Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: fstofl2016@gmail.com
Phone: 424 261-2628
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 34
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Goddess Anat is everything you want in a session wrestler. She is in the top tier and one of the best I have ever wrestled in over 40 sessions with 30+ women. Communication was easy, honest and straightforward. She is dedicated to the craft as she took real training in order to prepare herself to offer real wrestling. She also enjoys and appreciates the sensual side and can mix it perfectly with the sporty, competitive side. She took great care to prepare the venue for our session and it was perfect. Our match was a completely sweaty, semi-competitive, sensual interaction that I will never forget. Highly recommended.


Met with Anat this past weekend in Boston. Boy, what an amazing session experience!!! I still have goosebumps at how she was able to control me despite a vast size difference. Perfect combination of power, skill, looks and attitude!!! Definitely will keep track of her travel schedule to see when she is within a few hours drive. A very strong crop of session wrestlers based out of Vegas now! Worth visiting!!!!

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I had a two hour session with Anat two weeks ago in Bahrain. The whole experience from the initial email until we said good-bye was incredible, she's extremely professional, polite and respectful. The booking process was so simple and easy we actually got it done with the deposit on the same day because she takes the time to explain and listen to what you look for in a session. Goddess Anat communications are top-notch, she got in touch few days before the session to go over the details again and make sure she got everything down and she's very pleasant to chat with. Though don't waste her time talking about things that aren't related to the session.

When I finally met her, I was blown away by her looks and beauty! Guys, you need to be very respectful and treat her right, and she will reciprocate and treat you even better, I still can't believe how nice she was to me. We quickly went through what the session is going be and then we started. The session itself was unbelievable, I asked for a Pro-Style fantasy wrestling with lifts and body-slams (that's how I prefer my sessions). And she delivered, her strength is amazing to behold! Then I asked for a taste of a semi-competitive wrestling just to see what it's like, I never expected to enjoy it this much because she does it so well and she destroyed me at every round, I must have tapped at least 10 times! Still, she was still kind enough to give me some pointers and tips on how to wrestle better. I even enjoyed the conversations we had during breaks (almost) as much as the wrestling itself, I honestly cannot say enough great things about Goddess Anat because it won't do her justice! She gave me an experience I will never forget and I will always book a session with her whenever I get the opportunity.

Goddess Anat gets an overall score of A+.

Thank you kindly and I look forward to our next match. XOXO


I had my first ever session in my life the other night in Boston with Goddess Anat, and it was incredible!

The first part of the session was a little akward, but honestly what can you expect meeting up with with someone you have never met before to wrestle/box each other?

As the session went on, it quickly became much more comfortable, she did everything I had asked and did it to perfection. Her pins and smothers were beyond belief, and she punches pretty hard too (even though Im sure they were only maybe 25% of her full power). She also has an amazing ground and pound for fantasy type mma/beatdowns.

The last 15 minutes of session she took total control. I didnt have to say a word and it was like she new exactly what I would love, and finished with a series of face slaps with pins/smothers that were out of this world. I was completely immobolized in the best way possible!

Goddess Anat is strong, skilled, and fun. Her pictures do not do her justice. She is gorgeous in person, has incredible legs and arms and as well as other assets. She has a great a personality that really came out at the end of the session and her devilish grin will make you want to come back for more!

After the session she said I could use her for a good reference for other session girls, but to be honest after this experience I dont think there would be anyone else Id want to session with. I really dont know how you could top Goddess Anat, and I feel extremely fortunate my first ever session was with her.

Her communication to set up the session was great as well, and she is very professional which was a huge plus!

My only regret is that I didnt book an additional hour with her. She's got to be the best there is in this bussiness, and am hoping to be able to session again!


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I’m so glad that your first experience was everything you hoped it would be ❤️. I’d be happy to see you again, any time. ;)


I recently had the pleasure of a session with Goddess Anat. First off, I must comment on what a true professional she is. This website isn't the place for a "sex workers are treated unfairly rant" so I'll just say, I wish the business clients in my 9-5 were even half as organized and on top of things as Goddess Anat.

As for the session, it's very clear she has a ton of experience, knows what questions to ask in order to provide an amazing session, and seems to really enjoy herself. I asked for a smother / scissor session similar to her clip store and boy did she deliver. As a newbie wrestler, it was only minutes into the session before I was overwhelmed by her strength and skill.

