kolina knockout

kolina knockout


Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
E-mail: sessiongirlkolina@gmail.com
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 28

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If I booked my sessions on “I can swing by early w cash my wife controls all $/ccs etc...” or “I promise to be there’s” I would be pretty stupid right?!


Please, lets not waste both of our time by going through the motions of asking & answering 100 questions....and you dont end up booking! 

I’m mostly excited to turn a man into a human pretzel & financially dominate him! 

I offer Fantasy wrestling, Light domination, and hard domination! I really enjoy Roleplay (Schoolgirl, Bad cop/Good cop, Captured spy)!  I love to talk trash while smothering with whatever body part I feel at the time! Been a bad boy?! Maybe you need to be taught a lesson BY BEING smothered by mommys milk or my juicy derriere! I enjoy tickling and trampling your useless body! If you have been a good boy...Maybe I treat you by allowing you to caress this goddesss foot! 

When you email me...You also need to put City/State, Date & time you would like to possibly session! 


If youre wanting to book a session to hurt me...Please do not book me! 

I do not allow chokeholds/ scissors/ full nelsons or anything around my neck but will gladly put you in those submissions! 

No Sex!

NO Nudity!

No Happy Endings!

Strictly ME kicking your ass Business! SO if that sounds good email me, SO I can smother & crush your skull! 


I love to travel! My top favorite places to travel to are RVA, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, New York, Austin, Atlanta, Charleston, Miami & Chicago

If you want to book a session while I am not in your city....You can book me but I will need at least 1K or you can wait till your in my city to enjoy a session!

Due to too many time wasters, I have to ask for a nonrefundable booking fee for the session! The deposit fee will lock down your time/day slot!

The fee will be refunded if I have to cancel our session!!! 



Wanna get my attention? Feeling Generous?



Amazon Wishlist link is in my bio!



This is a luxury, not a necessity. Please be able to afford this before booking!

Starting at $450+ For a 1-hour session 

Due to too many time wasters, I have to ask for a nonrefundable booking fee for the session!

The deposit fee will lock down your time/day slot!

The fee will be refunded if I have to cancel our session!!! 




A same day booking is subject to a $100 fee! So it will be $550 for a same-day session! If I’m in a good mood I might not charge a same-day fee!

Do not haggle or you forfeit your session!




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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-28-2020 01-30-2020 Richmond Virginia United States
01-31-2020 02-02-2020 Richmond Virginia United States
There is a deposit required If I have to cancel the deposit will be returned Will host for a small extra fee

This girl is amazing! Her pictures do her no justice as she looks even better in real person. She is deceptively strong. More importantly, she respects your likes/dislikes and was a pleasant person to deal with.


An absolutely stunning session wrestler who enjoys toying with you as you struggle underneath her. She was also immensely professional and a joy to be around. We'll definitely be crossing paths again.


So, decided to have a session with Kolina Knockout this past Friday, and it was phenomenal! The trash talking alone was funny at times, her facesitting was downright suffocating and her headscissors were bone-crushing!! She’ll definitely wear you out, she’s relentless! So, take a 5 min break, you’ll need it. Also, loves to talk while she’s smothering you, but hard to hear her when you’re the one underneath her! Not a clock watcher at all, she’s just having fun with you, all in all, great session, and hearing her southern accent makes me smile, but when you’re trapped in a head scissor you’ll be crying , totally recommend!

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