jolene the valkyrie hexx

jolene the valkyrie hexx


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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Top 13 Reasons To Session W/Jolene

13. Because Hexx rhymes with wrecks.

12.  Because I’ll let you pet … the LFC title belt.

11.  Because I have nine other “friends” who can beat you up too. Feel free to suggest a role to play. I’m a walking roster of characters … in heels.

10. Because you can’t scissor yourself.

9. I have better sessions with guys who are playfully competitive. So if you’ve got a little game, bring it on.

8. Have you seen my outfits? I should be charging admission for a virtual tour of my closet. Seriously.

7. Because if you behave and ask nice I MIGHT let your girlfriend have her photo taken with the belt. Might.

6. Because ribs heal; regrets don’t.

5. Because, for a price, I can bring a fabulous fight friend. Ever been double teamed?

4. Because it’s more fun than losing to your sister. And it makes for a WAY better story. And, no, I don’t want to hear about you losing to your sister.

3. Because I’ll virtually knock your socks off – or just sexily slide off mine. #footetish

2. Because Im more than an amusement park inside a bouncy castle


1  1. Because it’s great Hexx-ercise!!



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04-30-2021 05-03-2021 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Coming to Pittsburg! April 30th- May 3th 2021 Send me an email with your interests and references and lets set it up!

Just want to start off the review saying that she is an ABSOLUTE MUST SESSION if you ever have the chance! I finally got the chance to session with her when she visited my city, and everything from communication to the session itself was PERFECT! It was really easy to set up the session with only a few emails! She got every detail that I asked for about the session down to perfection! Her scissors are completely amazing too! I take pride in how much I can take being squeezed. And she made me tap out quite a few times! Also if its even possible she looks even better than her pictures! I had high expectations and she exceeded them at every point she could! She was very well spoken and could talk about anything which was nice. I was nervous at the start of the session and talking to her for a couple of minutes calmed me right down and then off into the session and roleplaying we went! Her Role playing skills were fantastic as well, I was completely immersed! The final thing I have to say again is if you get the chance you need to session with her!


BOOK A SESSION!! Jolene was my second session (yeah, second ever) on one of her recent travels and the entire experience was just incredible. First: she is beautiful!! An absolute stunner! Voice, smile, eyes, body, legs, feet... she has it all. Second: she owned me on the mat and made me see stars and tap dozens of times during our hour. She is really strong, and she will make you tap too. Third: she did exactly what I requested. We spoke to start about what I was looking for and wanted out of the session, and she knew just what to do. She also took all of my requests for holds and moves. Fourth: she was a pleasure to work with prior to the session (she even bought a red string bikini at my request for our session) and, due to her great personality, it was awesome just to talk with during the session. If you are undecided about booking a session, I can’t tell you strongly enough to do it!!


I just had a semi-competitive session with Jolene last night in Denver. I’ve been doing sessions for about 16 years and she was the best yet. It started with her communication. It was so easy and she worked with me on a time and date because she knew I really wanted to book with her (I had a trip planned and work that made my schedule kinda funky).
Then I show up and I see her. Wow. I mean you’ve seen her but in person - crikey! Stunning. Her smile, though you know she’s thinking evil thoughts, is perfection. Her attitude was inviting and playful and I felt instantly relaxed.
Her strength, endurance, and agility is effing insane. She’s a true professional and it shows. She wanted to make sure I was happy and that I got out of it everything I wanted...and I absolutely did.
Can’t wait to session with her again. If she is within 1,000 miles of you, make the drive, ride one of those Lord of the Rings eagles, Forrest Gump run, unicycle your way any way you can to session with her. You will NOT be disappointed.

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