One thing is for sure, her thighs are as powerful as they look. It felt like I was tapping non-stop and was still seeing stars, on the cusp of drifting off between her thighs. She is terrific at delivering a unique session style, which very much sets her apart from others. Lastly, I have to say how easy it is to connect with Goddess Anat. She is truly an awesome, incredible session wrestler, who cares about her clients, and is truly quite lovely person. I really hope to see her again someday.

- James

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❤️ Thank you James ❤️


I apologize if this review comes off as roundabout or unfocused. I am going to get to Anat, but I want to make a point about her, and I feel the need to set it up properly. Originally, I wasn’t going to do a review, simply because I’ve written two already and didn’t want to crowd her page, but I think this needs to be shared.

Last night, I was searching for BDSM clips, as I often do, and I went deeper and darker than I intended. I stumbled on something disturbing. I won’t describe the act in detail and I won’t name the person, but I will say that it involved body mutilation of an obscene level, one that turned my stomach. What truly disturbed me, however, was the fact that the dominatrix dealing out this punishment clearly did not care about her victim. She didn’t care that she was giving him irreparable damage that would last his entire life. She didn’t care that she injuring him in a way that would leave him debilitated. She didn’t care that he could very easily have died in this situation. There were no safe words, there were no precautions, it was just a sick woman torturing a man.

It shook me to the core. Nearly a day later, I still break out in hives thinking about it. I’ll likely never forget what I saw, but it did remind me of Anat, and made me more thankful for her services.

A few weeks ago, we had a session. Our third. For this one, we did wrestling, but I wanted to try more traditional BDSM things, knowing that she had extensive experience as a dominatrix before mixed wrestling. I’d dabbled a bit before, but this time I wanted to get really into it.

I knew she was the right person for the job, but only know do I really appreciate how right she was. Anat cared for my wellbeing. When things went too far or I appeared in danger, she stopped. She made sure things were sanitary. She kept me safe, all without losing the flow of the session, and I can’t express enough how important that is. She communicated, made sure we both knew the limits, and I never felt pressured to go further than I wanted to.I know now, more than yesterday, that not all dommes are equal and deserving of trust, and that I have to be careful who I give that trust.There are women out there who frankly shouldn’t so much as touch a whip.

Goddess Anat is not one of those people. She is a professional. You’ll have fun with her, but most importantly, you’ll be safe. These are good hands to put yourself in. I trust her - I know that’s strange to say of a person I’ve met in person for five hours total, but it’s true. She’s earned that trust, three times, and I’ve no doubt she’ll do it a fourth, whenever we session again.


Goddess Anat...... WOW!!!... That's about the only word I could come up with to describe how Awesome & Amazing this girl truly is.... I'm usually pretty skeptical when a session girl decides to call herself a Goddess... They more times than not, don't live up to that type of hype.... But when this SUPER SEXY young lady opened the door to let me in her hotel room, what I saw was a pretty girl with tight muscles & curves on a beautifully proportioned body.... So as far as I'm concerned, she can call herself GODDESS, QUEEN, EMPRESS, PRINCESS, SEXY AMAZON, whatever!!!... If this was multiple choice then U would check the box that says all of the above.... She was a little guarded at first, as we all go thru that awkward stage when U first meet up for a session, but once I talked her to death to try & make her laugh-lol & she saw how friendly I could be, she quickly opened up & was the sweetest person you could possibly ever want to meet... But now, lets talk about her wrestling skills... INCREDIBLE!!!.... Her grappling talent is off the chart, mainly because of her powerful sexy legs & juicy thighs that will either knock you out with a (headscissors), or crush your ribs in a (body scissors) if you're stupid enough to let her do it too long-lol.... And her overall strength is superb.. She can do just about any lifts & carries that you want.... I highly recommend her if you want a fun & enjoyable session with a STRONG & lovely lady....


