jessica wres

jessica wres


Location: Dallas, Texas

Member for almost 3 years
Last logged in: 06/15/2020


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 25
Benchpress: 120 lbs
Squat: 180 lbs
Legpress: 200 lbs

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About Me

Im Jessica, I live in the great city of  Dallas. I have a fun bubbly attitude, but I also love when i get to be a brat(; I love doing fantasy wrestling, boxing, and scissors. I am open to other session types, dont be afriad to message and ask! If youre a good sub,  I have a wonderfully fierce Dominate Madame side to me.  Just let me know what youre looking for! I am open for photography for fitness, wrestling, and boxing, however I do not pose for nudes at sessions. You can visit to see full unsencored photo albums. I do mostly fantasy based style, I do offer semi competitive where I use all of my force and try to fight back slightly but not too much. I do not offer fully competitive matches. I like sessions to be fun, and for both people to feel comfortable and safe. 


Fantasy Wrestling 
Fantasy Boxing 
Face Sitting 
ProStyle Submission holds 
Ball Busting 
*Any special request can be emailed, for I am open minded just please  be respectful about it. Special request prices will vary.* 

Private sessions will be $300 per hour. 

I am open to travel!

I am silly and like to have a good time but I want to ensure both of our safety. Because of this I ask for you to send me 2-3 references of ladies you have wrestled in the past so that I can verify that you are real and well have a good safe time;) If you do not have refrences and it is your first time, please send links to a social media profile of yours to ensure you are a real person. 

When you send me an email please let me know your name, what style you are looking for, where you are located, what dates you are looking at, your references, and what the travel details could be.
If you have any other request or questions please dont hesitate to ask. Again I am open minded and I will not judge, just please  be respectful and I will ensure that you have an Uh-Mazingggg time:)
I look forward to hearing about your fantasies so that I can fulfill them! ;)  




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Hello All! I hope that you are all safe healthy and staying sane through this pandemic. I have been enjoying this off time and spending it with my family and working on school work without any distractions! I have been staying in and havent been sick. And since Texas did the first phase of re-opening I to will start doing sessions again! I have missed getting to see all your faces! To session please be sure that you are feeling 100 percent healthy for the past week. If you are local to Dallas lets set up a session! I am local here. If you happen to stay in Austin San Antonio or Houston please let me know if you are interested in a session May 10th- 14th Sunday- Thursday as I am looking to travel to those places during those dates. If you live in Oklahoma Kansas or Colorado please let me know when you are looking to session because I am planning a tour to those places soon Chicago I will be there before summer ends!! If you live in any other place please let me know which state youd like me to visit and a round about date. I am ready to set up my summer tours! As a precaution during sessions I will be showering in between each sanitizing equipment and the location thoroughly and making sure no one has a temperature. If youd like you can wear a mask during the session and so can I. I want to keep us all safe and healthy! I look forward to getting back to having fun with you all!! I cant wait to hear back from you and see ya! -Jess PS.. If you are ready to set up a session please reply with -Location -Session type -How many hours -Wardrobe preference -References if no references a link to a social media account twitter IG linkden ETC. Also note that for new customers and ones that I have to travel to a deposit will be required.

My wife had an awesome female vs female session with Jessica this past Saturday in Fort Worth. When she arrived she met us with a smile and a great personality. She sat and listened attentively to everything we wanted in the session. It was a Fantasy Karate and Fantasy Kickboxing Session. She played the part well. Jessica wore a Karate gi for the first part and kickboxing shorts for the second. In between rounds we had great conversations and she is definitely not a clock watcher. I highly recommend booking Jessica and we will have another session with her in the future. She was our first and after having the session she might be our only. She was that good.


My wife had an outstanding session with Jessica yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas. She was very accomodating from our initial email. I let her know it was a birthday present for me and she and my wife would be having a non-competitive karate and kickboxing session. She asked about what I wanted and she made sure things were not awkward.
She showed up with a beautiful personality and was willing to do all of the things I asked for. She wore a karate uniform for the karate part of the session and kickboxing shorts for that part. In between rounds she, my wife, and I talked quite a bit and had a great conversation. Jessica was definitely not a clock watcher. This was my first time booking any kind of session and Jessica is definitely someone that I will reach out to again when the time comes! She was definitely worth it!


I had the pleasure of sessioning with the beautiful Jessica about 2 to 3 weeks ago in Austin (excuse the lateness of my review). This was our 2nd time and she is so amazing and accommodating to the session!
We mainly did reverse headscissors and facesitting as per my request. Let me just say, if anyone is still hesitant because of her size, don't be fooled!! She is strong as fuck! How do I know? Lets just say anywhere from 1 to 3 days after our session I was verbally slurring some of my words when I would talk! That's how legit know she can cause brain damage with her legs!
She really tested me with her facesitting and I'd like to think I lasted fairly well. Having her take a seat on my face and nose was heaven. I tried to get in a few breaths while beneath her but only so I could inhale her scent. When she heardthe small air stream I was getting, she readjusted and shut that DOWN.
Back to her deadly scissors. Why are they deadly?? Because I was afraid to swallow my spit in her reverse headscissors after a while because at least 2 or 3 times in mid swallow she squeezed and pulsated causing me to gasp for air almost in a panic. But don't be fooled or scared because I loved that part of the session as well, plus she probably doesn't know that happened lol. Thank you Jess of another great session and I definitely hope to see you hear again soon!!!!! Much Love, James

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