Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
E-mail: jadesessiongirl@gmail.com
Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Jade created an extremely great session! The service of most interest to me was "in-gym training" with a side order of "posing" and I was very impressed by Jade's photo showing her biceps, so I contacted her to schedule a session. She replied promptly and within a week after that she was able to book a session around my very complicated schedule. She was great about putting together the logistics smoothly and on-time, and adjusted quickly when one of the venues we had hoped to use was unavailable.

When she arrived, she was as beautiful as in her pictures, with a fit, athletic, and very sexy build, and with extremely strong dancer's legs. She is extremely friendly and congenial and easy to talk with. Since we hadn't been able to exchange many emails before the session, she spent some careful time really getting to know my background and my hopes for the session. We spent most of our time as workout partners - we each showed each other the exercises we like, and she was a very fun personal trainer, showing me new exercises and stretches. She delivered on my personal hopes for a playful, fun, and sexy session perfectly, and even threw in some armwrestling that I didn't think we'd get to. She made me feel like the most important person in the world and made it a completely perfect session for me!


Jade's synergy of beauty, tenacity and dominance is literally overwhelming!!!

So where do I begin... I've had sessions with several other "Session Girls" but this will be my first time posting a review. I felt compelled to share just how AMAZING Jade truly is and how lucky we all are to have her here on Session Girls.
First off.. Jade makes booking a session super fast and easy! She replied almost immediately after my initial email. Jade was polite, friendly and eager to know EXACTLY what I was looking for in a session. Then only a few days later I had a date set and hotel room booked. I was meeting Jade less than a week after my first email.
When the session day arrived and I saw Jade in person she was STUNNING! She is short and petite but firm.. her body is athletic and toned... I had a special request for attire and her outfit was Perfect! We started the wrestling match with me on my hands and knees ( I'm so much bigger so I thought it fair) I learned very quickly that I drastically underestimated Jade's wrestling ability!! My fate was sealed the moment I gave up my back.. Jade straddled me, sitting down on my back.. she wore me down with some rib crushing bodyscissors as she rode my back..next she effortlessly transitioned to a standing headscissor... this is when I felt just how powerful her legs are as she tightly squeezed my neck between her thighs... Now what happened next is the most impressive wrestling move I've ever experienced!!!! I JUST KNEW I could easily escape this hold by lifting Jade up on my shoulders and dropping her back on the bed... but I was SHOCKED how she countered my escape attempt. As I fell back on to the bed not only did Jade keep me trapped in a headscissor but she also caught BOTH my arms up over my head! Wow!!! This tiny little lady had me completely trapped and immobilized... I struggled and tried my very best to escape, but eventually accepted there was NO ESCAPE!!! The whole time Jade just laughed which added to my humiliation! Jade truly enjoys wrestling a man into complete submission and it shows... She teased and taunted me while using a variety of headscissors and long pinning moves...and if I fought back too much, she punished me back into submission.
Jade was really just so much FUN!!! I honestly could not have imagined a more PERFECT session! 😊 Jade made my wrestling fantasy become reality!! So regardless of what style wrestling you're looking for I would definitely highly recommend JADE!!


I recently sessioned with Jade, who is new to the mixed wrestling scene. The first thing i noticed about her was her tan, smooth, shapely strong legs. I knew they were tan and shapely from the get go. i would find out how smooth and strong they were very soon. I told her she wouldn't be able to beat me because i was too big for her. She gave me a quick knee to the balls which put me down. She then got behind me for a headscissor. This is where i found out how smooth and strong her legs are. Her thighs were like a vice grip around my head and i had no choice to submit. She eased up but didn't let me go. As i struggled to try to get free she said "you're not going anywhere." She's very flexible and used that to her advantage to get me in various leg locks which my made my size advantage useless. Jade truly enjoys dominating men. She likes to control and submit them and feels empowered when doing so. She is new to the wrestling scene and is eager to learn all the moves and holds that will make her successful. She asked questions about what i like and didn't like to ensure i had a good time. I will be seeing her again.

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