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Thank you T-slim! You are a lot of fun! Loved the games you came up with ;) 💋


Sooo this is long over due. I flew her down and had an amazing fantasy wrestling session in Houston. I can’t even describe how good the session was. She truly enjoys what she does which makes alllll the difference. She is by far the best session girl PERIOD!!! Do not miss her when she comes to you

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❤️Thank you for being a great client ❤️


I'm a week late, but I had my fourth session with Goddess Anat in Philadelphia! Another extraordinary time being dominated by this gorgeous, sexy, smart, funny and powerful woman. It was an hour of Heaven having her toss me around, scissor and smother me. She was very attentive to my body movement (knowing when I was running out of air or when just to let up on the scissoring, but then to reapply the pressure). This is such a major plus in that some session wrestlers do not have the trained eye or reactions to make sure everything is fantastic about your session. What else is there to say, she's the best there is, you'll have the time of your life and have soreness and some bruising that you will feel a day afterward that you'll cherish as reminders of an awesome time! Thank you, Goddess!


I was granted the privilege of grappling with Goddess Anat - 3hours, competitive, gi and no gi.

We started in the gi. Goddess’ strength, pace, and scramble were instantly overwhelming. Keeping me on my heels, outta breath, and on the defensive, Goddess bulldozed and steamrolled me all over the dojo. Once she got me where she wanted me - usually in mount - it was impossible to uproot her. Invariably, a well-disguised and overpowering armbar, grapevine, choke, or airtight smother brought my plight to a panicked resolution. As Goddess’ submission holds were instantly secure and non-negotiable - she is a true tactician and technician - my taps were regular and quick.

Most impressive among Goddess’ submissions were her high mount leg chokes and vacu-seal facesit and breast smothers. The moment she applied them, the only struggle I had left was the struggle to tap in time to maintain lucidity. Too late for dignity. And, there was no end to her fight IQ and creativity; Goddess even submitted me via pubic bone to the grill. Talk about saving face! Pain is a thing. Surprise, surprise.

Once we switched out of the gi, I finally was able to visualize the complex athletic machinery that was sent to destroy me. Goddess is built for purpose - and aesthetics. When Goddess shed her gi jacket, I actually gasped. Her arms are simply guns! High-caliber. Her glutes and legs explode from the neatly tapered waist that began as a torso imitating a yield sign. Brick hoooouse! Goddess is all that and more.

Competing with the insta-seal breast smother and pubic bone facesit submissions for the top highlight of our session (depending on one’s perspective) was something I later picked up on while viewing our session video the following day.

At one point during our match, Goddess, controlling me in her mount (regular occurrence) was exploring ways to finish me. After some lengthy handplay between us, she gained tenuous control of my arms. At that moment, as she took inventory of the puzzle of limbs before her, she realized that a huge wall mirror directly in front of her was offering advice. Goddess suddenly cinched her hold of me as she looked up and into the mirror, paused - studying for 4 seconds - before returning to task and reconfiguring her grips to an arm trap with opposite arm wrist control as she dug her heels into my hips and stretched my arms above my head to accommodate her move to high mount. Facesit incoming! And, taps. Well played, Goddess. Such a cool moment to see on vid!

Another thing that the video revealed was how much we chatted, needled, retorted, joked, giggled, chuckled, and laughed. Despite the drubbing, I actually enjoyed watching the session video. We were having a blast!

Goddess has a certain style, a certain way about her. She is simultaneously your worst and most admirable adversary - in a Stockholmian sorta way, I think. She is super-funny, quick-witted, supremely confident, and in charge at all times. Step outta line or speak outta turn and she will put you in your place. And, when she engages for battle, she has a predatory disposition with a look in her eye that tells you she knows what you’re thinking and she has something in store for you that you aren’t going to be able to handle. And, she’s right.


Today, I had my first session (ever in my life) with Goddess Anat. I don't know enough English words to describe the experience or to describe Goddess. The only thing I can say is WOW. :) Highly highly recommended.

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Thank you Sayan! I enjoyed our sessions a great deal! I hope to see you each and every time I return to India. 😘


First session ever for me was recently with Anat and it blew my expectations. Loved it!

As I fit the overpowered stereotype (from her website), I was daydreaming of being lifted off the ground by a strong woman. I knew she could do it from her videos.

After pondering a lot, I decided to ask Anat for a session. Mostly for L&C but open to try some wrestling.

