jolene the valkyrie hexx

jolene the valkyrie hexx


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36

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Top 13 Reasons To Session W/Jolene

13. Because Hexx rhymes with wrecks.

12.  Because I’ll let you pet … the LFC title belt.

11.  Because I have nine other “friends” who can beat you up too. Feel free to suggest a role to play. I’m a walking roster of characters … in heels.

10. Because you can’t scissor yourself.

9. I have better sessions with guys who are playfully competitive. So if you’ve got a little game, bring it on.

8. Have you seen my outfits? I should be charging admission for a virtual tour of my closet. Seriously.

7. Because if you behave and ask nice I MIGHT let your girlfriend have her photo taken with the belt. Might.

6. Because ribs heal; regrets don’t.

5. Because, for a price, I can bring a fabulous fight friend. Ever been double teamed?

4. Because it’s more fun than losing to your sister. And it makes for a WAY better story. And, no, I don’t want to hear about you losing to your sister.

3. Because I’ll virtually knock your socks off – or just sexily slide off mine. #footetish

2. Because Im more than an amusement park inside a bouncy castle


1  1. Because it’s great Hexx-ercise!!



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New 2021 tour dates!! Please email your session inquiry with references contact info. Pittsburgh 9-30 to 10-2 Fully booked Dulles 10-3 to 10-5

So just had the honor of having my 2nd session with the amazing godess Jolene in Pittsburgh. They say sequels are never as good as the first? Getting to spend time with this amazing woman,seems to get only better. From communication,to having everything session wise laid out beforehand,perfection. She is more beautiful than her photos,and they are stunning,but she is like the ever ready bunny. Just all fun. You can’t help but fall in love with her. Now,session wise or wrestling,to be clear. She does love to have fun,and laugh. And she has the most fun,when dominating you. You will defiantly feel pain. But,she is a total pro,and will stop on a dime if to much. I have sessioned with many,won’t drop names. I am helpless against Jolene. Her speed,her skills are amazing. She will have your head in seconds. It’s all downhill from there. Because then comes the legs,and her scissors. I could not handle even half effort. Then,if your lucky,and asked for it,comes the feet,in my case,de-feet. I always challange anyone to shut me up if have smelly socked feet. Jolene made me tap in 15 seconds! And,that was not the end. The only downside,you don’t want the session to end. She is the real deal,and I adore her. Looking forward to the 3 peat of getting defeated🙏


I just got back from a session with Jolene. This was my first session, but certainly not my last. Without getting into the session details, just know she responds quickly with emails. She’s also very down to earth and easy going.

Jolene was very accommodating and fulfilled a wardrobe request. She didn’t just put on the outfit. She absolutely rocked it and was stunning to look at. So, Jolene is incredibly attractive, responds quickly to emails, and is very easy going. What are you waiting for?


I have been wanting to post a review of my recent session in Pittsburgh with the incomparable Jolene the Valkyrie for over a week now. Scheduling the session with Jolene was unbelievably easy. Knowing how popular she is in the session world, I thought I might be out of luck because her trip to the ‘Burgh was one of the few trips Jolene makes outside of her home turf of Vegas. She responded quickly to my email and told me that she had time available so setting up the session was simple.

I am somewhat nervous when I meet with a session wrestler who I have not met before. When she answered my knock on the door, she was wearing the same incredible black lingerie set that she wore at the LFC event in her photos on Session Girls. She looked absolutely stunning—even better than her pictures. She is quite simply a knockout who is also a model as well as a kickass mixed wrestler. Jolene put me at ease almost immediately telling me about her nightmare of a flight from Vegas to Pittsburgh.

We talked quite a bit prior to grappling and during the whole session. Not only is she beautiful, she has a wonderful personality. She reminds me of the hot chick in school that most guys are afraid to talk to, but when you do get to talk to her you realize that she is one of the coolest women you have ever met. She is the kind of woman with whom all guys would like to go drinking. It seems like she has a wild side and would be the life of any party. She is genuine, totally transparent and not afraid to speak her mind. I found her take on almost all issues to be unique and refreshing.

Now the important stuff—the wrestling. First of all, Jolene is much stronger than one would think from looking at her photos. Her legs are killer and are significantly stronger than my own. Even though she is about 5” shorter and 50 lbs lighter than me, she had absolutely no problem wearing me out and making me tap over and over again. I kept making the stupid mistake of trying a single leg or double leg takedown when she would do a snap down on my head. I am conditioned to do this from my high school wrestling days. She would immediately tie me up in a choke hold and I would have to tap out. She has great arm and upper body strength. After the session, my neck was sore and it felt like someone had been trying to rip my head off.

I think I was able to pancake her once or twice, but this was nothing compared to the number of times she had me tapping out in choke holds. I was dismayed at how easily Jolene was able to stop me in my tracks with well timed choke holds. When I asked her to try some body scissors on me, I wasn’t able to take much pressure. My ribs were still bruised and sore from a session about a month before. She kind of laughed at me for not being able to take much of her overpowering leg strength. I deserved the humiliation because I was tapping out before she had really started.

Jolene is very serious about winning. I learned this almost immediately when I was trying to lockup her arm and she was quite vehemently pulling away from me. I asked her why she didn’t like that since it is sort of a standard wrestling move. She responded quite assertively: “I don’t like anyone controlling me!” In several of the reviews I read before my session, the reviewer noted that Jolene has a mean streak and likes to inflict pain. I asked her about this when we were on the mat and she just smiled and told me that was an accurate portrayal of how she approaches mixed wrestling sessions. I told Jolene that I had not met many women who freely admit to wanting to physically punish an opponent. This may sound weird, but I found her sadistic streak fascinating. She definitely has the athletic physique and the grappling and martial arts training to hurt almost anyone she encounters. I think my intrigue with her philosophy on the mats stems from how ultra-competitive she is and how open she is about wanting to hurt her opponent.

If you are seeking a great grappling experience with a beautiful and athletic woman who can kick your ass, then Jolene the Valkyrie Hexx is the woman of your dreams. I think the reference she uses in her stage name to Norse mythology is perfect. She is a female warrior who chooses who lives and dies in battle. In a battle on the mats, Jolene will come out on top every time.

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