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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Specialities: Muscle worshiping, Wrestling, fantasy, dominant, pin versus submission, domination, boxing, martial arts- jujitsu, domination, role-play, posing, lift and carry, role play, arm wrestling, belly punching, beat downs, scissors sessions, and lift and carries.

Additional Information

I am an IFBB PRO women’s physique competitor.  I fought and did MMA for 2 years in 2006-2007.  I have a fun, loving, outgoing personality, but I’m an alpha female.

I have a small frame but a lot of muscle on it built over the last 20 years of weight lifting. I have a very feminine, exotic face, dark features (dark brown long hair) with olive skin tone, with exotic cat eyes, full fluffy lips, soft clear skin, DD breast (augmented), tiny waist, known for my traps/back, biceps and strength. I am Italian and Portuguese decent. 

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I met Guidette in Brooklyn New York for a split session, Lift and Carry and deep tissue massage. Although not very big, Guidette easily lifted my 190 lbs, and did multiple squats, long walks and even some cradle curls. The deep tissue massage at times was painful, but that was needed to release the many knots in my body. Guidette knew exactly how much pressure to use for the massage to work without causing injury.

Extremely beautiful, a very nice and down to earth lady, with many skills. What a great combination. I will be booking future sessions whenever Guidette is in the NYC area.


I had the pleasure of seeing Guidette twice already (last time was 2 days ago). She is simply amazing. Easy to book, Professional and organized. She accommodated my attire request and played my roleplay scenarios (different scenario each time) to perfection.

Drop dead gorgeous (photos are accurate) great mix of dominant and sensual. Showcasing mix of cruelty and softness.

And totally cool person she is an alpha female but with a heart of gold.

I look forward to seeing her again.

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