Picture a rugby player, I'm the opposite. Skinny, only a tad taller than her, 145pounds. I do some running but that's about it.
I've seen her videos where she puts big guys in big trouble. I was nervous to be honest.. Will she put me in hospital? Broken bones? Will I pass out? I have no clue about wrestling by the way.

Setting up the session was easy as she replies quickly and is very professional.

First impression of her? She looks great! Somewhat like that fit girl at the gym you wish you could get to know better one day. Second though was: "this will be fine, she doesn't look that big or scary". Sure, her thighs are double mine's but that's true for many women. "Might have a chance", I thought.

Introductions then we started with some fireman and shoulder carry. Wow. Firstly, even though I've seen videos I was blown away on easily she was carrying me around. Secondly, Jesus! Those abs of hers are hard!

Eventually I was slapped in the face out of nowhere! "You like that do you??"
From there it quickly escalated. Hand over mouth, thrown into the mat, inescapable breast smothering, slapped multiple times, pinned under her. Tickled! Mocked for my futile attempts at escaping. It felt incredible though! All while whispering trash talk and verbally humiliating me. I was getting exactly what I was looking for.

Smothered some more, picked up from the ground into the air. Slapped again! Most of the time I couldn't prevent anything as I couldn't see it coming. When I could see it coming I couldn't stop it
Every now and then, a break to get some air in between the chokes. Some sweet cradle carry. This is fantastic I thought! A voice in my head also saying i should be able to resist more. How is this possible? This isn't wrestling, I can't do anything to her!

Back to punishment mode... enough of this I thought! I'm gonna at least escape this pin and maybe bear hug her to stop her a bit and get some breathing space.

Anat moved about 10 inches. Still pinning me and I was now exhausted. "Is that all you got?" She asked after laughing in a sexy way, then proceeded the punishment by putting me in a head scissor while covering my mouth to muffle the scream as I realized what was about to happen again. Amazing!

Honestly.. despite my best attempts, I was a little puppet thrown around for her sadistic enjoyment. I couldn't move or breathe until she allowed so. What I had no clue is that I'd enjoy that so much!

The entire session felt very safe though. Anat always respected my taps and never crossed my hard limits even though she threatened to some times just to induce that mini panic.

I left feeling like I was hit by a truck but with a big smile on my face.
Can't wait for a rematch some day :)

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😽😽😽🥰😘Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed your first session!


Love it. I will be meeting her in March. Hope i get the same treatment.


Session with Anat today she was fantastic. She picked me up a whole hour and didn't complain. Her strength was amazing even squating me heaps of times as well as lifting me in all ways with ease and I'm 160 pounds . Shes a must see great session.

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I really enjoyed carrying you around! ;)


I haven't always been great about leaving timely reviews, but I decided to put an end to the procrastination in this case. I recently had my third meeting with Anat, something that should resonate as you consider your next -- or first -- mixed wrestling session. While I'd like to further verify the validity of the numerous recounts you'll see here, I'd rather highlight her impressive professionalism. All three sessions have been a blast with each one being more fun than the last thanks to the dedication Anat has for her craft and her desire to understand the psychology behind her clients' session requests. There are a number of wrestlers who can toss you around the mat and apply various holds, but if you're interested in a more enriching experience, make it a point to see Anat the next time the opportunity arises.

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Thank you <3 <3 <3


I met Anat again recently, and I held off on writing this review for a little bit, mostly because I didn’t want to have two big reviews on her front page. Since this one should bump the other off, here I am again.

When I saw that she was considering a quickie tour of the East Coast, I sent her a message to ask if she’d come by Charlotte, not thinking it was likely but figuring it was worth a try. To my surprise, she was very much up for the idea and agreed to swing by, and I’m grateful - what happened was probably the best session I’ve had in my short time doing this hobby. Everything I wrote in my last review still applies, but I will talk about how Anat’s got even better since we parted ways.

First, while she wasn’t rude the last time we met by any means, she was quite welcoming this time around, from door opening to door closing. We talked and we laughed when the action wasn’t going, and it was close to the sort of welcome you’d expect from meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Not only was she personable, but she was ready to go, seemed very eager for the scenario I’d laid out. She had a great setup for it, and it seemed like she’d given some real thought to my ideas for our session, even adding onto it and a few ways that hadn't occurred to me.

