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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

I am an amazonian Queen. Im tall, sexy, strong and fun. I love doing sessions of all types whether they are sensual, dominant, fun or competitive. Im an experienced wrestler and I have deadly quads that would split you in two! I love to be worshipped and I love to terrorise men who are a little scared of me ;) all with a pretty smile on my face haha. The day I stop enjoying this job is the day I give up for good, I am fun and feisty and I thoroughly enjoy being physically dominant! 

I do lift and carry sessions and muscle worship sessions also xx

Im part of Irish Max Academy and I travel around Europe very regularly. 

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DUBAI 22-25th September LONDON ONE NIGHT ONLY FRIDAY 27th-28th sept Muscle worship sensual domination fantasy wrestling semi compcomp safe wrestling - scissor sessions facesitting domination etc etc all the fun stuff xx I have travel mats with me and doubles with Lexi Max

had an Amazing Skype session with her and viper talking about details about the meet and so much More and i am Gonna Win Against her Look forward to fighting her and the rest of IMA


Had a scissor session with Kat, and let me tell you, she is good. She keeps on squeezing you until you are tired or she is. She has that bulky/muscle physique, which match her strength. Besides wrestling, Kat is also a fun person, you can also have great conversations with her.


Thoroughly enjoyed my session with Kat and Viper. Kat is so strong and skilled, especially with her legs. I like how it seems like she has so much fun terrorizing men and that playful dominance makes it all the more enjoyable. Cannot wait to see her again. It was truly an honor to be crushed by someone so powerful and beautiful. Will need to step up my training to try to make it more interesting next time.

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