Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
E-mail: michimoon0307@gmail.com
Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29
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Don't be fooled by her sweet smile, Kimchi is a super strong and super mean wrestler. Would definitely recommend her for anyone seeking a great competitive wrestling session with a fantastic wrestler.


I saw Kim when she was in Cleveland last August and I was absolutely amazed at how much fun we both had. I was her first session of the morning so we were both fresh and ready for some fun! We started off with some light boxing, neither of us trying to do any damage, just seeing how quick we could get each other with body shots and blocks. While working up a good sweat with a few breaks, we moved on to some semi comp wrestling but she wiped me all over the mat b/c I'm was way out of shape at the time so we moved more to her applying various hold and me getting out of them. I was successful maybe 1 out of 3 times. Lots of breaks but lots of holds and fun, one of the RNCs she had me in had me seeing stars and when I'd tapped, she took it just a second longer and had me gasping but satisfied for helping push my limits. During our breaks, we'd chatted about the industry and who I should visit in the future based on what my interests and I'll always appreciate that from her. She's a petite, spunky and energetic woman that loves her job and is someone I'll def visit with again if she goes back out on tour in my area.


I recently had a semi-competitive session with Kimichi. She is very strong, an excellent wrestler, and as charming or evil as you want her to be. She was also very professional throughout the process of setting up the session as well as during the session itself. Highly recommended.


I don't know what I was expecting when I went into my session with Kimchi, but it was way better than I could've imagined. It was my first ever session and I was pretty nervous about it, but she was professional, understanding and fun through the whole process and made it extremely easy to feel comfortable.

We started with a bit of semi-comp where I was just trying to see how well I could avoid being pinned or submitted. Kimchi had no problem at all pinning me down or catching me in whatever hold she wanted at will, and I couldn't escape any of it. We carried on with that same "semi-comp" style for most of the session, but Kimchi thoroughly dominated me throughout. She held me down in tight schoolgirl pins and smothers, had me tapping out to more scissor holds than I could count, and made me worship her feet.

She repeatedly taunted me throughout the session, and that was every bit as great as the wrestling itself. Often when I tapped to her scissor holds she'd laugh and talk about how she was barely even trying, and once while I was trapped in a schoolgirl pin she made me admit that "I'm Kimchi's bitch." She closed out the session with some sexy victory poses over me.

This first time session was everything I could've wanted it to be and more. I had a blast getting my ass kicked by Kimchi. She's such a fun and beautiful person to be around, and she did everything she could to make sure I got what I wanted out of it. I can't recommend her enough, and I'll absolutely be eager to session with her again if the chance comes around.


Had my first session with Kimchi mid may. It was amazing, she is very friendly and easy to get along with.We did some kickboxing/boxing, a whole lot of fun! Will definitely meet up with her again.


I just met Kimichi, and I must rave about all the awesome things that this tightly packed bundle of fight gets so on-the-money: email (quick, clear, & patient), facility (stocked, clean, safe, & convenient), demeanor (attentive, empathetic, & open-minded), and skills! She has moves slick as a cobra, tight as a vice, and dominant like a boss (if you ask her). Anyone in the DC area looking for a fun wrestle should totally hit up Kimichi, or if she comes to your town you don't want to miss her. She's got it all.


Just had my first session ever and I could not have had a better first experience! Kimchi was professional but so welcoming, warm, and informative at the same time. She walked me through all the details and made sure I was comfortable with the session.

Then the session started. She went from this nice, down to earth girl to this feisty, strong, but arousing dom! We started semi-comp and we both joked how I could not even get her in one submission. Then we transitioned to a fantasy scissor dom and it was sooo much fun. She is insanely strong in her legs, I tapped every time and she said she was not even at 5%!!!!

I wil definitely be seeing her again. She was the best I could ask for a first timer, she really made sure i was okay with everything and addressed all my concerns. Thanks goddess! Till next time, sub2626!


