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Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
Skype: https://Jennifer73921
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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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The World is your Oyster , Claim your Pearl .    For me .. I claim Heads Instead :) 

I will tell you whats up about me and this business of wrestling. I absolutely LOVE it!! I get such a rush out of having control and making my victims tap continuously. . Most of my challengers underestimate me on my strength and skill due to my size however its very true when they say dont judge a book by its cover!

However I have to make a confession because it bugs me to think that you may find all the videos of me out there real .. I am mostly trained as a pro wrestler I began session wrestling and pro wrestling at the same time. It was great for me to learn quickly and benefited me in both Live Shows and Private wrestling appointments. However anytime you see me wrestling a GIRL Im not truly giving it my ALL .. They are more geared as fantasy or semi competitive matches.

So please do not use my videos as a way to measure me up and say that if we ever met you could easily beat me. It is quite the contrary !!!

Im a fun wrestler I dont take any of this serious where I need to prove I am the biggest baddest female wrestler out there. However I can put you in your place with a SMILE as I look down at that cute red face of yours and make you call me Princess Jennifer :) -



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01-18-2021 01-28-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
Available for incall or outcall I ask for a deposit of 100 to secure booking. XOXO
John Carpenter

On November 14th I met Jennifer in Seattle for a two hour session!! I was so nervous to meet her, I arrived in Seattle 2 hours early. Not wanting to miss a second of our session.

She greeted me at the door with a big smile and a sexy tight dress. She quickly put me at ease and soon enough our session started. She wore a sexy yellow and black bikini that showed off her incredible tight muscular body.

The first half of the session was us doing fantasy boxing. She looked amazing in the black gloves I brought for her. And believe me, this girl can box. Quick hands and hard punches that left bruises. And the smack talking and selling her punches just added to the experience.

Then we wrestled. Well, more like she dominated me in wrestling as I tried to fight off her killer strong legs and deadly arms. She made me tap over and over as she easily put me in a series of holds. Headlocks, scissors, arm bars, RNC.....just to name a few.

The two hours just flew by!! I would highly recommend Jennifer for a session if she is ever ever in your area!! Fantastic lady on and off the fighting surface!!


I had a lift and carry session with Jennifer last year. (Sorry it took me so long to post a review). She is simply ravishing. If you think Jennifer is gorgeous in her pictures, she is even hotter when you meet her in person. I kid you not, my jaw hit the floor. On top of that, she has a fantastic personality. I was a bit nervous because it was only my second session I did and the first one left me a little disappointed. However, Jenny did not disappoint me at all. She is so strong. I’m a little over 200 lbs and she carried me pretty easy. I can’t wait to see her again and I would definitely recommend her for anything she has to offer, she will not let you down.


I recently had a two-hour session with Jennifer Thomas in Cleveland, and it was an absolutely perfect experience. Jennifer possesses jaw-dropping beauty, a high level of strength and wrestling skill, an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, a very personable attitude, and a knack for knowing in what direction to take the session. This was the first time I had ever booked a session for two hours and I was worried that it might become a little stale and redundant towards the end, but Jennifer did not disappoint. She had many different ways to keep the session interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the entire time. I actually wish I had booked more time.

It was clear that she paid attention to all of the requests I made in our communication before the session and delivered on each and every one of them. We even had some great casual conversation during the breaks in the action. We learned a little bit about each other, and I feel that she used that information to further enhance my session experience. I tried to do the same for her. Hopefully I was successful.

One thing that stuck out to me about Jennifer is that she thoroughly enjoys what she does for a living. I felt that she was just as enthused about the session as I was. Once I picked up on that vibe, I could tell it was going to be a special two hours.

I will be a repeat customer, so now I am left to watch the schedule and wait for another time when she is traveling to my part of the country (don’t wait too long to come back Jennifer!). However, I may consider sponsoring a trip in the future if her regular schedule does not bring her back to this area. I have never considered doing this for anyone else. She was that good. Make sure you schedule a session with Jennifer Thomas if the opportunity ever presents itself. You won’t regret it.

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