It also can’t be overstated how much she’s physically improved since last time. I wouldn’t have called her weak by any stretch back, but in the space of a few months she’s put on a good deal of muscle, and it’s resulted in a stunning physique. I don’t want to compare her strength to women I haven’t wrestled yet, but going off looks alone, I’d compare her to the likes of some of the strongest legs I’ve seen on this site, like Sara Lips. Crushing, punishing legs that enveloped my head and put me into a world of agonizing silence, and a facesit that dropped me into a dark void.

As a final note, I want to say how pleasantly surprised I was to see she’s quite good at roleplaying. I can’t recall her doing too much along the line of more fantastic scenarios - in most of the stuff I’ve seen, she’s just being herself and ripping through someone, which is fine and I love it, but made me wonder how well she would do when it came to playing something more out there. We did a spy vs. spy interrogation scene, with her grilling me for information on my partner and picking me apart after she’d gotten, and she was quite game for it. My character had to succumb to her torture quickly, after being battered around the room on a chair, and then she proceeded to use me as her plaything, ragdolling me around and knocking me out...maybe four times. It’s hard to remember, all kind of a blur.

I’ve became an unapologetic fanboy for Anat. It might seem a bit much, you look at her page and you see all these reviews that she’s wracked up in comparatively short time as a session wrestler, but it’s all justified. Goddess Anat is really that good, and if this second session was any indication, she’s only going to get better with time.

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You are so much fun to play with. I sometimes during that scenario wondered if I was meeting expectations. It’s very rewarding to read that they were surpassed.
I’ll kidnap you any time 😉

BTW... you’ve gotten a lot stronger too!


I had my third session this year with Goddess Anat and it was even better than the previous ones. I'm more of a "fantasy / be dominated" guy and she does it to perfection. She smothers you with the most wonderful rear and chest, crushes your mid-section with her legs, and squeezes your head to almost make you see stars. She's very knowledgeable and knows how to push you but not anything crazy. She would stroke my throat when she was smothering me to calm my breathing or lack of breath. She shows you that she's in control but wouldn't let anything bad happen. It is truly an honor and pleasure to be in her company and I look forward to when she comes back to town! I like to talk, so, it's an extra pleasure, in between me catching my breath, that we can kibitz a little. Very personable and lovely. Thank you for a wonderful time!

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Thank you 😊
I love repeat clients. I can relax, because I know what you’re about. That makes everything much more creative, and fun. Knowing I can give you what you want is a very empowering element for me during sessions.


Had a competitive wrestling session with Anat and it was amazing. We had a rule that i owed her a lot more money if she could make me forfeit the match before the 40 minute match was over. She could ignore taps if she could get a headscissor locked. I’m a big guy so it’s tough to pull that off. She caught me though with six minutes left and i could not get out. I had to forfeit as i was going out of consciousness, and she just seemed to love watching me lose it.

Anat is incredible and you can tell she really enjoys winning and making you submit. She looks amazing doing it too.

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Thank you ☺️
You’re such a big guy, it felt like a true accomplishment to trap you in a scissor competitively!


I had a session with Anat last June, when she came to Charlotte, and I meant to write this up sooner. But the thing with Anat is that I actually find it kind of difficult to express my feelings of our session. But I'll try.

I could talk a lot about how strong she is, or how capable and skilled she was on the mats. I'm six feet tall, and at the time I was around 240 pounds. Not the best shape of my life, but I'm probably stronger than most, and I have some minor experience with wresting and martial arts. With Anat, however, that counted for less than nothing. Our session was semi-comp/fantasy, but I honestly feel I would've had a hard time keeping up with her at full blast. She's quick, agile, and knows how to use her strength, and from what I've seen of her pictures, she's only gotten moreso since we parted ways.

I could talk about her crushing leg strength. She got a lot of chokes out of me, but when she got those legs around me, it was over quick. I thought I could hold out, but no, it was just too much, and I wound up tapping before I could go to sleep. She left me seeing stars, and if she were so inclined, she could've knocked me out multiple times.

