Location: Parkville, Maryland
E-mail: localocadiaz@gmail.com
Phone: 4435091806
Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Age: 35
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I had my session with Kira on 03/11/2019.
Kira is truly a gracious host and generous with her time. She was attentive to my requests and continuously communicated throughout our entire session to ensure my safety. She is incredibly skilled and unbelievably strong. Her Headscissors and figure 4's had me tapping in no time flat! She is also incredibly friendly, funny, and just a joy to wrestle with.


WOW... So I have been doing sessions with Kira for the last 3 plus years now and if I had to sum up the experience in one word, it would be "awesome"!!!
She has gotten incredibly faster and stronger. Our first few sessions were one sided and I would usually come out on top but that was okay since her personality more than made up for her skill level in the beginning.
Well, fast forward to current day and the last few sessions I have had with her, I am lucky to get a submission or two. We say is semi-competitive but there is no "semi" for me... I am going all out. At 6'1" and 230 lbs, I have the size advantage but that is it. Her speed and strength is something to reckon with...but as tough as she is, she is one of the most personable and sweetest people I know.
Don't let her beautiful smile or smoking hot body fool you... she is down for whatever you throw her way.
If you are ever in the Baltimore area or within a few hour drive... you will not be disappointed!!!
Oh, BTW I lost my last week session 4 wins for Kira, 2 wins for me and 2 draws (the 2 draws were wins in my book...lol )
Looking forward till we rumble again...


I had a session with the sensational Kira on 01/27/2020. She was extremely courteous of my session interests ( bearhugs, front lifts and light wrestling) and we had a wonderful and amusing session lol. I'll def be seeing her again :)


I had an absolutely amazing first time session with Miss Kira back in September! Being my first time I was super nervous, but there's a reason everyone says shes great for first timers! She was super accommodating and put me at ease very easily!

As for the session it was phenomenal! As great as her pictures make her look shes even more stunning in person. I'm a pretty small guy so it's no surprise she wiped the floor with me, 10-0. She made sure to remind me and made me keep count every time the number went higher 💙 Never knew getting beat up could be so much fun!


Kira is an absolute beast. This is my fifth session with her. Since my earlier sessions, I've actually been hitting the gym more frequently, and have more experience under my belt, so needless to say I was confident going in. She even commented how much stronger I was this time. But my confidence was misplaced. She still completely dominated me, I didn't get a single submission and she just toyed with me. This girl is a monster on the mats, and so so sexy while doing it. If you feel like getting pinned and submitting after trying your very hardest by a very attractive woman, then you can't go wrong here.


I recently had a great session with Kira and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a high energy match. Kira was really easy to schedule with and the session definitely lived up to all of her other reviews!

I'm a really big guy and Kira had no problem with a back and forth semi-comp match and started off by knocking me over and locking on one of the tightest headlocks I've ever felt.

Kira's very friendly and fun to chat with while getting to know her. She does an awesome job of making the session relaxing like you're just hanging out with an old friend. Kira's also VERY competitive so as soon as the wrestling starts she's focused on kicking your ass again!

Its rare to meet such a beautiful woman with an amazing personality that also really loves to "rumble" no matter how big her opponent is. With all of that said I'm really happy Kira's within driving distance because I cant wait to session with her again and again! Do yourself a favor and set up a session with her if you're ever in the area!


Kira was kind enough to session with me as my very first session ever. We had a non-competitive headscissor, smothering, choke hold session. It was great. She's super nice, and easy to talk to. She listens and actually takes your preferences and suggestions of what you would like her to do and how you want her to. Like some others said, I can't believe how strong she was. She had me tapping in headscissor way faster than I thought I would. Towards the end I put in some resistance and she would easily take me down and get me.
I would highly recommend her especially if you want to lose. I will definitely be back for more sessions.


This was my very first session, and I wanted a non-competitive domination style session with head scissors, smothers, and choke holds.
kira is super nice, and makes it very easy to talk with her to feel at ease to enjoy the. session.
she's very open to your preferences and suggestions
she's ridiculously strong, I wasn't expecting to tap as fast as I had to. I'm already sore after the session. I added some effort towards the end and she just easily took me down and got me

I have no complaints. she gave me exactly what I asked and expected

I'll definitely be back for another session as soon as I can. I would highly recommend her if you want to lose


Kira is a gem. This was my fourth session with her, and shes my only repeat session to date for good reason. It's not enough that she just kicks your ass (and she will, don't worry) but she does it with a smile and great attitude. She's tons of fun to be around, and just as fun on the mats. She's actually gotten stronger lately, and she was strong beforehand. If you're ever in the area, you'd be hard pressed to find a better session.


I had my second match with Kira yesterday, and it was the best session wrestling I've ever done! We started out with semi-comp, and boy is she strong and technical! I think I got one pin to her six or seven. Then we did a little bit of play boxing before a domination session. The entire time, she was personable, kept asking if I was doing ok, and was accommodating to all of my requests. Her pictures don't do her justice, and overall she's a real sweetheart. I'd wrestle her again in a heartbeat!


What kind of domination session does Kira offer?


Not sure if my reply worked as I can't see it... so here I go again. What does her domination look like it? Is there any BDSM stuff?


