Location: Oakland, Northern California
E-mail: missirinanyx@protonmail.com
Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I apologize as this should of been done much earlier! I had a session with Irina back in January when she made her way up to Seattle. With this being my first session, I was super nervous as I made my way up to Capitol Hill. As soon as she came down to meet me, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly beautiful this woman is. Irina is super nice and welcoming, and when we got back to her room we sat down and talked about what the session would look like before going in. Once we decided, I changed and we started. This woman is strong. She manhandled me, putting me in all sorts of pins and holds. I told her the grapevine pin is my favorite and she happily obliged, especially as she ended the session with that very same pin and counted down from 10. I melted as she was on top looking down smiling. Until we meet again!


I recently had a great session with Iriina. I had seen Irina’s pics here and thought, ‘wow’ she looks intense. She is super personable, friendly, very sexy, erotic and yes “intense”. She was on a layover in NY so we were finally able to meet and I was comfortable instantly. ‘A petite firecracker’. I wanted a mixture of roleplaying, combined with a sensual-type beatdown and lots of foot worshipping. She had a nice mixture of yoga flexibility, a ‘theatrical sexiness’ and pretty effective wrestling skills. I was impressed and excited by more than her pretty face, nice body and gorgeous feet. Look forward to another meeting.


This young lady comes highly recommended. She is a wrestling dynamo and very easy to talk to. She has an intuitive skill set and is willing to learn new moves and holds. Definitely one of my new favorites.


I've procrastinated long enough ...

I recently had a wonderful 2-hour semi-competitive session with Miss Nyx during her N.C. trip. Not only was she a joy to interact and spend time with overall, but she was a blast to tussle with as well. She has a motor and was able to completely wear me out by the end of our match. I'm very much looking forward to the next time I get to hit the mats with Miss Nyx!


With respect to everyone I've sessioned with before, Irina is my new favorite! She was very accommodating with my requests and patient with issues on my end in regards to scheduling.

Even though I had a strength advantage -- I outweigh her by about 50 lbs. -- she overcame it with better technique. She tapped me more times than I was able to tap her during semi-competitive wrestling. Whenever I was able to beat her in any of the activities we did, she was a great sport about it.

I will also concur with a previous reviewer that as great as she looks in her pictures here, she looks even prettier in person and she has an amazing bikini body.

I'm so glad Irina is in the SF Bay Area. Don't hesitate to book her when you can.


Agree totally with Danfredo. Intoxicatingly beautiful, brilliant, and very intuitive. Lithe, and strong -with eyes that hypnotize. Very best there is!

DM Patrick

Something told me when I saw Irina’s plans to visit Boston I needed to meet her. I am so very thankful for that decision.

My experience with Irina was powerful and fulfilling. We established a role play that she played perfectly, using it to demonstrate her physical and psychological power over me. First I could not escape her scissors; soon I was a sensual captive of both her mind and body. Our session was powerfully erotic and at moments transcendent.

Our session flowed perfectly from sensual wrestling to muscle worship, never letting me question or forget who was in control. I’ve explored wrestling sessions for years but my experience with Irina was like no other.


I had the pleasure of meeting Irina during her recent East coast trip. As a sessioner, she is intuitive, sensual, intense and playful. She posseses an innate sense of knowing exactly what you want; and if she is not sure she will ask and accommodate to perfection. And as a person, should you have the wonderful luck of having time to hang with her, you will find her engaging, interesting, personable and brilliant. Irina is a gem. After thirty years of sessioning, I can safely say I have met no one better.


My session with Irina during her recent northeast trip was an experience I will not soon forget. She is intuitive, sexy, fun, and playful... yet intense at the same time. She has an amazing innate ability to know exactly what you want, and whatever she thinks she may not know, she will ask, and happily, and skillfully deliver. As a sessioner, she is spot-on. And as a person, if you should have the crazy luck of being able to hang with her and share some conversation, she is engaging, interesting, kind, warm, and absolutely brilliant. Miss Irina Nyx is the whole package. How about this to convince you: after thirty years of sessioning, she is the best I have ever had.


I had a session with miss nyx and it was a great experience. She was good with her email responses to set up the session. From her email responses she had a very joyful and playful nature, which showed in our session. In addition to her personality, her pics on this site (as good as it is) does not compare to her in person as she is amazing with beautiful mesmerizing eyes and an awesome bikini body. Would highly recommend.

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