I’ve sessioned with Kim once before, in August - I wrote a review a few months ago, and I want to stress that everything I put in that review still applies, if more so than ever. Kim’s still fast and nearly uncatchable when she wants to be. She’s still playful and energetic and good for so many laughs. She’s still strong, with powerful legs that can have you seeing stars once she pours the pressure on. I’d even go so far as to say she’s more skilled than when we last met. I’d have to go back and compare footage, but I don’t remember being put in quite so many holds in such a quick manner, and she was an ace when it came to seizing each and every opportunity.

So what could I really add on to that with?

For starters, I could talk about how welcoming Kim is. While she’s by no means unprofessional, Kim has a care for her clients that not everyone shares. I’ve had sessions with women who are quick to get me out the door, who are strict with their time, and I don’t wholly blame them - it’s a business, they have to keep things moving, I get it. But Kim has the best personal touch I’ve come across. She communicates, she listens, does her best to make sure you get the most out of your time.

With any service, you can tell the difference between someone who’s just looking for the money and someone who wants to do it well, someone who sees you as a paycheck and someone who sees you as a person. Kim wants you to have a good time, and wants to have a good time with you.

If this your time doing sessions, I couldn’t recommend her higher as a starting point. You’ll be comfortable, you’ll be eased into the process, you’ll be clear on what’s about to happen, and you won’t get hurt.

If you’ve been doing this for a long time - and you haven’t had a session with her already, shame - you’ll find someone who can keep up with you, who can work with your requests, who won’t waste your time, and who will return all the respect you give to her.

Kim’s a great session wrestler, and I can’t express here just how enriching it’s been to meet and work with her. If she comes your way, definitely session with her. You will not regret it.


Just had a double session with Kim and Domme Kat, and they are both incredible. Kim got me in several chokes, guillotines, and a painful head scissor which had me tapping immediately. I can’t recommend her enough. She is so much fun to wrestle, and she looks amazing doing it. Really hope she comes around again.

Honey Badger

I had my first ever session with Kim Chi yesterday. It was the first time I've done anything fetish related in real life. She was so much fun to work with. Gentle, funny, kind, and welcoming. An incredible grappler with holds and chokes. I greatly recommend her for making your dreams come true. I hope I can see her again when she comes back to Philadelphia


Kim is so great. She is very considerate of my needs and she is unbelievably strong given her size. She is also very creative! And bendy!!! I like lots of chokes and smothers, mainly with hands and feet. The variety of ways she can put those simple holds on me are amazing! She is also sweet and fun to talk to. She travels a lot so see her if she comes your way, you won't be disappointed!!

Philly Femdom

I had a session/shoot with Kim Chi while she was in Philly just recently. It was absolutely amazing!

Her personality is so sweet, she really cares about you while also giving you as much intensity as you ask for. She is so sensual and will put you at ease with her touch and voice, but she is also so sadistic and will hurt you or choke you exactly how you want and will do it with a huge smile and lots of laughs.

Kim Chi has a fantastically fit physique. She may be small, but she clearly is very experienced in joint locks and chokes, her grappling/squeezing muscles are highly developed, hidden away in her tiny frame, but when she puts her inner thighs to your throat, you feel steel human muscle forcing your throat shut. And she clearly has practiced and developed many grappling techniques, including wrestling and BJJ holds!


Saw her recently.
First the good:
Was easy setting up session. When I met her she made certain the session was what I wanted. During the time she asked few times to make certain I was happy with how our time together was going well. She can move fast. When I tried to pin her I was unable to do so.
Now the not so good:
She seemed a bit aprohensive.
Not willing to give me her phone number but had to rely on email to get her hotel room number.
During conversation near end of session I asked if she had another session after ours. She asked, "why do you ask? " seemed suspicious as to my asking.


I just had a fetish session in Florida with Kim. She was extremely responsive with emails and easy to coordinate setting up the session. She was very receptive and professional to my requests. She is a good conversationalist. Her personality is awesome and her strength and wrestling skills are excellent;; grapevines, arm bars, front & reverse headscissors, and her deadly front and reverse long smothering facesit pins. I highly recommend her for a session. I am looking forward to meeting up with her again.


