Welcome to Our ultimate goal is to provide you a safe, fun and pleasant experience. Here are some tips to get a trouble-free session that will be enjoyable and to your satisfaction.

Make a proper first impression
Emails that are TOO LONG or TOO SHORT do not make for a good first introduction. Do include important details while remaining personable. An example of an email that will most likely lead to a successful booking may read as follows:

Dear, ______ (Session Lady name)
My name is ______ and I'm interested in_______(type of session) between Monday and Wednesday these dates and windows of time________.
My height, weight, and age is______.
I have seen _______(name of Session Girl) (references) OR: I am new to this but have always wanted to experience it.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.


A polite and to-the-point email will most likely lead to a successful booking. We understand we are going to get new gentlemen. As long as they give a solid and sincere good impression, there's no need to feel you will get a full "no" for a session. Though do understand every lady is different and each girl has their own preferences.

Spend a few minutes BEFORE the session to clarify wants, danger zones, and limits
Competitive and semi-competitive wrestling means different things to different people. It's important to communicate limits, expectations, and danger zones to make sure that both you and the specific session lady are on the same page. Please remember that session wrestling is many of these girl's livelihoods and an injury would be catastrophic to a sessiongirl's income. Good communication is key to avoiding injury for both parties.

How to verify the ladies and check reviews
Our site is the best source for real reviews of the ladies. A girl is considered "safe" if she has been with us for a while, has more than one good review, and has a "verification" picture. BE AWARE: We do NOT recommend the "gossip board" sites to check reviews of our ladies. These sites contain a few bad apples that unfortunately spread untruthful comments and gossip about ladies (often times because things didn't work out with that particular lady). A portion of you will thus miss out on some of our EXTREMELY REPUTABLE LADIES due to silly lurker comments on such sites.

Beware of new profiles
Check the newness of the girl and her experience in the mixed wrestling scene. Do NOT send large deposits to new girls especially if there are no reviews. Please do your research because unfortunately we will not be able to get your money back if a "girl" is found to be a scammer. Girls that are found to steal deposits are removed from the site immediately.

Best ways to pay
Every lady has a different preferences of how to receive payments (PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, cash, etc). Beware of sending "gift cards". Scammers posing as girls often ask for gift cards because it is hard to reverse the transaction once it goes through. If the account is new and they are asking for payment in gift cards, our suggestion is to skip the girl and report them to us. However since we recently incorporated the photo verification feature, the scamming is less likely although still possible.

Consider using Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a pseudo-anonymous way to transfer payments safely and security. It is far more anonymous than either PayPal or Venmo and the fees are basically zero. Money cannot also not be seized by banks (which is a constant problem in the adult industry). If PayPal or Venmo are giving you problems or are not private enough for you, we recommend you look into bitcoin.

Go to, get an account, and pay using that. A lot of girls have their PayPal and Venmo account closed, largely because sessioning violates the terms of service with these companies. So bitcoin is a good workaround.

Be prompt
Girls, especially traveling girls, have many sessions back-to-back and being late can interfere with their schedule. Please do not expect the full hour when you are late since other clients are more than likely scheduled right after you. Our ladies try to be respectful of your time, so you should try to be equally respective of theirs. Everyone is on a schedule so do communicate and aim to practice being prompt.

Practice good hygiene
Smelling fresh and clean while engaging in a session is appreciated and a sign of respect on both ends. This detail is enough to make an impression of whether to see that person again.

No sexual services
This is a mixed wrestling and muscle worship site that offers a variety of sessions with female athletes and strong, muscle ladies that are hard to find in regular life. We aim to be respectful of the Fosta/Sesta laws. Please kindly understand we are in no way aiming to break the law in any way.

Please respect personal lives
Our ladies are expected to respect your discretion, boundaries and personal life and it is also expected that you should respect theirs. Try not to overwhelm a lady with too many emails or texts. It's important to understand ladies can't communicate all the time as some have families, the same as you do.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: this is not a dating site! While friendships can be made and long-standing session relationships are common, this is not a site to find a girlfriend or a mate.

For your best experience
The best way to have a successful session is to understand that every girl on this site is different. We feel that this is the beauty of this forum. Please realize that just because you contact a lady, she still has the RIGHT TO SAY NO to any person if she feels that you are not a good match. Don't get offended or take it personally if a lady says no to a session with you. Remember that not everyone in life is a match for anyone else. Communication is key. The more you are both on the same page the more likely it will lead to an enjoyable session. We also recommend giving at least 24 hours for a lady to give a response to you. And if a lady has been with us a while, she may even have her own referrals from a gentleman she knows. We recommend you gather your information directly from the source, the session lady.

Questions or Suggestions
If you have any general questions or suggestions, please email However, kindly understand that all ladies are INDEPENDENT so emails of this nature could take a lot more time than emailing the lady directly for a session. If your question is regarding one of the ladies, aim to communicate directly with her. Your patience and consideration for the size of emails we get daily is appreciated greatly.

Our goal is to make both gentlemen and ladies happy in a win-win scenario. Except in the actual case when you lose. Wink, wink :))

All the best to you and thank you for being a part of our unique community! All of your support is greatly appreciated.

All the Best to You!