So I have been doing sessions with Kira for over two years now and she is exactly like all of her reviewers state; friendly, welcoming, very professional and is completely attentive to your session requests.
Well, what changed??? It’s been about 6 months since I last had a session with Kira and she reached out to me to see how I was doing and if I wanted to get together. My schedule has been crazy lately but I agreed and we set a time and day. During the email banter, she mentioned something about working out lately and how she was getting stronger (ha, ha, ha). Kira knows that I am very competitive on the mats and I just figured she was playing that up. Well, we meet last Wednesday and much to my surprise, she was not joking.
Everything about the session was the same; we chatted for a few minutes and caught up on things. We then stretched out and then we got down to it. I like to think we have semi-competitive matches but they are probably borderline competitive when it’s all said and done. What can I say is that she kicked my ass!!! I always keep score and we are usually one or two pin falls, plus or minus so it always keeps me coming back for more. Unfortunately, she not only has gotten stronger but she has added speed and more skill to her craft. Wow, was I totally taken off guard and tapped more times during that session than any other session I have had with Kira or any other session wrestler for that matter. To boot, she had the same great smile and personality that she has always had, the only difference was her killer instinct. (I got crushed, 8 to 2 submits)
So, if you are looking for a fun and competitive match, Kira is your wrestler. Just be prepared for a few choke holds that you can’t get out of unless you tap. Oh, yes… I will be back to try and even the score!!!


I must admit setting up an appointment with Kira is very easy. In fact, it was so easy I felt a little unsure because I felt like I was being setup but this definitely was not that. Usually if you try to set an appointment it's usually straight to the point...so much so until it feels unfriendly-like.
Kira takes the time to talk to you to make you feel comfortable and to find out what you are looking for. She is so friendly, understanding and flexible during the initial setup it seems unreal. That's why I felt like I did.
As soon as she opened the door to her place I felt at ease. She greeted me with a beautiful, warming smile that made me feel like a friend. I told her about the way I felt and she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and safe.
The session was nothing short of amazing. Though she has a nice warming personality, she can be very dominant. She is also very strong. Her choke holds and scissors are very strong. Her breast smothers are the best!
I just can't wait until the next session. I couldn't thank her enough!!


TLDR: Kira is amazing, best you can ask for.

So my first session ever was with Kira. To begin with, i was a nervous wreck as I didn't know what to expect. Setup was easy, we had some issues with middlemen but she kept me up to date and we worked through it. So then i finally got to her place. I was not expecting just how pleasant she would be to talk to. It cannot be overstated just how well Kira can put you at ease and ready to go (We just chatted for like a half hour before we actually began any wrestling). So as for the session itself, i requested semi-comp and some domination. Kira delivered both in spades. Again, I was nervous and she talked out with me any boundaries I had and what I wanted before we started. She was way stronger than expected and laid me down pretty easily, and repeatedly. If I had to describe the entire experience in just one word, it would be "Fun". If youre looking for a girl who is amazing to be around, and can also kick your ass, then look no further.

pinkish wallaby

I met Kira for the first time recently; she was very pleasant to chat with, and an absolute tiger on the mats. She responded immediately after I emailed her and was friendly throughout the set up. I weigh twice as much as her and she absolutely dominated me -- I initially said I would just play defense since I don't have much wrestling experience, but there was nothing I could do. Within seconds of each round, she would have me on my back, pounce on me, lock my legs/arms and hug my face into her chest (I mentioned I liked smothering, which she proceeded to use for every single tap). She's quite strong and really went 100% compared to previous sessions I've had; despite my size advantage, she knew how to use leverage and keep me pinned. Would highly recommend Kira if you're ever in Maryland!


I had another amazing session with the beautiful and strong Kira. She is so amazing at what she does and has gotten a lot stronger over the past year. She makes you feel so at ease with the session and is located in a safe place so you never feel uncomfortable. If you are in the area, definitely go visit her. She’s easy to communicate with us listens to all of your needs!


Many guys who post reviews on session girls usually review their session wrestler as the best in class so the debate would go on forever. I am here to tell you that one of the BEST is in Middle River, Maryland and her name is Kira. I have been going to her for semi-competitive sessions for almost two years now.
Let me do the set up...first, Kira responds to her emails in a timely manner and answered all of my questions that I had. Her email communication is phenomenal and I was quickly put at ease. Before I knew it, the session was booked.
Fast forward to the day of my first session with her, I was extremely nervous. I really didn't know what to expect when I was going to her place. Kira was so welcoming which made all of my nervous feelings go away very quickly. First of all, she is absolutely stunning and the outfit she wore matched my expectations exactly, so right then and there I knew this was going to be the best time of my fantasy life. Secondly, she was extremely friendly and easy to talk to; I think we talked for 45 minutes before we hit the mats. Wow, let the games begin…we both would feel each other out and I think we both had nervous energy and adrenaline, remember she was also new to the wrestling scene back then.
So now, I usually book 2 hours instead of 1 as it goes by way too quickly. We now branch out to other types of sessions, last time we did pin wrestling which was really fun but I think we always fall back to our semi-competitive roots. If I was really honest with myself, I would say we are more competitive with each other and there is a high level of respect between us.
Kira is a fantastic listener and she delivers every time. (I session with her a lot) My only compliant would be that she is open to all types of sessions and last summer I suggested that we try oil wrestling, I got the pool, oil and bathing suit that I wanted her to wear, I could not have imagined how much fun I was going to have but at 6’1” – 230lbs, my height and weight advantage went out the door and she continually kicked my ass. If you ever think about entering into the oil wrestling match with Kira, just know you will not stand a chance!!!
So, if you are ever in the Washington DC / Baltimore area, hit her up and you will find what I found, which is a jewel of a session wrestler. Kira, thanks for all of the good times and looking forward to many more.


