Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: jennifer@sessiongirls.com
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Jennifer Thomas is incredible!!!! What an athlete!!! Best wrestler I've ever seen!!! Incredibly beautiful graceful with really erotic and creative imagination! Which makes the session much more intense erotic and challenging!! She gets it! She totally understands what guys want in a session and she delivers it!! Wow!! Exceptional wrestler and competitive athlete!!! She's behond hot and exotic. This coupled with her pro wrestling background and intense knowledge of what guys that session really want puts her at the very top of any session girl exp!! I've wrestler top world class pro women in wrestling and judo and I rate her the best by far!!!!!!!if your really into wrestling strong dominant pro women then for sure book with Jennifer Thomas !!! 1o stars !!!!!!


Did a session wit jennifer back in april and it was the best session ever. She was so nice and so hot. When i got there she made me feel so welcomed. We started off with scissoring grappling and tickling. No matter how hard i tried she was to strong for me. Highly recommend and lookin forward to sessioning wit her soon


DJ here. Jennifer Thomas is an absolute sweetheart! She is also very strong, versatile, and will make you submit, with ease. Despite my 11 inch height and 120 lb weight advantage, she still took me down with ease and made me tap out easily. She also fulfilled my attire request by wearing a cheerleading outfit during the session.
It didn’t matter if it was a headlock, grapevine, or scissors: I could never break free from those moves, though I tried but failed.
At the same time, she fulfilled my request of trash talking by pinning me and putting in my place verbally as I wished!
She is proof, that femininity, sexy, and strong all rolled into one are achieveable!
Thank you Jennifer for a great hour session that showed your wonderful personality and athletic superiority!


This is bad, I have seen Jennifer twice in 2021 and I have not posted a single review yet. I have seen Jennifer a total of five times in the past two years, words cannot describe how amazing she is. Jennifer is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is sweet, kind, caring and deeeeeeeep. On top of that she knows exactly what she wants, how to get it, and I do not think I could stop her in any way even if I wanted to. I saw Jennifer in January of this year as well as in mid-April. She is always a treat, easy to communicate with and by far one of the most intuitive providers that I have ever met. In our last go around, after spending most of our time on top of me taunting me and slapping different holds on me (that she seems to be convinced I could get out of because I am three times her size, I will let her keep thinking that.) We sat and talked for a bit and made an observation about me that hit the nail on the head and made a lot of my life just make sense. . he is gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, observant, and she 100% know what she is doing on a mat or in any type of session. She is an absolute cannot miss. I would see her everyday if I could afford it. Every time I see her my body finds a new way to hurt and I feel like I just had the greatest therapy session of my life. Gotta love Jennifer Thomas.


Hi Jennifer please come tour Minneapolis when u can i love a couple hrs of session time with you thank you...

John Carpenter

On November 14th I met Jennifer in Seattle for a two hour session!! I was so nervous to meet her, I arrived in Seattle 2 hours early. Not wanting to miss a second of our session.

She greeted me at the door with a big smile and a sexy tight dress. She quickly put me at ease and soon enough our session started. She wore a sexy yellow and black bikini that showed off her incredible tight muscular body.

The first half of the session was us doing fantasy boxing. She looked amazing in the black gloves I brought for her. And believe me, this girl can box. Quick hands and hard punches that left bruises. And the smack talking and selling her punches just added to the experience.

Then we wrestled. Well, more like she dominated me in wrestling as I tried to fight off her killer strong legs and deadly arms. She made me tap over and over as she easily put me in a series of holds. Headlocks, scissors, arm bars, RNC.....just to name a few.

The two hours just flew by!! I would highly recommend Jennifer for a session if she is ever ever in your area!! Fantastic lady on and off the fighting surface!!


I had a lift and carry session with Jennifer last year. (Sorry it took me so long to post a review). She is simply ravishing. If you think Jennifer is gorgeous in her pictures, she is even hotter when you meet her in person. I kid you not, my jaw hit the floor. On top of that, she has a fantastic personality. I was a bit nervous because it was only my second session I did and the first one left me a little disappointed. However, Jenny did not disappoint me at all. She is so strong. I’m a little over 200 lbs and she carried me pretty easy. I can’t wait to see her again and I would definitely recommend her for anything she has to offer, she will not let you down.


