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The World is your Oyster , Claim your Pearl .    For me .. I claim Heads Instead :) 

I will tell you whats up about me and this business of wrestling. I absolutely LOVE it!! I get such a rush out of having control and making my victims tap continuously. . Most of my challengers underestimate me on my strength and skill due to my size however its very true when they say dont judge a book by its cover!

However I have to make a confession because it bugs me to think that you may find all the videos of me out there real .. I am mostly trained as a pro wrestler I began session wrestling and pro wrestling at the same time. It was great for me to learn quickly and benefited me in both Live Shows and Private wrestling appointments. However anytime you see me wrestling a GIRL Im not truly giving it my ALL .. They are more geared as fantasy or semi competitive matches.

So please do not use my videos as a way to measure me up and say that if we ever met you could easily beat me. It is quite the contrary !!!

Im a fun wrestler I dont take any of this serious where I need to prove I am the biggest baddest female wrestler out there. However I can put you in your place with a SMILE as I look down at that cute red face of yours and make you call me Princess Jennifer :) -



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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-22-2021 09-27-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
10-27-2021 10-28-2021 Minneapolis Minnesota
ring available in Vegas.. deposit of 100 XOXO

Did a session wit jennifer back in april and it was the best session ever. She was so nice and so hot. When i got there she made me feel so welcomed. We started off with scissoring grappling and tickling. No matter how hard i tried she was to strong for me. Highly recommend and lookin forward to sessioning wit her soon


DJ here. Jennifer Thomas is an absolute sweetheart! She is also very strong, versatile, and will make you submit, with ease. Despite my 11 inch height and 120 lb weight advantage, she still took me down with ease and made me tap out easily. She also fulfilled my attire request by wearing a cheerleading outfit during the session.
It didn’t matter if it was a headlock, grapevine, or scissors: I could never break free from those moves, though I tried but failed.
At the same time, she fulfilled my request of trash talking by pinning me and putting in my place verbally as I wished!
She is proof, that femininity, sexy, and strong all rolled into one are achieveable!
Thank you Jennifer for a great hour session that showed your wonderful personality and athletic superiority!


This is bad, I have seen Jennifer twice in 2021 and I have not posted a single review yet. I have seen Jennifer a total of five times in the past two years, words cannot describe how amazing she is. Jennifer is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is sweet, kind, caring and deeeeeeeep. On top of that she knows exactly what she wants, how to get it, and I do not think I could stop her in any way even if I wanted to. I saw Jennifer in January of this year as well as in mid-April. She is always a treat, easy to communicate with and by far one of the most intuitive providers that I have ever met. In our last go around, after spending most of our time on top of me taunting me and slapping different holds on me (that she seems to be convinced I could get out of because I am three times her size, I will let her keep thinking that.) We sat and talked for a bit and made an observation about me that hit the nail on the head and made a lot of my life just make sense. . he is gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, observant, and she 100% know what she is doing on a mat or in any type of session. She is an absolute cannot miss. I would see her everyday if I could afford it. Every time I see her my body finds a new way to hurt and I feel like I just had the greatest therapy session of my life. Gotta love Jennifer Thomas.

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