I had a session with Kim Chi when she came along to Raleigh last August, but I’m only recently getting around to writing this review. My apologies on that, because she definitely deserves to have her praises sung.

Kim is great in a lot of areas. She’s in great shape and knows how to use her body to move around and get you in a lot of holds, quick and fast. I’ve limited experience in mixed wrestling, but she was the first session where I really felt wrapped up, like I couldn’t get away from her, and it was really competitive despite my having about 100 or so pounds on her at the time. It also helped that, for my session at least, we wrestled in a nice, open space, the largest area I’ve done a session in so far. It’s a small thing, but being able to move around without having to worry about tripping over hotel furniture is a welcome change.

Her scissors are strong and headcrushing, and while I tried to hold out, I wound up tapping repeatedly. I probably would’ve ended up tapping more, but I saw her at the end of a long day of sessioning, and I think it had taken a toll on her at that point. Which segues into my next point rather well.

I forget what she told me exactly, but the impression I received when we had our session was that she’d really been through the wringer that day, and I was her last session before bed. With that in mind, Kim could’ve curt and in a hurry to get me out, not wanting to go too hard, saving up her strength for tomorrow. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she’d been that way...but she wasn’t.

Instead, she was unfailingly polite and pleasant. Of the several women I’ve wrestled so far, I’ve been blessed that none of them have been outright rude or pushy or clockwatchers, but I’d say that Kim is still the most personable I’ve come across, and probably the first wrestler I could really see myself hanging out with. Talking to her between submissions was a treat - she’s funny, open, honest, and approachable. I’m a bit of a nervous wreck, so I don’t speak lightly when I say these things.

Highest recommendations.


I had an awesome session with Kim today. She is gorgeous, funny, very accommodating and deceptively strong. I have wrestled almost 20 of the top women and she is one of the few that I have had multiple sessions. I have already booked to meet her again in the spring.


Working with Kimchi was one of the greatest experience I've ever encounter. She was very sweet, sexy, strong and can deliver the sexiness into boxing. I can't wait to work with her again.


Just had a session with the amazing and sexy Kim Chi while she was touring Houston yesterday. I had a fantasy boxing session with her and I couldn't have asked for a better session. As I'm writing this review, I'm replaying the session in my head. Kim Chi really goes out of her way to make sure you have an amazing experience and really enjoys what she does. If you haven't sessioned with this beautiful woman yet, do so!


Had a great time with Kim in San Antonio for a boxing session. She is very energetic and playful. KO body & personality! She is also very easy to talk with and seemed to have as much fun as I did. I definitely recommend her and look forward to seeing her again soon!


I was able to meet with Kim and another wrestler and it was an awesome time. Kim was friendly and got me comfortable enough to really explain what type of match I wanted and accommodated. She is full of energy and that competitive personality just makes the session even more enjoyable. Looking forward to our next match!


5-31-18 I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and she was a pleasant surprise in person. Bubbling personality , full of energy. Our session was fun with a little intensity. She's not a clock watcher, she's just energetic and ready to go.go go. I don't want to leave out that she's pleasing to the eyes too. I'm looking forward to a rematch with her . Tap you out. Lol. Thanks DB


I was very lucky to meet with Kim. She has a great personality and is a real beauty. Her pics are nice but they do not give her justice. She is in great shape and she was a lot of fun as we had a semi-competitive session. I will def see this beauty when she comes back to the Big Apple.


I had a session with Kim during a recent visit to Boston, and it was a fantastic time. Do NOT let her size fool you, she is very strong and will put you in your place if you choose to underestimate her. Her scissors are deadly, and her gorgeous eyes and smile will melt your will as she dominates you in a schoolgirl pin. She is cute, sexy and sweet all wrapped in a petite but powerful package. I highly recommend.

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