Location: Clearwater, Florida
E-mail: hotfattygirl@gmail.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Physique: BBW
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I Had a Competitive pin Wrestling with Hotfattygirl(Ivy) today (6/25) . Even though she does not list competitive wrestling she will do them if you have references. The set up went through well.

a little on me i am 5'9" personal trainer and i wrestled in school and have played many other sports, i also workout regularly .. How much did all that matter ? Not one single bit, Any move, hold or take-down attempt had no effect on her, while she could take me down practically at will , and then she crushed like a bug. We did four matches and we had to stop , i physically could not take anymore. After we did a best of 5 arm wrestling which she won with ease. All in all she steamrolled athletically, i was very little competition for her . Since she weighed at a scale crushing 520 lbs so i should have seen this coming, if you take her on you had better pack a breakfast, lunch and dinner

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