I recently had a two-hour session with Jennifer Thomas in Cleveland, and it was an absolutely perfect experience. Jennifer possesses jaw-dropping beauty, a high level of strength and wrestling skill, an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, a very personable attitude, and a knack for knowing in what direction to take the session. This was the first time I had ever booked a session for two hours and I was worried that it might become a little stale and redundant towards the end, but Jennifer did not disappoint. She had many different ways to keep the session interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the entire time. I actually wish I had booked more time.

It was clear that she paid attention to all of the requests I made in our communication before the session and delivered on each and every one of them. We even had some great casual conversation during the breaks in the action. We learned a little bit about each other, and I feel that she used that information to further enhance my session experience. I tried to do the same for her. Hopefully I was successful.

One thing that stuck out to me about Jennifer is that she thoroughly enjoys what she does for a living. I felt that she was just as enthused about the session as I was. Once I picked up on that vibe, I could tell it was going to be a special two hours.

I will be a repeat customer, so now I am left to watch the schedule and wait for another time when she is traveling to my part of the country (don’t wait too long to come back Jennifer!). However, I may consider sponsoring a trip in the future if her regular schedule does not bring her back to this area. I have never considered doing this for anyone else. She was that good. Make sure you schedule a session with Jennifer Thomas if the opportunity ever presents itself. You won’t regret it.


I had a session with Jennifer a few years back. She is the consummate professional. On time. Hair, makeup, and outfit perfect. You will get what you want from her, and she will get what she wants from you, because she loves to squeeze necks and heads! I mean, she seems to enjoy it immensely.

She had me in a scissor where I was on the floor in front of a chair she was in, and we were both looking at a mirror. She would turn me and tilt me, flexing and checking herself out, squeezing. Pumping. I was a sweaty, disheveled mess, red-faced and hunched over at her. She was fresh, practically glowing, and powerful, admiring herself.

That's something I won't forget. Nor the reverse scissor she practically knocked me out in while she was propped up on her hands behind me. Nor the front scissor she kept me in until she decided to let me go.

She's got skill, strength, and stamina. She will wear you out until you can't hold her off anymore, then spend the rest of the session physically dominating you to a degree you might not expect based on her size. Lots of fun.

jennifer thomas

Thank you for your awesome Review! I'm wondering how well my hair and make up was AFTER the session? lol Hopefully we can do it again! XOXO


I finally got the chance to session with Jennifer this past Thursday in Boston! This has been like 5 years in the making. We always bonded well over social media since like 2014 or 2015 but never really got the chance to clash with our crazy schedules.

However, despite mother nature being an absolute heel, I made the trip up to Boston and when the door opened and her gorgeous face and contagious smile shined through the low light, I knew it was going to be a great time for the two of us!

Now a lot of people are wondering "Is she really as strong as she seems on her videos?" The answer to that is "no" She's actually way stronger than what she appears in videos and pictures. My neck and body got pushed to my limits and then some as she controlled my 265 5'10 body like a cat does to a mouse! Insane crazy beautiful strength! We had a great time as she controlled and squeezed me around for a great length of time! We even did an interview called "THE HOT SQUEEZE!" where she asked me questions while applying those killer thighs around my neck <3

Aside from her strength and beauty, Jennifer is a very sweet person who will give you the shirt off her back and always puts others first. She loves her job, and for someone who still loves and cares about her job and others in this industry is a needle in a haystack. I cannot say enough good things about this soul-filled wonder of a woman and i hope to get to see her again soon!



Félix 88

Where can i see that video?


Has anyone ever taken even one point off Jennifer? Either by pin or submission?


Not even in my dreams😀


Ok, so this isn't a review, but I wish it was, because that would mean I actually met Jennifer. I've tried many times in the past but it just wasn't in the cards. I've read the reviews here and they reaffirm my belief that this girl is as genuine and as sweet as they come. Very sweet in emails and it's my loss that I've never sessioned with her. I've admired her from afar for years and maybe some day I will fly to meet her. I'm 70 so I better hurry up! To be scissored and smothered by this cutie is on my bucket list! That would be awesome 😊


So I was able to see Jennifer for a second time. Even after planning, hosting, and working her tail off at the SessionGirls event all day Saturday, she still made time to see me Sunday evening. Jennifer is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest, and amazing people I have ever met. Not to forget that she is complete knockout, both in looks and her ability to squeeze. gorgeous, fit and just a dream. If I could see Jennifer everyday I would. Do not miss any opportunity to see her.


