giulia skjaldmaer

giulia skjaldmaer


Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: 0041765842209
Skype: https://livegiuliagranditx
Travel Phone: 0041765842209
Whats app: 0041765842209

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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 220 lbs - 99.8 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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About Me

Hello everybody,


I am Giulia and I live in Switzerland


I ve been practicing bjj and judo for ore than 8 years now   and I am brown belt in both these martial arts; on top of that I am trainer in personal defense.


I train all days, several hours per day


I am a statuesque woman at 1,84 mts (over 6.1 ft) in bare feet and over 90 kilos (200 lb)


I like to define me a real Skjaldmaer, which in the Norren mythology means a warrior woman


Despite this I am really pretty and charming, as you can see in my photos


I am a really dominant character and I really enjoy to prove my physical and mental superiority in wrestling/ fantasy wrestling sessions.


But what makes me really unique and special is my gender.... in fact I am a transexual girl... 

I was born boy and after a long work on my body now I’m like you can see on my pics.


If you are looking for an extraordinarily unique and exciting experience please come and see me: I will be pleased to make you experience my strenght and my peculiar way to domination



In case you wish to keep in touch with me you have several options:

1) read well all is written about me on my page

2) follow me on Instagram and Facebook

3) watch my videos on Vimeo

Those who are seriously interested in a session with me may write to me via WhatsApp or email


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Giulia è veramente fantastica, elegante, gentile, affidabile, ha classe e una grande femminilità. Le foto sono reali, ma dal vivo ha ancora più fascino. E' imponente, e con i tacchi sovrasta qualunque uomo, ma ha stile e un dialogo accattivante. Il suo corpo è armonioso e potente, ma naturale, e la sua forza impressionante. Un'esperienza da ripetere!!!


This girl has it all: she's very pretty and feminine, but her body is amazing, the photos are 100% real. She may easily be the strongest and most skilled session girl here in Switzerland. And, on top of all this, she's a very reliable person, it's a pleasure to talk to her and she can approach every situation in the right way.
I cannot reccomend her enough!


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