I could talk about the way we transitioned to more domination when it became apparent that I couldn't overcome her. Not only did she hit everything that I was hoping for - facesits, smothers, foot worship - but I requested that we try some stuff that I wasn't familiar with so much, too. A big part of this experience, for me, is learning new things that I'm into, and Anat drove me wild with several things that I didn't even know could drive me wild. She's a creative, experienced woman, and she shared that experience, something I quite appreciate.

But what impressed me the most about Anat was her professionalism. She responded to my emails in a timely fashion, and kept solid communication. When we met, she was right to the point, but don't take that to mean she isn't friendly. I found her to be very upfront and clear about what we were doing, and accommodating. There's little grey area, and while I don't begrudge other wrestlers who like to proceed in a looser fashion, I welcome this sort of approach to sessions.

In summary, I can't recommend Goddess Anat. In the short time I've been doing this, I've had nothing but great sessions, with wrestlers who were great in so many ways, but Goddess Anat ticks the most of my boxes. If she travels anywhere near you, you should try to get a session with her. I know that's what I'll be doing.

Final Note: I figure it's not my place to be discussing rates and posting that information here, but I will say that I found her hourly rate quite acceptable, even more so now that I've had the actual session.


"In summary, I can't recommend Goddess Anat." I think you made a mistake here. I think you meant "I can't recommend Goddess Anat enough", since your overall review for her is positive.


Yeah, that’s what I meant, figured it was fairly obvious in context.


I had a session with Anat last week, and I have nothing but positive things to say: she is a deeply talented (serious BJJ moves) and interesting person who really checks all the boxes by being intelligent (higher vocab & wit), welcoming (non-judgmental of my scenarios and corny jokes), creative (she organically works off role-play seamlessly), cool (her face had a calm but dangerous demeanor whether defending or attacking), and professional (fast responses and clear directions) at all levels. She's top shelf all the way.

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Thank you for the positive feedback 💋 💋


Had a session with Anat in Chicago back in August. It started a bit awkward but I was nervous, and you can't blame me. Goddess Anat is stunning woman. Her punches and scissors are super powerful. In the end I give Goddess Anat A+


The second time was even better! I posted back in April about my visit to see Goddess Anat down in Washington D.C. and I cannot believe how that encounter was topped by last evening's session in Philly.

Goddess Anat (GA) is welcoming, warm and fun. She welcomed me in, wearing a tan dress which she was gorgeous in. I got changed and when I came out, GA was wearing an amazing tan one-piece with a thonged back. My God, she's gorgeous.

I was there for a 1-hour fantasy wrestling session and got everything I could have imagined and more. I was tossed around, twisted like a pretzel, squeezed into submission and loved every waking second of it!

GA's body is strong and firm, yet soft to the touch. She smelled fantastic each time she would smother me.

She made me laugh, she made me smile and she made me have a night I will never forget.

Thank you, Goddess!


Stunning woman, strong, excellent wrestler , makes setting up a match easy, but ice cold personally. All of the women on session girls are in business, obviously, but most make some attempt not to make it so obvious.

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To be perfectly honest: some guys are jerks. I’ll give them what they paid for, but I’m not a doormat.


I arrived to Anat's room, were she opens the door with a big smile, and gives me a hug. I change, and then we sat down and went over what I was looking for in a session. After we did that, we got down to business. Anat is one strong lady, so moving her or even trying to arm wrestle with her can be a challenge. We go over the fantasy session that I asked for, and Anat nailed everything I asked for. She performed each activity, and did not turn down any of my ideas. Anat was asked to have me feel like I was lower then dirt, and she nailed it. Anat made fun of me, and made me feel so tinny. Never meet before with someone with a domination back ground, but happy I did. Anat even did some ball busting, and that hurt, but her smile helped me through. At the end of the session, her smile and friendly persona returned. When she wants you to be afraid she can turn that on within seconds. I would highly recommended setting up a session with Anat if she comes to your town, you are visiting LA, or when she is visiting Las Vegas. I know for sure I will try setting up another session with this amazing Goddess.


I recently had a session with Goddess Anat and it was absolutely amazing. I could go on forever describing how great it was, but even that would not do it justice. Plus, I am trying to keep this review fairly concise for you, the reader. First, setting up the session was extremely easy to do. Anat is very professional, organized, and responds to emails promptly. She will ask for references and a deposit, which is completely understandable. Just do your part and you’ll find yourself on her schedule in no time. It’s a breeze!

