Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-mail: sheliftsmorethanyou@gmail.com
Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 34
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This girl has got to give some of the best beatdowns ever, I swear. Sessioned with her a few times when she was in vegas and I never forgot. And she's strong. Real strong. As in "powerlifter strong". Like "i'm stronger than most men strong". Or "I can-easily-bully-you-and-you're-oh-so-pathetic strong". I think she set some state records in lifting, or something.

HappyLifter is absolutely FIERCE in her sessions. But in sessioning with her, I get the feeling she actually LIKES doing it. Because she really gets into it. Dominating men is her thing, I suppose. It's in her dna. And both her body and her attitude make her very intimidating when she does it.

And just look at that face. . . gorgeous! But that pretty face can turn MEAN real quickly. And you're going to get scared when she does. She has a great look.

Serious warning though - don't get her too upset. She can knock people out and and possibly hurt you. Always communicate clearly beforehand the limits in a session. But her wrestling skills are formidable, you won't have to worry about that. And she likes to show it off. So watch out.

And, as a final note, she's a good writer. She communicates clearly and intelligently. Her words also flow well. I like that.

This one's a keeper guys, session with her.


I recently had the pleasure of hosting Miss Sanchez in my apartment. She was great with communication leading up to our wrestling session and arrived on time. We jumped right into the session and she immediately began asserting herself. She was too strong for to escape holds and had a variety. After she quickly made it clear who was the alpha, she bossed me around the room and had me sensually worship her muscles.
If you’re looking for a session professional who wants to be dominant and makes you well aware who’s in charge, I highly recommend her.


Stephanie is awesome, She is very friendly. Her strength is off the charts. Her wrestling skills are incredible. Had a great session with Stephanie. I enjoyed it greatly. If you are looking for a friendly yet competitive session, I highly recommend Stephanie. She was easy to contact and communicate with as well. So, setting up a session with her was pretty easy. She was also on time for the session.


Was she a natural dominant personality- trash talking? Was she sensual with the scissor holds and ignore taps at all?

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