I met this amazing woman today for an amazing session. First impression walking in and seeing her; I couldn't believe how tall, beautiful, and incredibly strong she is. She definitly prepared for the session, as i had special wardrobe requests, and she met my requests it to a tee. She is super friendly, and made me feel very comfortable right away. When it comes to fulfilling my requests, she delivered the pain while respecting my limits. She clearly enjoyed my agony she caused, which I love, and clearly would have ramped up the pain even more if I wanted. I needed breaks, and we ran well over the alloted hour time frame without hesitation on her part. My favorite session ever, and i will be back to see her again soon.


I had my first session with Kira yesterday. She was fantastic and everything as advertised. She’s beautiful, has a great personality and is tremendous wrestler. As others have said, her best and strongest move is her headlock; but make no mistake, this woman can tangle. She’s strong, fast, rough, and competitive. Each time I won a fall, she came out the next round ready to bring it on! I’m looking forward to our rematch.


I had a session with Kira today, we did a bit of everything - wrestling, domination, beatdown / punches. I enjoyed every minute and found her to be very friendly and accommodating. Super strong, her headlock is by far her best hold. I had no hope of escaping and will enjoy my sore neck tomorrow! Looking forward to repeat sessions.


If you are looking for that rare combination of raw strength, personality, professionalism, and hotness, you simply must meet Kira. She is as much of a charmer off the mats as she is a beast in a grapple (and this girl is pretty much a hurricane when the match is on). Even better, she never watches the clock, loves to talk, maintains safety in her holds, and genuinely wants you to have a great time. Bottom line: if you are anywhere near Baltimore, I highly recommend you see her, as she is certified awesome.


I just had my first session with Kira and It was amazing.We did a sleeperhold and scissorhold session. Kira's sleeperholds were amazing she had me drooling In her sleeperholds her scissorholds are leathal. Kira Is very friendly she has a great pearsonality. I definitely recommend Kira for a session she Is absolutely amazing.Setting up a session with Kira Is easy she answers e-mails quickly. Thanks again Kira till we meet again. Thanks Rich


I’ve had multiple sessions with Kira and she is the easiest person you could ever imagine dealing with. She knows how to communicate and listens to your needs. She is also very easy on the eyes, but don’t let that fool you because she can get very physical and has no issue beating you down as easy or as hard as you like. Definitely worth the visit!


Kira was a terriffic experience. Amazing session, I got exactly what I asked for, great communication, and on top of her being a great session wrestler and boxer, she is a sweet as she is stunning! Try her out if you can!


Oh God kira kira kira what a wOman!!!!


I have wrestled many of the best session wrestlers over several years and Kira is that rare combination of great competition and fun to hang with She was able to get submissions through different holds and any time
I managed to get her to submit she came back harder and more determined to "bring the hurt" I have wrestled her three times now and am very much looking forward to our next session Although at rate she is improving the amount of hurt and submissions are likely to only increase !


Kira is one of a kind. Her wrestling skills have improved immensely since our last match. Pair this along with her increasing strength and passion for what she does makes her one not to be missed. She has strong legs and is willing to accommodate many different styles of matches. Has her own place in a quiet and private part of town.


I had the most amazing experience with Kira. She is beautiful, smart, funny, and very accommodating, but she can also dominate you in any fashion. My stomach still hurts from her barrage of butt drops on my stomach. She is very strong and is willing to listen to you to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you want to meet someone who has a dominant personality but is also easy to talk to, then you need to meet Kira. She's a wonderful addition to this scene.


Kira was an amazing professional that listened and provided an amazing experience. She is very nice and approachable, but loves to inflict pain and is very verse in a multitude of wrestling moves. She is a great addition to this field and makes you feel comfortable right away. I had a better experience than I could have imagined and will be coming back for more punishment in the future. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to wrestle and be dominated.


What a wonderful, delightful, accommodating and sweet woman, yet fierce, mean and multi talented. She’s tall, has the figure of a model, a street tough look and is strong as an ox. Whatever your particular fighting, wrestling or domination desires are, she can certainly deliver in spades. Don’t let her friendly and eager to please attitude fool you. Kira can knock you down, take you down, keep you down and beat you up as bad or as good as you like. She’s a powerhouse of strength and enthusiasm with a bright disarming smile that will melt your heart while she pounds you into submission. No one trick pony here. She is stunning, tough, sweet, brutal, vivacious, and wants kick your ass. Definitely see her if you can.

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