As for the session itself, I’m not going to dive into the details, but I will say she listened with interest to my description of what I wanted and executed it perfectly. The best way I can put it is that she will test your limits but respect your boundaries as well. I’m fairly new to sessions (this was only my second one ever) and don’t get to do them that often, so my initial plan was to try somebody different each time so I could have different experiences. I can tell you right now my next session will be another one with Goddess Anat. That is how good it was. I would be remiss, also, if I did not mention how beautiful she is. Anat is absolutely stunning. If Anat is visiting your area, I highly recommend you make the trip to see her.


I recently saw Goddess Anat in Deerfield Beach and let me tell you... I was so nervous after seeing her videos on the web.. But i saw her ability to grapple and her reviews and i had to make the 90 Minute drive. When i arrived she greeted me with a smile and an awesome attitude we went over some rules of how to tap if i just want some air or how to tap if i really cant handle it. (Her reason: She wants to know if you really want her to stop or not so that she doesnt kill the mood by completly letting go, and you just wanted a little breather) Which Is GREAT and that was definetly a first She cares about you but she’ll definetly crank it up if you ask her too. We started the session and sure enough her scissors made me tap and so did her smothering after a couple holds i told her i dont mind her being aggresive and that she can talk trash if she wants too. She replied with a “Oh thats good! i was kinda sad i wasnt going to be able to call you my bitch” , and after that she put me in a reverse in which i tapped out instantly she threw me around like a rag doll. All while whispering in my ear what she will do next and taunting me, making fun of how weak i am. At one point she put me in a headscissor, and shes taken fighting classes so she knows how to correctly apply them if she wants to send you lala land immediatly.. so when she squeezed before i realized it i was out cold, i came back to reality to have her squeeze again and once again put me out cold.. and when i woke up the second time she did it a third time. After that she brought me some water just in case. And i didnt realize i had gone out 3 times in a row until after she came back with the water. She the continued the onslaugh and she told me “no more knockouts, lets give your little brain a rest.... for now” . Her bodyscissors are devastating she lures you into them by saying “give me a hug” .... awesome session with goddess anat so awesome in fact this is the first review i ever go out of my way to write .. a total of 6 KOS... all perfectly executed , efficient and quick right on the pressure point!! Her wrestling/grappling and Scissoring knowledge is A1!!! session with her you’re missing out!!!!


I had a session with Goddess Anat to indulge in my passion for Facesitting/Smothering, and while we made our introductions, we arranged to do some light wrestling.

First off, Anat has those Angelina Jolie-esque pouty lips with beautiful eyes....and combined with her figure, she's walking artwork. We began with grappling. I mentioned her looks--I should also mention I was completely disarmed by them. This was a mistake.

To be honest, Anat looks strong already, but she's actually quite a bit stronger than looks. Not only is she strong, she's very fast and demonstrated well-rounded knowledge of grappling. You often read bios about wrestling/grappling experience and find that those claims don't hold form under scrutiny. ...well, that's not the case, here. If she gets those thighs around your neck..whether it's to be dominated in a scissorhold or you found yourself there, via her guard, and she's locking in a triangle choke, it's either going to be a tap-a-palooza(tap out) or instant slumber party. There's no way around that.

Now, as far as the facesitting/smothering goes..? I'd probably post the heart-eyes emoji if this site was coded to display it. That was incredible. Her firm but feminine body was such a dream to be under that I wanted to voluntarily pass out beneath her. Unfortunately, I lacked the courage.

Book with Goddess Anat.
I truly enjoyed the experience.


I had the pleasure of meeting Goddess Anat in Washington D.C. and it was easily the most intense and best fantasy session I've ever had!

When I first arrived, Goddess Anat was in a red bra and thong; I was already thanking God! After getting changed, I kneeled on the mats and she threw me around and controlled me like I was nothing. I'm a big guy (300 lbs.) and she put me in holds that I still have bruises from and some residual soreness (which I consider badges of honor to remember a great time)!

Goddess Anat is extremely sexy and vivacious, but at the same time, her ability to pounce and control me was such a turn on. This is a petite woman who you cannot take your eye off for one second and has the ability to disable you like a cobra. I mean that in the most flattering way.

