit next to her. But suddenly she attacked me, and once she sits on you there is no way out! I'm working out 3 times the week, but no! I couldn't get her off me.
She sat there had me in a schoolgirl pin and smiled at me. Amazing and really humiliating at the same time. When she decides to sit on your face, she does it, and you can struggle all you like! Wonderful and terrible at the same time!

Remember? I don't have a foot fetish, not at all I promise. But I had to lick her feet. I did it, it was humiliating but I couldn't stop smiling after the session.

Thank you Gia, for coming all the way to Frankfurt. I think session girls deserve a nobel prize or something like that. Please give show them the respect they deserve. I would book her again anytime.
I still think about your hugs very often :)


I had a session with Gia last month and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It was my first time booking a session but the process was very easy as she was very efficient and informative in her emails. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was pretty nervous but once she welcomed me into her room and started conversation I quickly became more comfortable. We spent a brief moment getting to know each other before getting into the wrestling part. I requested a semi-comp/fantasy session with a lot of foot domination mixed in and Gia did not disappoint. For starters, she is extremely strong and had I been trying my hardest I still would’ve been unable to do much against her. She was able to put me in a variety of holds with ease and force her feet into my face regularly. I asked not to be knocked just because of personal preference and she was very attentive to avoid it (it did happen once by accident but it was probably more my fault then hers and was actually a pretty cool feeling!) After the session we talked for a few more minutes and then I was on my way with a memory I won’t soon forget. For anyone looking to book a session (newbie or not) I highly recommend Gia and cannot thank her enough!


On 9/25/2019, I had a double session in Pittsburgh with Gia and Amazon Amanda. The key thing that I would like to leave here in the Review is just how nice they were. Enjoyable to talk to. Fun to be around. Fun to try things with. Genuinely wonderful ladies. .I was their first appointment and they had been delayed traveling. Yet, we started on time.. (Though I would have waited hours for the session in all, it was a totally positive experience. I could not give a higher recommendation. I hope that they come back soon! I wish that either of them lived here, so we could session at least once a month. Amanda and Gia are the best!


I did an hour session with Gia when she was in Massachusetts. She’s very genuine and a friendly person. Did a smothering session with her and there was just no chance for air. She wanted me to bring a joint but I didn’t get the chance so she was even more ruthless in a good way haha. Great person to have a conversation with and I would highly recommend booking her!



We contacted Gia about meeting for a session when she was in town, and were excited that she was able to fit us in to her schedule - her strength and prowess were exactly what we wanted. We were interested in a couple's session where we both could learn technique and would focus on ways to sensually dominate him. Gia was as excited for the session as we were, which was apparent in both our email exchanges before and initial impressions. Her enthusiasm shined through from the start, greeting us with a huge smile and hugging both of us. We talked about how we wanted the session to go, and Gia was on board with everything. She showed us a number of technical moves - demonstrating them on both of us, and then had us try them out together as well as on her. She taught us different take downs, front and reverse scissoring, and a double scissor with him being victim to both women. Gia's technique, strength, and teaching abilities were really highlighted in our session. Gia was able to show us how to dominate him in a powerful yet sensual way - smiling the whole time as she took him down over and over again - sitting on his face and forcing him to tap out as she playfully punched his stomach. She is so powerful and sexy. One of the best parts of our session was when Gia showed us what it was like to KO someone. She showed us both a couple techniques to scissor until passing out, and then safely but powerfully forced him to pass out. Crushed between her strong thighs, he felt helpless and overwhelmed, which was a sensual experience for the both of us. The three of us wrestled against each other, ending with him tied up and helpless while being smothered by the two women. We chatted at the end of the session about how Gia got into wrestling. She was very complimentary on how well the session went and encouraged us to try more. We loved meeting with Gia and can't wait for future sessions with her - already planning a trip to Ottawa to meet up again!


I did a lift and carry session with Gia on April 4. She is friendly, strong, and a good communicator. She lifted me with ease. I felt relaxed during the session.


How much can Gia lift?


I did an hour session this morning with gia in Philly & from the moment she opened the door i felt welcomed. I'm always shy the first meeting a wrestler for session for first time but not this time she was all smiles friendly & good spirit. We did a smother face sitting, neck scissors Boston crabs & camol clotch & wow she was strong full wait crushing her neck scissors are so strong I tap out & she didn't even started squeezing. it was that strong. I wanted to add some extra fun & in the email as I was setting up the session if I should bring a flogger & a padle she was interested from the start so I brong it for some flogging & padling it was awsome it was painful but really good it was my first time trying it out & it was my most bigger dream session come true. She is awsome I gave her the flogger & paddle as a gift it looks good with her. I recommend seeing her if she's near you I'll be putting aside $ & can't wait to see her again next time in Philly.


Simply put, Gia has it all. I had a dual session with her and Bella Rush in Ottawa, and it was amazing. I especially like old school, rough and tumble women who tend to take care of wrestling business first, and worry about their hair later. While she's safety conscious and careful to tailor the match to your wishes and abilities, Gia has the strength, skills and attitude to make you tremble with fear, if that's what you asked for. Her scissors, facesitting, armbars and leglocks give you a taste of what it must have been like to face the likes of Terri Shane or Penny Banner back in the day. At the same, shes a captivating, exotic beauty with curves that go on forever, an angelic face, and a devilish laugh she uses to almost hypnotize you as shes working you over. And those eyes.... just when your not sure whether to tap or panic, she gazes down into yours, smiles, and makes you feel like losing is a wonderful thing! Get a session set up with Gia. You'll love it.


