jessica wres

jessica wres


Location: Dallas, Texas

Member for over 2 years
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 25
Benchpress: 120 lbs
Squat: 180 lbs
Legpress: 200 lbs

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About Me

Im Jessica Bellisimo, I live in the great city of  Dallas. I have a fun bubbly attitude, but I also love when i get to bea brat(; I love doing fantasy wrestling, boxing, and scissors those are a few of my favorites. I am open to other session types, dont be afriad to message and ask! If youre a good sub,  I have a wonderfully fierce Dominate Madame side to me, we call her Nicolette ;) lol. Just let me know what youre looking for! I am open for photography for fitness, wrestling, and boxing, however I do not pose for nudes at sessions. You can visit to see full unsencored photo albums. I do mostly fantasy based style, I do offer semi competitive where I use all of my force and try to fight back slightly but not too much. I do not offer fully competitive matches. I like sessions to be fun, and for both people to feel comfortsble and safe. 

I do have skype sessions available.  

Fantasy Wrestling 
Fantasy Boxing 
Face Sitting 
ProStyle Submission holds 
Ball Busting 
*Any special request can be emailed, for I am open minded just please  be respectful about it. Special request prices will vary.* 

Private sessions will be $300 per hour. 

I do also offer private skype sessions. All details and dress codes I will discuss with you. Please let me know what you are looking for in the skype sessions and about how long you were wanting. You can contact me on skype at

Currently I am located in Dallas, TX, but I am open to travel. 

I am silly and like to have a good time but I want to ensure both of our safety. Because of this I ask for you to send me 2-3 references of ladies you have wrestled in the past so that I can verify that you are real and well have a good safe time;)

When you send me an email please let me know your name, what style you are looking for, where you are located, what dates you are looking at, your references, and what the travel details could be.
If you have any other request or questions please dont hesitate to ask. Again I am open minded and I will not judge, just please  be respectful and I will ensure that you have an Uh-Mazingggg time:)
I look forward to hearing about your fantasies so that I can fulfill them! ;)  




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04-24-2020 04-27-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
Hey there everyone! I hope your 2020 is going great! I know mine is so its only right to hit the road and spread the good vibes! I am trying to set up travel dates to different cities. I want to hear from YOU! What city should i go to and when is a good time If you have ever wanted me to come to your city now is the chance to get me there. Please respond back to this email stating where youd like to see me and in what month! If i can get at least 3 people from your city I will work out the dates and come! Places I for sure want to go and when -New Orleans 20th- 24 -Los Angeles - Sometime within the next two to three weeks. -Denver- End of April beginning of March I am open to different dates and other places so just let me know! These sessions would 350 the extra 50 is to help with travel cost and hotel for the hour. I do offer topless for an extra 100. I can wear bikini or lingerie just let me know your preference. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope that i get to see you soon!

DO NOT let her size fool you! I underestimated her power and I delightfully paid for it and loved every second of it!!! This was my first time seeing her while she was in Austin and it definitely won't be my last. I asked her not to go easy on me with her scissors and God was I in heaven! Not to mention this was the first time I was facesitted on too. She made sure that I wasn't breathing air but only her ass and pussy scent. She is very beautiful indeed! She made me feel so at ease from the moment I stepped into her room. She is so down to earth and we talked about life in general throughout the session. Next time I'll definitely have to book 2 hours because she was such a joy to be around. I really can't say enough about her. She could have easily knocked me out in her scissors. She squeezed me so hard in the very first scissorhold that I started drooling because my mouth was immobile. We were going to try the armbar but I chickened out after she had it applied for 2, not even 3 seconds because I felt she could have easily snapped my arm NO JOKE. lol. Jess thank you soooo much for a great Austin session! Def be seeing you again soon! :) - James


Had a wonderful session with Jessica yesterday in Fort Worth Texas.
She is definitely the real deal when it comes to sessions. When I opened my door, there was this bubbly gorgeous personality standing there with a huge smile on her face.
When I contacted Jessica she replied quickly and she delivered with the fantasy session I ask for.
I told Jessica that she was in my top 5 of all time, but I'd have to move up to my top 3 of all time!!
If in the Dallas area do yourself a favor and book a session with Jessica !


Had a great session with Jessica. She's great fun and really easy to talk to. We did a few of the interests she lists on her profile and tried a bunch of variations which was great fun!

Really easy to set up the session too.

Highly recommended!

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