Location: New Orelans,
E-mail: ilarijalight@gmail.com
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 41
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I had a great match with her. Fun, game, quick, athletic, fearless and a lot stronger than she looks. She's new to the game and still learning, especially how to use her amazing leg strength. Her body scissors is DEVASTATING.


Relatively new to the scene but destined to be a favorite, if a great and fun time is what you're looking for , Ilarija is right up your alley. Super attentive to detail and willing to make your experience a true blast, this young lady is aces through and through. She nailed my pro-style scenario to a tee (which was especially impressive since that was the first time she had attempted that) and is an absolute joy to converse with, between "falls". Highly recommended.


"I recently sessioned with Ilarija in Brooklyn. I requested a combo semi-competitive/fantasy domination match, and she was eager to accommodate. As her pictures show, she is toned and strong, and this made for some intense struggling, especially from her leg holds. She conveyed a calm dominant air - this seemed to come naturally. I will definitely be back for another match."


09/2017: My session with Ilirija was one of favorites; she is strong, intelligent, beautiful and fearless. She was very enthusiastic to try every hold I put on her; full-nelson, cradle, bear-hug, test of strength, reverse arm-lock with leg-split, scissors, et al. She showed great flexibility by escaping from many of my holds. We both worked up an incredible sweat that made the session more sensual. Ilirija showed remarkable endurance, strength and focus throughout the entire one hour session with minimal break time. Her body is slender and, unlike many of the female bodybuilder wrestlers you find out there, is well balanced between femininity and raw strength. Can’t wait to session with her again. Highly recommend!

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