Location: Pilsen, Prague,
E-mail: czechjenni@gmail.com
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Age: 36
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Had an amazing experience with Jenni.
She´s absolutely gorgeous, stunning and so friendly and really a nice person.
It´s very easy to arrange everything with her, she´s very professional.

And regarding to the session time, I really had a lot a fun and I think she did too because she really enjoys to dominate guys.
Her scissors are impossibly strong and it is an amazing feeling being trapped and defenseless between those perfect legs :)))

Being trampled and get Jenni look at you from above it is another indescribable sensation. .

It was a dream for me to meet and being dominated by Jenni, I have nothing but great things to say about her and the hours I was lucky to be next to her : )

If you have the chance one day, go forward and try to resist to this strong beauty :D

Rainbow Wrestler

I met Jenni on Tour. We started with some wrestling holds. Once she found out how ticklish I was my time was over. Either she tortured me with her devastating scissors or she tickled hell out of me.

She is very polite and you can have a nice conversation with her. And in the next moment she makes you suffer.

At the beginning she taught me how to tap and not to underestimate the power of her strong legs. Later when she destroyed me, I knew how kind that was. I guess I would not have survived a stubborn resistance...

I think we both had a lot of fun and hope we meet again someday :)


Had a session with Jenni Czech and I can tell only good things about her.
First of all, communication was really easy. She answers email very quickly (always on the same day) and everything was set without any problem.
I've met her at the hotel and wow... She is just gorgeous

It's really easy to talk with her so all the stress went down after 30 seconds.
We were agree on a domination session, and to me, she's simply the best for that. She puts me in various bondage position, she knows exactly what she does so everything is completely safe... The session was based on alternation of smothering/worshiping. She also put me in various scissors, and they were really great... not painful at all but if I wouldn't tapped, I would be KO 3 seconds later
If you like trashtalking she's also an expert... She constently speaks to you to remind you that you have no chance to to escape and to tell you what she will do with you ...

To resume, I 100% recommend

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