The breath play was excellent and there were times I was seeing stars, but I would tap just in time and she would just sit there smiling, giving me a few seconds to recover and wham...another hold!

So glad I traveled to D.C. to see her and I mean this...if you want a session that will make all others pale in comparrison, you must ask for the priviledge to see Goddess Anat!

Best. Session. Ever!


I just had a semi comp session with Goddess Anat in Detroit and all I can is HOLY SHIT!! She completely out wrestled and dominated me. At first I gave like 80% thinking she wouldn’t even do much with me going that hard, I was being tossed around like a rag doll. The rest of the session I gave it all I had and she still humiliated and completely submitted me the entire hour. She’s beyond beautiful and has insane strength especially her legs, those scissors are brutal. I came into this session thinking I would tap maybe 3 times max and within 5 min I had already submitted over 7 times. The way she stares into your eyes when she’s pinning you is the best feeling of domination ever. Hands down the best session I have ever had. DO NOT pass her up, trust me when I say you’ll miss out on an amazing time.


Goddess Anat is amazing. Do you want a competitive match? She's got the skill and athleticism to take you on and she's probably going to dominate you. Granted, I'm not a martial artist, but even with a 'no joint lock / arm bar' rule, and her going mostly for pins, I didn't stand a chance, and I know she wasn't going all out against me.

Want a fantasy match? She excels at that as well -- after getting my butt kicked for a while, we switched over to that for the last part of the session, since I like to do a bit of breast smothering in a session (and her smothers are some of the best I've ever experienced.)

She responds promptly to email and is very interested in what you want out of the session, so she can make it as good an experience as she can for you, which also makes setting up the session a breeze. She's very friendly between falls, she's mindful of both safety and your enjoyment even while she's kicking your butt, and she looks even better in person than she does in her pictures.

All in all a great experience from start to finish. I only hope she comes back to my part of the country again soon!


I had the pleasure of meeting Goddess Anat during her recent visit to Boston. I've had a number of favorite sessions over the years, and my experience with Goddess Anat quickly rose to the top. Anat is beautiful and charismatic, which made our first meeting immediately comfortable. Once our session began I learned that she is also extremely strong, skilled, and oh so very sexy as she teases you for being weak and helpless beneath her. When she pins you and looks down at you with those gorgeous eyes and that knowing smirk, you'll want to be defeated again and again. Can't wait to see her again.


10/16/2017 met Goddessanat for a competitive match. She is strong, quick, good endurance and very knowledgeable off wrestling skills. she mainly dominated me. She will dominate you. IF she comes to area don't pass her up


10/2017 Had a competitive match with the goddess She is a tough cookie,strong,good endurance,great wrestling skills.Bring your A game if you hopefully want to compete with ,but I do think so Be prepared to lose!


9-24-17 I had my second match with Goddess Anat . So much fun . We will have another match with the intensity turned up. She's awesome don't hesitate to schedule a session with her ,it is worth it. Every minute. !


I met goddess anat in Vegas. She came to my room with mats an is very good looking. We set up mats an had decent room to wrestle. We started an she is really strong an skilled, there were alot of pins an submissions by her, lost track of how many. When she pins u flat on your back she stares into your eyes an all u can do is submit. 15 years of sessions an she has the best pins. One of my best matches ever.


Awesome! To explain Goddess Anat in one word . I excellent fantasy session with her 8-28-17 she responded to
emails in a timely manner. Very easy on the eyes and loves to wrestle. Can wait to get her back on the mats.


She did everything right. She was easy and flexible to coordinate with and was quick to respond to emails. She was very skilled and was very good at matching my skill level to make the session more interesting. She also placed a strong emphasis on safety and would check up to make sure everything was going well. I highly recommend her and will definitely see her again in the future.


Very attractive, strong, and a good knowledge of holds.
Very easy to talk to between rounds. I highly recommend!


Stop what you're doing and book a session with her NOW! Just had an absolutely incredible fantasy session with her, and even though she went easy on me, she could have ripped me to shreds if she wanted. She's very well trained in MMA and Jiu-Jitsu, if you have some training you might be able to hang with her but she'll probably still win - and that's perfectly ok!

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