Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 25

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About Me

You may call me Mistress Kat🎀

I have been sessioning for over 3 years now and have grown to love what I do. I am Small but I am Fiesty. 
I have no problems taking on someone bigger than I am with a smile on my face. I love trash talk and making you beg for mercy as you find yourself trapped in one of my holds. As for my Dominatrix side, I can be extremely nurturing and kind, but don’t take that as a weakness and definitely don’t take advantage of that because I can shut it down just as fast. I am truly dominant at heart and I like to be in charge. Take a look at what I offer and if anything peaks your interest, email me! 

When inquiring about a session or a domme session, I expect you to be respectful and courteous. I will not answer emails that involve prostitution or “extras” such as oral, handjobs, footjobs, or just flat out being a disgusting pig. I will not answer emails that start off with “hey can we session? I don’t think you can beat me ;)” When you email me, I expect a proper introduction including name, fetishes, type of session, how long, availability, and ready to send deposit. If you are not ready to send a deposit, don’t email me. EMAIL MAXI am not going to banter on and drag out emails for a booking. My time is valuable and I will not waste it with people jacking me around. Prices to be discussed after determining the type of session you’re seeking and deposits are non-redundable. You are paying for my time. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Since traveling is difficult for me and I don’t do it very often, I accept gifts as well as wrestling material. That can range from full outfits to bare minimum panties. If you send me a gift, you in return, will receive a private photo collection based on what you sent me for your gratitude upon receiving. 🎀 

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Had my second session with Kat! Can’t wait for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th!..... she was running late , kept in total contact. One if the true GOOD people out there. She doesn’t travel much because of work . But guys if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area and don’t get in touch with Kat..... it’s your fault! A must see and tough as nails!


I had a 90-minute double session with chloe and kat. I was a bit nervous, as I'd never done a double session before, but when i got in the room they put me at ease. They were both stunning, and friendly to boot, they helped me get comfortable very fast. As for the session itself, it was more or less a one at a time deal for the majority of the time. Kat was incredibly feisty, and strong on top of that. I had about 8 inches on her, and I didnt get a single tap. So needless to say when it became a 2 on 1, it was more domination than anything. So overall, i enjoyed myself, and recommend seeing kat if you want a fiesty, yet fun, session, and making it a double would only add to the experience.


Some girls are just into straight wrestling and that should be respected. After hearing through the grapevine that she is a tough kid who loves going up against larger opponents, I scheduled a session with her. She's obviously in very good shape.. Will report back.

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