Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: kkqing32@gmail.com
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Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 0

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Bow down to your new Qing! KK Qing is a true athlete. Played D1 level ball and has continued her training after college and is constantly in the gym. 

The Qing is a true Amazon Woman standing at 5ft 11in and 175lbs and is ready to take on any competitor! 

Do think you have what it takes to pin this Goddess amongst men? Book to find out.

Along with wrestling sessions KK Qing also provides foot worshipping sessions.

Absolutely no sexual services offered!

Pleass email for booking KKQing32@gmail.com

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10-23-2020 10-25-2020 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
11-06-2020 11-08-2020 Atlanta Georgia United States
11-13-2020 11-15-2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
11-20-2020 11-22-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
Please email to book! KKQing32@gmail.com Or text 1-323-452-2792

It's 4th of July, 2020 in NY and KK_QING_32 brought the fireworks with her. In the days leading up to our session we were chit chatting via Instagram. We weren't even discussing the upcoming session, we were talking like two friends that haven't seen each other in awhile. She is very easy to talk to and a lot of fun. FOLLOW her on IG. So, as I came in the hotel room, we sat and watched BACK TO THE FUTURE for a bit, we both love the movie. I brought my trademark Blue session GI. I told her she could take it off if it got to hot. She replied "No, I want to wear it" She then adjusted the temperature . She took a quick look at the email I sent for clarification and we began. Her role playing skills are top notch. She was to play an instructor and I was the Male chauvinist that needed to be set straight. Her playful smile was replaced by an evil scowl. As I provoked her, she dared me to attack. Her first strike was a quick kick to the head. You could hear the "Snap" as it connected. She thought I was hurt, but I loved it. She did stop to ensure I was ok and we resumed. She would get in her stance and as I attacked, she repeatedly tossed me on the bed in a variety of ways. Her moves were fluid. Though the scenario centered around her dominating the confrontation, it was evident she'd be able to handle herself if she needed to in a real life situation. She's hella' flexible!!!! She flipped me onto the bed, yelled "Hai-Yaah" and I thought she was going to AX KICK me in the head. She lifted her leg straight up with ease. I asked for foot inspired chokes, she made me drool constantly. . Standing on the bed, she placed her foot on the exact spot on my throat and forced me to tap. Her kicks were precise, she hit with just enough force. Her legs are deceptively strong. She'd sit her shin on the back of my neck, her sexxy booty on my head, talking trash. Her trash talk is official. Now, her feet. Fellas, the session was at 9pm. I can still taste them at 12:23 as I'm submitting this review. I have had ALOT of sessions, I have given lots of reviews, no shade to any of those ladies, but fellas, if you're into feet, KK_QING_32 HAS. THEE BEST FEET YOU WILL EVER WORSHIP. She managed to grab my tongue with her feet. She placed her Big toes at each end of my mouth and stretch, it hurt, but it felt good. She commanded respect as I sucked her toes one by one. Her soles are SUPER SOFT, her Heels are SUPER SOFT. Her "Hai-Yaah" is threatening and arousing. Bonus, she likes WINGS. Please believe next time she comes to NY, I'm treating her to some. This is DARKNISS, check the video on Twitter, my handle is DKNIGHT131. ...KK_QING_32...THAN YOU FOR THE.BEST 4TH OF JULY EVER!🥋👣👅


This is Rocky, her opponent in the latest mixed boxing video from "Hit the Mat." Before I go any further, it was a fantasy match. She punches me. I do not punch her. (So if you saw this video, or the pics from this SG site, and are somehow looking for a real fight, she does not do those.) As for our session, she was just plain awesome. Very easy to set everything up with. Excellent communication. Her outfit was perfect, She looks amazing. Very playful attitude (actions, body language, voice, etc..) Got into the whole thing. She is TOUGH. Those punches from hers are REAL. She is the total package. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her.


Already have a session set up and this review is getting me even more excited to session with her!

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