Location: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 2245094546
Skype: https://Putyourboobson
Travel Phone: 3124479781
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Height: 5'11” - 180 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29

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About Me

PHONE IS BETTER THAN EMAIL. I cannot stress this enough, it is THE BEST way to reach me: 224-509-4546

Local Prices:

    250 for wrestling

    300 for boxing

    Mma without headgear: lets talk.

You are welcome to text. I try to get back to everyone, but do not answer phone calls during sessions. Emails have a tendency to get buried.

Second Degree brown belt in Tae Kwon Do
Currently studying Ju Jitsu
Experience in boxing and MMA

My name is Nadia. I was born in the USSR and have a love for competitive wrestling and sparring. Currently I am fascinated by Ju Jitsu as well as boxing. I like play partners who offer a bit more of a struggle rather than ones who simply let me win, though Ill be happy top kick your ass if you request it. You will find that I am much stronger than I look, and can endure lots of physical activity and pain.

My private studio is equipped with 2 inch thick wrestling mats, spar gear, boxing gloves, as well as a well equipped BDSM area.

I session in the NW side of Chicago, but can rent a boxing ring in Lake in the Hills for an extra fee. Please note that deposits are required, and that I do not tolerate flakes. Deposits on travel dates will not be refunded.
The best way to reach me is by phone: 224-509-4546

If you would like me to fly out to you, I love traveling! My rates for coming to you tend to be around 700 for domestic travel.
This breaks down to:
Flight = ~ 250
Hotel = ~100
Uber  = 50
Session fee = 300 

Prices will vary on airfare, hotel rates, etc. Please understand that when I am traveling I am spening the day specifically for you, and blocking out my time for you. In one of my reviews a man offered to spoil me. What he neglected to mention is that he was only willing to pay for my flight. Sorry, if you want me to block my whole day out for you, you will pay this up front. If you want to have dinner or a drink after our session, I love meeting new people, but reserve the right to refuse to spend time with you if I find you unpleasant/am tired/etc. 
Im quite friendly, but I do demand these things to make my time worthwhile. Thank you for understanding that while I love what I do, my time is as valuable as yours is.

Feel free to message me with any questions. Lets play!

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When traveling i charge 300 for wresling and 350 for boxing. I require a 75.00 deposit to book a hotel dojo or boxing ring that can be sent via Paypal Venmo Facebook Zelle or Chase Quick Pay. If for any reason something happens where I cannot make it I will refund your deposit. My reviews are solid and I have a good reputation for a reason. The best way to reach me is by phone so feel free to give me a call! Im rather friendly and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Nadia 224.509.4546

I did a competitive session with Nadia and was completely blown away. I come from a martial arts background and honestly went into the session thinking I'd have to go easy on her. She shut that down really quick. If I gave her any breathing room she would capitalize on it and soon enough I'd be forced to tap. Her scissor holds are insane. I don't see how anyone could escape her once she has you locked up. Her technique is top notch and she has a very sincere and kind personality. I will definitely have to go back when I train up more. Got humiliated this time.


I have sessioned with Ladyjustice (Nadia) three different times. I have nothing but the highest compliments to give her. First of all, her wrestling skills are too notch. I'm not a wrestler by any stretch of the imagination, but Nadia was able to handle me as if were a piece of soft clay in her hands. I simply didn't stand a chance. Not only is she skilled, but she is incredibly strong.

I saw a post below that was pretty negative. I wholeheartedly disagree with whoever posted that. She always has been very professional and punctual and so easy to get along with. Nadia always surpassed my expectations and I look forward to my next session with her.

Her pics don't do her justice. She is very beautiful, even more so than the pics show.


So, I will have to disagree with the seemingly jaded person who just wrote that review. I have known Nadia for almost 2 years. I met her in NY while she was traveling and we had a 2 hour boxing/wrestling session. I have since corresponded with her over the past few years meeting up with her quarterly either flying our to see her or flying her in to see me in different cities. And my experience with her could not be more amazing. She is kind, thoughtful, and absolutely loves what she does. We have never had a bad conversation nor an awkward moment. If that is the impression that someone got, it can only mean one of 2 things. That you rubbed her the absolute wrong way when you interacted with her, or she was absolutely having an extremely off day. Which I have never seen her have in the 2 years I have known her. She is ultimately interested in making sure you have the experience you were looking to have. I would recommend her if you are ever in Chicago. But furthermore, flying her out to where you are is amazing as well. She is not someone who watches the clock and is very interested in meeting new people and love to have new experiences. I hope that she will not get upset that I am defending her, because I know first hand that she can defend and stand up for herself. And if I were to post a comment like that I would make sure that if I truly believed those words to not post anonymously, Have the backbone and integrity to stand behind what you say and not hide behind anonymity.

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