Location: Los Angeles and San Diego, Southern California
E-mail: goddesssevera@yahoo.com
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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goddess severa I have meet years ago a few times, ones in Amsterdam and ones in Berlin , both times I had a session with her in Gi , and I do Judo and BJJ already for a long time , but a opponent like her so strong , I have never meet at real tournaments . I hope I will meet her soon again ones for a session in Gi.


The first time i met with Goddess Severa i could not wait to see how my 5' 9" frame would compare to Her amazing 6' 5" Amazon physique. She towered over me and She wasn't even wearing heels! It was so exciting to see a real life Giantess and i could not believe how gorgeous She was.

Goddess Severa is genuine, experienced and very well trained. These are the main reasons why i traveled half way across the country to see Her.

Her natural beauty, height, athletic physique, incredibly high arches & perfect feet, black belt in BJJ, wrestling and boxing skills also made an in person meeting so exciting!

We started out slowly and increased the intensity as we progressed. i knew that She was strong with Her big biceps and muscular legs. But Her lean physique took me by surprise because She is much stronger than She appears to be and She easily overpowered me.

She exceeded all of my expectations during this meeting. i saw Her 3 times in 2 days and it kept getting better and better!

i have seen Her several times since and i am still awestruck at how incredibly gorgeous and powerful She is. She can be soft and sensual or strict and sadistic with the perfect blend.


Really an extraordinary woman. Besides the obvious, she possesses quickness, athleticism and knowledge so vast that half my taps were to holds where I had no idea what she had done to me until she was kind enough to explain later. Worth every penny and more, a truly sublime experience in physical subjugation.


Rarely - if ever - was a session wrestler more aptly named than Goddess Severa (GS). GS's wrestling is supreme, her BJJ unquestionable, her demeanor ranging from dominant to gentle (but never weak), and her professionalism beyond compare. She is a legend who definitely lives up to her rep (in spades). Definitely see her.

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