I met for the first time Jennifer during Memorial Day weekend in Philly. Poor thing, she just had her LFC bout, flew from Vegas to Philly and had session work. Through all that, she was under the weather. That did not stop her from giving me one of the best sessions I've had in a while. She is petite, but does she know pressure points and make you tap very quickly. Her legs are incredibly strong and had me seeing stars with her squeezes. Her tiny black and red bikini plastered to her body was something to die for! Incredibly gorgeous, fun to talk to and tremendously easy to be around!


Sweet, stunning, and strong.

I met Jennifer last night for the first time and she is one of a kind. We have interacted off and on over the past few years but finally decided to pull the trigger and meet with her. First thing to notice is she is an absolutely stunning woman. Gorgeous and a smile that is to die for. Chat with her for a bit and you find she is also one of the sweetest, down to earth, and cool people this world has to offer. Though what she was wearing when we met did show off her amazing fit body she changed into a bikini and wow, just wow. And boy is she strong. Though I am 2-3 times her weight and a foot taller then her, she laid me down and proceeded to sit on my chest and pin my arms down, I had no chance. She mentioned I could probably just throw her off of me because of my size, I let her believe her own words, but I had not chance. She could have done whatever she wanted to do with me.

We have a wonderful time and I am kicking myself for not seeing her sooner. If you have a chance to see Jennifer I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She is awesome.


My long awaited encounter with Jennifer Thomas ended (let's be candid) as a humiliating disaster for me and a disappointment for her. I was confident that my 90+ pound weight edge would give me an advantage over her and that I would be stronger at least in upper body strength. Wrong! It didn't and I wasn't. In the first three rounds, I avoided her powerful thighs (even more dangerous than they look) only to be taken down and succumb to chokes and neck cranks. Then, she started to give me handicaps, like refraining from headlocks and allowing me to start on top in either mount or side control position. In no time, I was being reversed and falling to arm bars, kimuras, leg locks, and crushing scissors delivered by those powerful thighs. We finished with Jennifer demonstrating on me a few pro moves from WWE. I had not even given her a workout.

At this point, Jennifer demonstrated what a stellar person she is. We had lunch and she shared with me her dreams of life, her work to inspire and help other people, especially other women. With keen insight she analyzed the wrestling scene, pro, amateur, and private. Humbly, but without false humility, she pointed out some ladies who could beat her, as well as some who would make a better match for me. We parted, agreeing to keep in touch and meet again as our schedules permit. Jennifer definitely inspired me to up my game during the coming year, though I doubt now that I'll ever be able to beat her. She is the uncrowned Empress of the world of wrestling.


I met Jennifer for the first time a week ago. She had met me at a time share in Ventura. She was good at returning my e-mails. I have wanted to meet her for a few years now. I have sessioned with many girls over the last 20 years. She showed up wearing a nice dress and heels. My first thought was wow this girl is off the charts hot! She looks better in person than pictures. I asked for a scissor session with domination. It was so nice being locked in her side scissors looking at her nice abs and beautiful face. She asked me to call her Princess Jennifer twice. Both times I refused to see what would happen. She crushed me with her nice legs and I called her Princess within a few seconds. If you ever get a chance to meet her do it you won't regret it. I just wish I lived closer to her so I session with her more


Jennifer is so much hotter and more muscular in person even than her pictures. She's also a genuinely nice and friendly person. When we wrestled, it was ridiculous - even though I outweigh her by 70 pounds or so and am not weak, I couldn't move her at all. How do you do that Jennifer?


I just had my first session with Jennifer in the DC area. It was the first time I had seen her travel out this way and needless to say I was so excited to have a session with her. I will say that she did not disappoint. It was one of the most enjoyable sessions that I have ever had. Jennifer is very skilled, fit, and really does enjoy defeating men. She is a sweetheart and will give you the exact session that you are looking for. She basically SG pinned me, face sat me, headlock, head scissors and she forced me to worship her feet. Her trash talk was so real and funny and cute. On a scale of 1-10 I will rate Jennifer's skill's, fitness, strength, beauty, and personality all a 12! Highly recommend her.

