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Domina Katarina provides an exquisite combination of traditional FemDom and Wrestling. Ever been pinned down, bound and had hot wax dripped on you? Ever been spanked while on the losing end of a punishment round?

I am, theDommeKat, an NYC-based natural Dominant who will dazzle you with My smile and wit while making you submit with pure physical power. Like the Cobra that laughs after She bites you, I am playful, creative and have a sado-streak that keeps things interesting. I genuinely love wrestling and train hard but also relish any chance to mix in some kinky BDSM fun. I have a growing list of submissions to use on you along with a full arsenal of Domina tools and tricks and will employ them all while laughing at your helplessness.

You might remember BBD warning you in the ‘90s about trusting big butts and smiles, but I’m the poison that you picked.

PLEASE ONLY USE THE TRAVEL PHONE NUMBER TO SET UP A SESSION WHEN I AM TRAVELLING AND ACTUALLY IN YOUR CITY OR IF I TELL YOU SPECIFICALLY TO USE IT. *** I prefer text. I will not answer calls. If you text me about a future session, session inquiry, a potential NYC session, etc., I will give you one warning and then you will be blocked. The number is for everyones convenience. Please do not clog up the works. Thanks! xo ***

When contacting Me, please include:

  • Name
  • Age 
  • Height and weight
  • Desired location of the session
  • Type of session you’re interested in
  • References (two wrestlers or proDommes), if possible

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Booking a custom clip or session Email Me or check out My website theDommeKat.com! I do not plan any travel outside NYC metro area right now due to COViD.

Had a session with the domme cat, late Friday night and it was phenomenal! Asked for semi-comp/fantasy, leaning more towards fantasy. When we started about a minute in, it was over for me! I was her prey! I was smothered into oblivion. Reverse facesitting, reverse headscissors, etc. In the end, I was just another victim of the domme cat. Highly recommend, shoot her an e-mail!


At Lola Jean's Wrestling Party November 2019, Union Square Manhattan NYC. Before a delightful 8 minute Mini Session with Katerina The Domme Kat...
WJ : "So can you take it a little easy on me?"
DK (With a great big smile!!) : "We'll see!!"
WJ : "I turn 61 in January. I'm old and weak, and I have really badly arthritic knees!!"
DK : (With an even bigger smile!!) "Wow, I'm gonna break you!!!!!!"
WJ : "(GULP!!!!!!)"

Well... She didn't break, but easily could have if she wanted to!!!!!! She did, however, pin me when she wanted to, scissor me when she wanted to, armbar me when she wanted to. She dominated the entire 8 minutes, smiling and keeping up a playful banter. She's very strong and very skilled.
She's also an absolute blast at wrestling parties!!!!!! I've also seen her at 2 Grapple Den Wrestling Parties here in Manhattan. The theme of the first 2019 party was 'Disco vs Punk', and I had a shirt that said 'The Clash' made for the event. When the DJ played a live version of 'Rock The Casbah' she got the whole room to shout out "ROCK THE CASBAH!!!!!!", after I had met with limited success first; great stuff!!

At the 2018 GD Party I attended, she had a mixed match that was the definite highlight of the evening and a spectacular fun time : She was easily victorious in a 'Dog Collar Match'!!!!!!

Kat is very strong, very skilled, and very fun!!! Highest recommendation!!!!!!


Booked my first session, a one hour semi-competitive / domination session, with Domina Katarina earlier this week, and I was blown away. First of all, she is gorgeous; her photos do not even begin to do her justice. She was patient and open to everything I wanted in the session, and extremely responsive by email in the weeks leading up to the session. As for the session itself, she is extremely skilled on the mat, and knows it. I had no chance, no matter how much I tried. She is cocky and confident, and included everything I asked for and more. She makes sure you know just how helpless you are, and that you know where your place is with her. By the time the hour finished, I had to do another hour, something I have NEVER done before. I will be booking again with her VERY soon, and highly recommend other to do the same.

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