Location: Montreal, Canada
E-mail: hazelwrestler@gmail.com

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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 49

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I will keep this SHORT and to the POINT! Anything else you need to know, can be found in any of my platforms or C4S store, or can be asked in person once we meet.




 Cannot emphazise that enough! Do not waste my time with nonsense emails, unless you can provide me with a few references, which by the way I do check. I do not want to read that you cannot find their email, nor do i want you to provide me with a reference of 10 years ago! Lets make this as simple and quick as possible.


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10-25-2018 10-28-2018 Newark New Jersey United States
11-16-2018 11-18-2018 Toronto Canada
11-23-2018 11-25-2018 Hartford Connecticut United States
Going to be shooting with the talented and kick ass Safa Moosa and Sarah Brooke in Chicago - Oct 12 - 14.

Usually I just read reviews, so this one is going to be short.
HAZEL is a goddess. She looks better than her pictures. Beautiful super fit body of a 20 year old, just quintessent of feminine. On top of that, she's very intelligent lady with awesome personality.
Everything went smooth with her: booking, communication and session. She's 100% PRO. Can't wait to see her again.

A from Chicago


Expectations surpassed! I had a great session with Hazel a few days ago, let me start with saying she answered my emails promptly and upon my arrival she was all warm, welcoming, super fit, and of course, gorgeous! We had a quick chat to map out the session we had planned and to get to know each other a bit (bonus points for speaking a few words of my language). I’m really into role-playing so I booked a fantasy wrestling match where I was the dashing American super hero and she was the trash talking evil villainess from the far away land of Canada! After some back and forth smack talk she took control and stretched me. Unsurprisingly, she’s strong! Watch out for her headscissors and sleeper holds, boys! I was tapping multiple times. We had a lot fun throughout the session just from running our mouths, I love a good verbal jousting, and she delivered on that. I even got her to pop a few times with some of my one-liners, she even stopped at one point to laugh it off and said, “If we were filming right now, I’d have to pause the camera!” Eventually, she wore me down with various holds including arm bars, guillotine chokes, boston crab (walls of Jericho haha), grapevine leg locks, etc. Ending with her smothering me and she stood victorious. She was very accommodating and professional, but I think her best quality is her personality, she was open and so much fun to be around, and you can tell she has a passion for wrestling.

Highly Recommended! I can’t wait to session with again!


Yesterday I had the honour and privilege of having a session with Hazel. To say that the experience was amazing would be a gross understatement. Hazel is an awesomely beautiful lady inside and out- and upon greeting me had a warm smile and made sincere, friendly conversation (as well as making certain that I was comfortable). The exchange was kind, gentle, and genuine... of course, she made it clear to me that once we lock up, all bets are off, and the competitive nature would shine through... meaning that she fought to win (and that she would indeed: win)... and that all became evident when we locked up.

Throughout the match, she proved to be strong, quick and agile, all the while throwing in banter with a sweet smile on her face... until she wore me down and then laid on the real hurt (I am still feeling it today)… all the while, enjoying and savouring every moment- taunting me as I tried in vain to escape a number of her back-bending submissions and vice-like scissor holds... until I had no choice but to submit (which she predicted from the get-go).

The whole experience was brilliant, and it was a pleasure to lock up with someone talented, safety-conscious, and personable as Hazel. I am definitely looking forward to our rematch!

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