Félix 88

Did she really made you worship her feet?


had a great I had a great session with Jennifer. She is very strong.It was a 2 on ,1 session. But when I went one on one with her a few rounds. She totally dominating. Tapping me out very quickly. Woozy after many submissions. I am looking forward to taken her on again this time a one one one hr session as for this time I could not tap her out at all. Highly recommend her. She is very beautiful and fit. I have to arm wrestle her next time. Don't miss out with this muscular beauty if she is in your area


I had a one-sided boxing session with Jennifer a few days ago. She was strong and powerful. She packs an explosive punch in both fists and could have knocked me out anytime she wanted. She has thick sexy muscles that just added to this amazing boxing experience. I felt like I was in the ring with a very skilled boxer. She was also respectful of my requests and very reliable and not a clock watcher. She has plenty of endurance and keeps on delivering solid punches until I could not continue in round 5. She knows how to land combination jabs and uppercuts that really feel great. It was the best boxing session I have had in a long while. I will be boxing with Jennifer again very soon.


I sessioned with Jennifer in Chicago this past winter and no doubt she was the best wrestler I've sessioned with.

Our session was suppose to be a 1 hour competitive session where she would work in smothers and worship after each submission. And the only thing that went wrong with this is our session didn't work out to be a competitive session, because I was no competition for her.

I outweigh Jennifer by 15 pounds and also just over a foot taller than her so I definitely thought I'd get more than a few submissions out of her. I was certain going into the session that my reach and speed would give her a good challenge, but that simply wasn't the case. Not only did she win every match, I wasn't even able to get her in any holds. Her power and skills were too much for me to even have a chance. It seemed like every minute I was begging "princess Jennifer" for mercy. Jennifer dominated me with ease and I don't even think broke a sweat, but me on the other hand I gave it my all and still ended up being smothered and worshipping her at the end of each match.

100 percent booking a longer session next time Jennifer is in town!


Jennifer was one of the sweetest woman I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is the real deal, power, beauty and a charmer. Shooting with her was exceptional. Thanks Jennifer, hope to get the honor to work with you again in the near future. CPL Wrestling.


Had an amazing time wrestling Jennifer in a round robin setup in a full size ring with another experienced session wrestler woman . We each outweighed Jennifer by ~50# so figured Jennifer would be the one sitting out the most as format was loser sits until next person loses a fall then they exchange place for next fall . WRONG! Jennifer kept winning fall after fall giving up only 1 submission in about a dozen falls. She was very sweet throughout even providing some unsolicitated coaching which would morph to serious trash talking She is fantastic Don't miss a chance to see her if you get a chance


I had always wanted to know how a knockout would feel and all the session wrestlers I had faced either weren't willing to do it or didn't have the experience to do it. Luckily I saw that Jennifer was touring the area so I booked a 1 hour session with her. I'd heard that Jennifer was a pro at this scene and she had an excellent experience. Now I was recovering from fever and sore throat that had started the previous day but even then, I didn't want to miss this moment so I decided to visit her in any case.

I arrived at the hotel on time and met her at the lobby. She took me to her room and in a few minutes both of us changed and she revealed her stunning body. She's got some sexy muscles and her thighs and calves looked rock hard sexy! Now I had booked for a scissors session with knockouts and she had assured me that she would offer it without any injuries as I had inquired about it in my e-mail. I had told her that I was still recovering and she decided to be gentle as she could.

We climbed to bed, and started with grappling each other only for her to immediately put me in a headlock and pin me down. She sat on my chest for a minute and immediately shifted position to being her rock hard thighs around my neck. She told me to tap if I was feeling uncomfortable and within a few seconds of starting to squeeze I could feel the power of her muscles and started tapping. She stopped and said that was just like 10% of her power . I was shocked and started to think what would happen if she had squeezed 20% or 30%! She then locked her thighs around my neck again and told me she would squeeze a bit harder and told me to resist it a bit longer and then tap if it was unbearable. Holding me firm in her thighs, she started squeezing and in about 5-6 seconds, I started to feel the pressure and started tapping. I felt that she loosened her grip a bit, only to tighten it again and I could feel her sexy thigh muscles squeezing me hard. The next thing I remember was being in a dream trying to guess why I was in the hotel! She had knocked me out! As I woke up, she told me "You got knocked out!" and I was like .... "WOW! ... that was really amazing ..." I mean I was hoping it would be really scary like how some people who got knocked out spoke about their experience. But with Jennifer, it was pure bliss! She told me that I had flopped like a fish when I got knocked out and she held me so I wouldn't fall off the bed but I couldn't remember anything. She then told me to sit at edge of the bed and she came behind me and leaning on the bed, she locked her thighs around my neck for another headscissors but with me facing the opposite direction. She'd told me that she had knocked out men in that scissor hold too but I felt the pressure was too much so I tapped out fast. She then locked me in a rear naked choke and I could feel her hard biceps crushing my neck. In 3 seconds, I tapped out feeling the pressure. She then applied it back again, and in a few seconds, I tapped out, and this time again, I felt her loosening her grip a bit. The next thing I remember was feeling in dreamland and at the same time conscious enough to think why I was keeping quiet for a long time and not talking to Jennifer. She had knocked me out again! It was really an amazing experience because compared to the earlier knockout I was more conscious about my whereabouts. When I came to my senses, I was leaning onto her and she said that I was knocked out again. Both the knockouts didn't really feel painful but the experience was euphoric. I had really wanted to experience her reverse headscissors knockout a couple of more times but as I mentioned earlier, I was recovering from a sore throat and didn't want to push my luck. She understood my situation and we ended the session there and spent the rest of time talking about various stuff.

