Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: sheilamariestore@gmail.com
Travel Phone: 4242580449
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30
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I had a crush on this sexy lady since her role on the R-rated erotic from Harold Blueberry (he has other aliases) as "Dr. Know".
Sheila Marie did fine in her adult industry career until before the "big crash" of 2007.
Her physique remained incredibly thin and muscular, perfect for the toned, big-boobed, tall vixen roles in the erotic, horror, and action films she filmed after the crash.
I booked a 10 minute webcam appointment which was prepaid and we were online within a half hour after the payment went through.
I also purchased digital media which was delivered by email.
Total amount so far: 225 USD


Had a competitive wrestling match with Kallisto a couple days ago. She was a very nice woman and professional. She also has a very nice body. Her pictures do not do her justice. As far as the her wrestling ability, she’s not the best competition I’ve had. Yes I’m a big guy (6’2 250), but I’ve been dominated by women must shorter and smaller than Kallisto. On this day, I dominated Kallisto all over the ring. She was fun to tangle with but if you’re looking for a woman who is going to give you a great feisty match, look elsewhere. But if you wanna roll around with a very attractive woman, Kallisto is a good match.


I purchased 5 semi nude bikini tease selfies from Kallisto for 50 USD. I found out about her through Twitter https://twitter.com/seilamarie and her username @seilamarie. The quality of the pictures was very high and she has an amazing body. The photos were delivered by my cell phone.


Great customer, very reliable. My twitter username has been updated to @sheilamarieglam. The @seilamarie was missing the letter 'h' of this handle (which I employed when I was in the adult industry with about 250 XXX films from 2002 - 2016).
Unfortunately, I was not able to take over the Twitter @SheilaMarie, it is owned by someone else. Also, I am not able to post the former twitter handle @SheilaMarieXXX in many sites because of the consecutive 3 X's: XXX.
Twitter @sheilamarieglam as of Jan152019


I had a wonderful session with Kallisto and our 90 minute session flew by and I wanted more time. She is flexible and likes to put on unconventional holds that other wrestlers cannot pull off. She has surprising upper body strength and was able to keep me pinned when I thought I might be able to move her. She was open minded when I asked for some trampling to end the session. I had a great time and hope to see her when she is back in my area.

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