Welcome to My ultimate goal is to provide a safe and pleasant experience for everyone involved. Here are some tips and recommendations for a safe and trouble-free sessioning experience:

Please make your emails to the girl short and to the point
Girls get A LOT of emails from guys that aren't serious about booking a session, so a short and to-the-point email will definitely increase your likelihood of it getting read and responded to.

Emails that are too long often get ignored.

Things that are useful to include are:
- weight, height
- type of session you want
- reference from another session wrestler

A good example of a clear email:
> Hi SessionWrestler,
> My name is, ________ and I am interested in a fantasy wrestling
> session on Wednesday sometime between 2 and 4pm. I have sessioned
> with, __________** and you can email her at this address to obtain a
> reference. I am 170 lb, 25 years old, and 5'11.

An email like this is extremely likely to lead to a successful booking.

Spend a few minutes BEFORE the session to clarify wants, danger zones, and limits
Competitive and semi-competitive wrestling means different things to different people. Please have a means to communicate if something gets too intense for either one of you.

Check reviews on the girl before you session has a review section for each girl. and are other messageboards that are also worth checking.

Beware of New Profiles
Check the newness of the girl and her experience in the mixed wrestling scene. Also, do NOT send large deposits to new girls especially if there are no reviews. Please do your research because unfortunately we will not be able to get your money back. Girls that are found to steal deposits are removed from the site immediately.

Beware of paying the girl using "Gift Cards"
Scammers posing as girls often ask for gift cards because it is hard to reverse the transaction once it goes through. If the account is new and they are asking for payment in gift cards, our suggestion is to skip the girl and report them to us. However since I recently incorporated the photo verification feature, the scamming is less likely, although still possible.

Use Bitcoin
My web programmer recommends people in the adult industry to start using bitcoin. Bitcoin is a pseudo-anonymous way to transfer payments safely and security. It is far more anonymous than either PayPal or venmo and the fees are basically zero. Money cannot also not be seized by banks (which is a constant problem in the adult industry). If PayPal or venmo are giving you problems or are not private enough for you, we recommend you look into bitcoin.

Go to, get an account, and pay using that. A lot of girls have their PayPal and venmo account closed, largely because sessioning violates the terms of service for these companies. So bitcoin is a good workaround.

Be Prompt
Girls, especially traveling girls, have many sessions back-to-back and being late can mess up their schedule. Please do not expect the full hour when you are late since other clients are more than likely scheduled right after you.

Please Use Good Hygiene
Smelling good while wrestling is appreciated.

TimeWasters Database
SessionGirls has a database that can only be seen by other girls. It consists of reports of bad experiences. Any girl who travels to a city will be sent a report of the guys listed in that particular city.

No Sexual Services
This is a mixed wrestling site that offers a variety of athletic oriented sessions. Please do not ask for sexual services including “hand release”, “GFE” (Girlfriend Experience) etc. This puts a lot of girls in uncomfortable positions. It’s also illegal, and puts our site at risk for complete shutdown due to the new Sesta/Fosta laws.

Please Respect Personal Life
A lot of girls have boyfriends, husbands or are single moms that live busy lives outside of the session world. Friendships can be made from a session but please respect their time and be understanding if the girl can’t communicate all the time with you.

Questions or Suggestions
Please email me at if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. My main goal is to make both the men and women happy and to make sure its a win/win scenario except in the actual session where you lose.


All the Best to You!