Jennifer Thomas is by far the best wrestler I have ever faced and she is the first wrestler to knock me out. She is a genuine pro at this scene and has excellent knowledge of what she does. She promptly responds to e-mails even though she has a busy schedule and she's a great person to talk to. Super sexy, respectful and a lovely gem! You'll feel completely safe with her regardless of whatever session you request her. Even though the wrestling part of session was just for 30 minutes, it was exceptional. Had I not been sick, I would have had the pleasure of facing this angel for a full hour and could have added a lot more in this review.


My first session and it was everything I expected and more. Jennifer was easy to talk to, smart, professional, drop-dead sexy and STRONG. Her videos and pictures online don't do her justice. The girl is the epitome the female form.

I have been following mixed wrestling for 14 years and I always thought the guys were holing back, or pretending to be trapped during matches. I now know this isn't the case with Jennifer! She had me pinned, trapped and locked and tapping in as many holds as she could get on me and I will tell you fellas, I could not get out for the life of me!

The best part, and here is why she is so successful, is she loves what she does. She truly enjoys being in charge and that feeling of her joy, dominating you, permeates the session. She will leave a lasting impression and and a real fear of being caught in a woman's legs!!


Bill Wick Says: Jennifer is a scrappy little critter and very strong. If she gets her legs locked around you in figure- 4 neck scissors there is no escape that you can do before you pass out, it is so tight that no blood gets to your brain. That is her favorite submission hold, it reminds me or the squeeze of Doughdee Marie, it doesn't hurt too much, it's just that it's so tight that you get dizzy within 10 seconds and start to float away to Scissor Heaven with numb fingers and a rubber feeling face ( only REAL men experience this, others give up too soon). She is very good in her overall skills also, quick,balanced and has a good knowledge of holds designed to make you whimper. She's an Athlete and is fun to wrestle with but if your intention is something .....more..... stay home, SHE WRESTLES and has a great personality, doesn't treat you like somebody she wants to get rid of to do something important, you'll like her. Be respectful, be on time, be clean smelling and treat her as someone you'd like to wrestle again, because you will want to wrestle her again....be nice, and you will have a great time getting squeezed, bent, and folded by a very strong woman.............Bill Wick.......... PS. Any questions, contact me through http://www.billwick.com.........


Awesome to work with! Very professional and experienced.


I did get my rematch with Jennifer. Used the time in between to do some research on what to do about stopping that "killer" headlock of hers. 2nd time around she still got me with it on occassion but I had more success in dodging it and actually making her play defense. I found Jennifer was a pretty tough defensive wrestler too - had to go into the back pages of my play book several times to get submissions on her. Take what she says in her profile seriously.


I finally had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer for a competitive wrestling session. Over the years, I have had four women outwrestle me in fairly one sided matches - Jennifer is the 4th one on the list. Going into the match, I knew if she got her legs around you, you were in trouble. I was able to avoid her legs but unfortunately I found she also has a "killer" headlock. She is an interesting combination of small, quick, and strong. That was a fun match - I look forward to wrestling her again and seeing if I can do a little better.


Jennifer Thomas is awesome. Boxed her twice in one-sided "main-event" style matches, and she was top-notch. Fiery persona, impressive muscles and remarkable strength made her a handful. She knows how to cater to what you're looking for and I wholeheartedly recommend her!


Just had round 2 with Jenn, and she does not disappoint. She threw me around the room with prostyle moves even though she'd had like six other sessions in the last 24 hours and regardless of me outweighing her by about 40 lbs... She's a trooper and she just keeps getting prettier and prettier every time I see her. Can't wait for round 3! :evil:


Great lady!


