Location: Manchester,
E-mail: wrestlejet@gmail.com
Phone: 447398020265
Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Just had a semi comp wrestling session with jet nr Manchester.believe me she is the real deal she is as strong as an ox,her scissors have you tapping straight away as it’s like having a
Boa constrictor wrapped around you squeezing the life out of you, her legs are that long I’m sure they went around me twice,my head feels like it’s been dissected from the rest of my body. Her shoulder and hip throws are technically spot on she threw me with ease onto the mats and I’m 92kgs in weight.
To sum up she is as good as axa and Lisa at the wrestling factory if not better
And as strong as pussy willow so girls move over there’s a new kid on the block
Jet is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside after a minute of meeting her it felt like I had known her for years I can’t wait for our next session


Jet is the imagination of the perfect amazon.Fit and feminine body. She is very serious in wrestling and has even learn some from experts to make her self better wrestler. She always make her best to understand and listen at the client. For people who are a bit shy I guess that Jet is perfect, because she is very open and easy to comunicate with.
First time we met I won, The second time I lost. And next time I will lose even more. Because she will be better and better.


I was very curious after I saw Jet’s sculptural and athletic body on her photos. So I met her on friday at Monicas’mat, a very good place for wrestling.
First of all, Jet was very easy to join and quick to answer. When I saw her coming in her black sport leggings, I was impressed by her beauty and by her very fit body. Jet is tall, very athletic, and very good looking (long black hair, perfect fit body, nice smile).
Jet told me that she offers semi-competitive wrestling. As usual, I prefer competitive sessions but without chokes in order to limit the risk of injury. With more than 70 sporty sessions and a Judo background, I can adapt and have a reputation of taking care of my wrestling partner. So I was happy that she agrees for a sporty session.
We began with armwrestling. As you can see on her profile, her arms are strong. I succeed to win with the right arm after more than one minute but she destroyed me easily with the left one.
Then, we began the wrestling session. I have usually the upper hand in my wrestling session and can most part of the time begin on top. But this time, I met in Jet a very fierce opponent. Not only she’s very strong, but she’s very well balanced too. She can use all part of her body and every inch of it becomes a true weapon. I’m impressed by her wrestling skills.
Despite she began wrestling sessions only a few months ago, she managed to give me a very good match. I could compare Jet with Suzie in term of strength, flexibility, and permanent smile too. Jet takes bjj courses and it’s clear she’s a very fast learner. She really enjoys at wrestling and when she’s on the top, it’s almost impossible to escape from her and from her victorious smile.
On my point of view, Jet will soon enter in the top 5 of better wrestler in UK in company of girls like Scorpion, Axa, Sativa, Ivy…
So to conclude, beautiful tall girl, with a perfect muscular and deadly body, very nice to talk with and with very good wrestling skills. Perfect deal for a perfect session !!


Meet up for a lift and carry session for my wife. Jet will not disappoint. She was fun and easy to chat to making my wife feel comfortable at all times. Very strong lady, lifted my wife with ease. Thanks for a great session. Hopefully see you again soon. X

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Thank you :))))))


Fantastic woman that I met in Manchester. Friendly and fun to talk with. Seems interested in what she do and is fit and strong. Worth to come back.

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