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Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a session wrestler and trained dominatrix currently residing in Las Vegas Nevada. 

I travel several times a month between Southern California and Las Vegas. When I’m not traveling, you should consider me available in both places with 48 hrs notice.

I will travel almost anywhere geographically (except to places that may be particularly dangerous). Please request long-distance travel at least two months in advance. I tend to have my schedule planned out at least this far ahead, and can’t change it easily.

I provide Lift & Carry (record: 230lbs), Competitive/Semi-Competitive/Fantasy wrestling matches, beat downs (no sparring), domination, role-play, muscle worship...and I love it all. I do provide topless/nude wrestling options, but I do not provide sex, hj, bj, or any other kind of sexual service. 

I have some background in jiujitsu, and am dedicated to power lifting. I can be found in a gym most days of the week (though I don’t compete).

I prefer people contact me via email, FSTOFL2016@gmail.com. It can take me some time to respond to emails if I’m traveling, so I encourage you to book with me before I leave for a tour. This will also allow you to make a wardrobe request before I pack my suitcase. I will prioritize emails that are more complete, and those from cities I’m visiting soonest. But, I get back to everyone eventually.

I do accept clients who have no previous experience, however for these I require a larger deposit. All clients should expect to pay at least 25% upfront.

I produce wrestling clips independently, but I also accept custom clip requests, and have had a lot of success meeting/exceeding clients expectations. I will not film sex acts or nude/topless.

If requested, I can also film your session for you (but will never film without your permission).


Preview: Punishing Your Mommy POV

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PLANNING STAGES SeptOct Middle East. NovDec East Coast USA. January 2020 Asia. Please contact me through EMAIL to contribute to travel plans. Any date not listed I can be presumed to be in Las Vegas and may be requested for sessions in Southern California and surrounding areas. If your location is not on my schedule contact me to request me in your area. Deposits are REQUIRED. No exceptions. Follow me on twitter for the fastest updates on my travel schedule.

I recently had the pleasure of a session with Goddess Anat. First off, I must comment on what a true professional she is. This website isn't the place for a "sex workers are treated unfairly rant" so I'll just say, I wish the business clients in my 9-5 were even half as organized and on top of things as Goddess Anat.

As for the session, it's very clear she has a ton of experience, knows what questions to ask in order to provide an amazing session, and seems to really enjoy herself. I asked for a smother / scissor session similar to her clip store and boy did she deliver. As a newbie wrestler, it was only minutes into the session before I was overwhelmed by her strength and skill.

One thing is for sure, her thighs are as powerful as they look. It felt like I was tapping non-stop and was still seeing stars, on the cusp of drifting off between her thighs. She is terrific at delivering a unique session style, which very much sets her apart from others. Lastly, I have to say how easy it is to connect with Goddess Anat. She is truly an awesome, incredible session wrestler, who cares about her clients, and is truly quite lovely person. I really hope to see her again someday.

- James


I apologize if this review comes off as roundabout or unfocused. I am going to get to Anat, but I want to make a point about her, and I feel the need to set it up properly. Originally, I wasn’t going to do a review, simply because I’ve written two already and didn’t want to crowd her page, but I think this needs to be shared.

Last night, I was searching for BDSM clips, as I often do, and I went deeper and darker than I intended. I stumbled on something disturbing. I won’t describe the act in detail and I won’t name the person, but I will say that it involved body mutilation of an obscene level, one that turned my stomach. What truly disturbed me, however, was the fact that the dominatrix dealing out this punishment clearly did not care about her victim. She didn’t care that she was giving him irreparable damage that would last his entire life. She didn’t care that she injuring him in a way that would leave him debilitated. She didn’t care that he could very easily have died in this situation. There were no safe words, there were no precautions, it was just a sick woman torturing a man.

It shook me to the core. Nearly a day later, I still break out in hives thinking about it. I’ll likely never forget what I saw, but it did remind me of Anat, and made me more thankful for her services.

A few weeks ago, we had a session. Our third. For this one, we did wrestling, but I wanted to try more traditional BDSM things, knowing that she had extensive experience as a dominatrix before mixed wrestling. I’d dabbled a bit before, but this time I wanted to get really into it.

I knew she was the right person for the job, but only know do I really appreciate how right she was. Anat cared for my wellbeing. When things went too far or I appeared in danger, she stopped. She made sure things were sanitary. She kept me safe, all without losing the flow of the session, and I can’t express enough how important that is. She communicated, made sure we both knew the limits, and I never felt pressured to go further than I wanted to.I know now, more than yesterday, that not all dommes are equal and deserving of trust, and that I have to be careful who I give that trust.There are women out there who frankly shouldn’t so much as touch a whip.

Goddess Anat is not one of those people. She is a professional. You’ll have fun with her, but most importantly, you’ll be safe. These are good hands to put yourself in. I trust her - I know that’s strange to say of a person I’ve met in person for five hours total, but it’s true. She’s earned that trust, three times, and I’ve no doubt she’ll do it a fourth, whenever we session again.


Goddess Anat...... WOW!!!... That's about the only word I could come up with to describe how Awesome & Amazing this girl truly is.... I'm usually pretty skeptical when a session girl decides to call herself a Goddess... They more times than not, don't live up to that type of hype.... But when this SUPER SEXY young lady opened the door to let me in her hotel room, what I saw was a pretty girl with tight muscles & curves on a beautifully proportioned body.... So as far as I'm concerned, she can call herself GODDESS, QUEEN, EMPRESS, PRINCESS, SEXY AMAZON, whatever!!!... If this was multiple choice then U would check the box that says all of the above.... She was a little guarded at first, as we all go thru that awkward stage when U first meet up for a session, but once I talked her to death to try & make her laugh-lol & she saw how friendly I could be, she quickly opened up & was the sweetest person you could possibly ever want to meet... But now, lets talk about her wrestling skills... INCREDIBLE!!!.... Her grappling talent is off the chart, mainly because of her powerful sexy legs & juicy thighs that will either knock you out with a (headscissors), or crush your ribs in a (body scissors) if you're stupid enough to let her do it too long-lol.... And her overall strength is superb.. She can do just about any lifts & carries that you want.... I highly recommend her if you want a fun & enjoyable session with a STRONG & lovely lady....


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