Great! :)


Jennifer thomas is the best!


Jennifer is a class act. There's a reason people say she's one of the best in the biz -- it's because she is. She's fun to be with, extremely experienced, and very capable of fulfilling your desires. If you book a session with her, you won't be disappointed.


Just had a great pro-style session with Jennifer. She definitely can hang with the pro style and easily landed her famous finishing move on me even though I outweigh her by a good 40 lbs. Good thing we were in a hotel room, or she might've thrown me over the top ropes like a sack of potatoes... :silly:

Everything I look for in a great session. Fitness, BEAUTY, and wrestling skill with the strength to boot. Jenn ROCKS!

I bow to the Princess that whipped my ass. :blush:


Definitely one of the top 5 sessions I have ever had (and I have had many). Strong, beutiful, cool and unescapable head lock! Her body is amazing, and Jennifer is very nice, a cool person to meet.


Thanks you very much for seeing me last night and this morning. You are a gorgeous woman, with the proverbial body to die for, and are an amazingly strong and athletic woman, and well as great company and fun to talk to. I really enjoyed meeting you and feeling your amazing strength. I hope we can meet again when you come to Baltimore.



From a sessioner via email:
I recently had a Semicompetative /Scissors session with Jennifer Thomas. What more can I say. Jennifer has an awesome personality. WHEN I told her that my session with her. Was my third session she said the third time is a charm indeed it was a charm.
Jennifer is a very strong lady who knows how to wrestle her wrestling holds are enescapable be it her headlock, her grapevine, or her scissors there's no escape.
I would reccomend Jennifer to anyone who is interested in a Semicompetative session.


I met Jennifer for the first time and all I can say is WOW! This lady was one of the sexiest women I have ever met for a session. I was pretty nervous at first, but she made me feel very comfortable in seconds. Very sweet and genuine, not something you find with most ladies that do sessions. The thing that blew me away was how quick and willing Jennifer was to wrestle. Most ladies hold back a little, but not Jennifer, she was all about wrestling and trying to make me tap. The funny part was I was thinking she's to tiny to make me tap (Me being 6 and 260 pounds not fat either and her being 5'2" and maybe 140 lbs.). Was I ever wrong, she was putting me hold after hold and making me tap at will. A lot of the times toying with me about when she would make me tap and laughing the entire time. She was much stronger then I expected and truly seem to enjoy ever minute of me submitting to her. One of the best and I will make sure to see her again and again! One of the top 3 women I have ever seen!! Thanks Jennifer for some a blast! Hope to see you again soon! :)


Thanks for the connection Jennifer from one of your biggest fans :)
With the hope that one day I can meet you and make my dream come true!



I have been seeing Jennifer for a number of years for sessions, why? Because she is quite simply one of the BEST women out there! The best! Not only is she incredibly beautiful, fit, STRONG, sexy etc. physically, but WONDERFUL personality wise also. To me that is what makes a truly incredible session, is not only her physical looks and abilities, but the personal chemistry. She is such a incredible person on the inside, you just can't help but enjoy your time with her. I am not a wrestler, but as she is a professional wrestler, that should speak volumes about her abilities there. Her posing is outstanding as she is a former dancer, and as a strength buff, she has got to be one of the strongest pound for pound. (I must warn you about her scissors, just ask scissorvixens.com!). She is of course HIGHLY recommended!


After long being threatened with the strength and power of Jennifer's legs, i had the good fortune of experiencing Her scissors. i must say, that despite Her stature, Jennifer truly has scissors that will snap you in 2. She eagerly showed me several of Her favorite scissors, which had me on the brink of passing out and quickly had me tapping. i've experienced some intense scissors over the past 20 years, but Jennifer is definitely in my top 1 or 2 scissors of all time.


Jennifer was a great session. the only thing keeping her from being a 5 was she didn't have an incall place. She was very strong and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. I was amazed at her ability to make me submit in a grapevine with our height difference. (5'1 - 6'5)


Jennifer is by far one of the most enjoyable Ladies i've ever had the privilege of meeting. Not only is She extremely strong and skilled, but She is incredibly personable and warm hearted. You will DEFINITELY enjoy Jennifer's company. If you ever plan on meeting anyone, Jennifer should be high no your list. You'll love Jennifer's competitiveness, skills, strength, and attitude. She LOVES to Dominate men, and will have you groveling at Her AMAZING feet, begging for more.

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