Location: Dallas, Texas
E-mail: kayshamadeinbrazil@gmail.com

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Height: 5'2 - 157 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Hey!!! Estarei no Brasil fim de Janeiro incio de fevereiro 2020 If Im not listed in your city just send me an email! Dates and places for the tour are still being arranged. If you are on my route please shoot me an email to let me know your interest!

I've emailed her on two occasions and she never responds. I kept my emails polite and professional so I don't understand what the deal is.


I had a session in 2017 when she visitig Europe for session , man is this girl strong , with her BJJ experience she let me tap a lot of times , I hope she will be in Europe soon again , so I can get a revange match , and then losing not with so much submissions as in 2017.


Saw Kaysha yesterday when I traveled to Dallas.
I asked to armwrestle to start and she beat me! OMG she is strong!
We then began competitive wrestling. I knew she had the martial arts skill,
but figured since I was much bigger than her that I would wear her out during our 2-hour of wrestling. But Kaysha just kept after me. She wore me out and all the while smiled & laughed.
She was amused at my attempts of wrestling her.
Kaysha teases me some saying, "what are you going to do now".
Not only is she strong & skilled, but Kaysha is such a sweet lady! She has a personality that makes you want to be her friend.
For rest breaks I needed we just hugged. I just appreciated this wonderful lady so!
She did pick me up & also tossed me over her back. And I weigh 230 pounds!!
She is solid and strong! Kaysha is the best!
For anyone reading this you gotta see this sweet & wonderful lady!
Thank you Kaysha! You were the highlight of my trip to Dallas!

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