2nd session with Gia, and it was better than the 1st! You know what i mean! She’s strong but soft at the same time. Her headscissors and facesits are suffocating. I mean, really. Definitely put me to sleep! And the whole time, she’s got this smile on her face as she’s dominating you. She’s very dominant and can be playful as well. Would definitely recommend!


Just had the most amazing session with Ms.Gia. She's one of the best here in Canada. You will not be disappointed choosing to session with her. She's easy to communicate with and a quick responder. I gave her a basic description of what I was expecting from the session and she took it to a whole different level. She trys very hard to make the session as enjoyable as possible and definitely not a clock watcher. Oh, and she's incredibly strong!!


Had a session with Gia on sat, the 19th of May, and it was a freakin rush!!! Started out innocently enough, grappling and what not, then when she gets you in a headscissor, you better tap!!! I was tappin like crazy, and the whole time, she’s giggling like a little school girl. But even after you tap, she’ll keep you there, squeezing the life out of you! And the facesitting, you won’t be able to breath at all, total euphoria and fear of not breathing, at the same time! Pics don’t lie, she is gorgeous but you better be able to handle it, or scream!


Let me tell you guys, you NEED to session with Gia! First off she is Gorgeous! I had the best session ever with her down here in Florida. I tried a lot from trampling to facesitting but mainly scissorholds. The view from the floor as you look up to her full height is truly breathtaking! Feeling her bodyscissor clamp down and crack every last bone in my back was truly pure toe-curling ecstasy. I wanted to be pushed and wanted her to be a bit sadistic with the scissorholds and boy did she deliver. For all you panic lovers, it's the best feeling when giant Amazon thighs are squeezing hard in a reverse with a great view of her 10/10 ass and just when you thought you could take all that...you tap and tap then realizing she's not letting go as you envision her sexy sadistic smile she's probably getting in that moment and the panic sinks in knowing you are going out soon. She hugged my legs and adding that extra constraint on my movement so I could not even squirm or thrash around and that sent me to a blissful state of helplessness as I collapsed in her thighs. And I love her personality being playful as I woke up to her singing Good morning and twerking her beautiful butt in my face hahahaha. My favorite moment was in a sleeperhold she put me in, I tapped right before going out...or so I thought...until the next thing I know I'm leaned up against her realizing I went out a little after she let go in an amazing never before experienced Delayed KO! All in all she is awesome and she even featured a pic from our session on twitter:
Can't wait for the next squeeze!


So upon meeting Gia for the first time, I noticed how gorgeous she was and her pictures does no justice to what she looks like in person. Her friendly and bubbly personality really put me at ease. When the session began, I was amazed how skilled she was. She has a background in jiu-jitsu and was able to pin me down and get me into every leg lock possible. Every attempt I made to escape or scramble out was useless as she was always laughing and playful while in a dominate position. I can't overstate how strong her legs were...they're not only long but perfectly toned. Seriously, if this was a real fight, she could've killed me in so many ways. The squeezing power of her legs took the breath out of me. Guys, if she's visiting your city, definitely try to schedule a session with her...you'll have a great time with her. I can't wait for another session with her.


I just had the pleasure of wrestling Gia and It was simply amazing. I had a sleeperhold/scissorhold wresling match with Gia and It was the most wonderful experience of my life.Her sleeperholds are divine her scissorholds are deadly.What I love about Gia Is her bubbly attitude she loves to smile and laugh and most of all when she has you In her sleeperhold she smiles laughs and taunts you before she puts you to sleep.Gia Is the most amazing person I ever met.She evan modeled my WWE championship belts for me with grace.Setting up the session with was easy she answers e-mails quickly.I highly recommend Gia for semi-competitive wrestling match.For those guys who love sleeperholds like I do you will not be disappointed Gia loves sleepeeholds and loves putting guy's to sleep. Thank you Gia for a wonderfull session can't wait till we meet again so you can put me to sleep again. Rich


I just came from my first session with gia and It was amazing she was a pleasure to work with.I had a sleeperhold/scissorhold session with Gia and It was amazing she put me into some powerful sleeperholds putting to sleep In one of them.Her scissor holds are lethal.Gia Is one of the most nicest and friendlyest person I've ever met. She has a bubbly attitude and she loves to laugh and smile.When she wrestles you Its all business but she does It with a smile. When she has you In a sleeperhold she laughs smiles and taunts you before she puts you to sleep. Her scissor holds are deadly Its like having you're head In a vice.Setting a session up with gia was easy she answers e-mails quickly. I highly recommend Gia for a semi-competitive wrestling match for those guys who love sleeperholds Gia Is you're girl you will be disappointed.I can't wait for our rematch thanks Gia Rich


Wow... never thought a woman can be so strong... She could kill me between her thigh if she wanted to... its not a joke...I really try my best and I was just a toy for her

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