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lana luxor


Location: New York, New York
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 27

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Hiya :)

I orginally got my start in grappling from working with Veve Lane and her production company, Doom Maidens in 2017. Now I regurlarly train at a dojo for the last 3 years and recieved my blue belt in BJJ in 2019. Additionally, I started training in Muay Thai in 2020.

Graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in Psychology and currently attending graduate school.

Favorite  COMPETITIVE submissions: Kimura, Armbar, RNC, Heel Hook, Kneebar, Triangle. 

Favorite FANTASY submissons: Reverse Head Scissors/Figure Four, Facesitting, Grapevines.

I can do several kinds of sessions including those geared to fetishes including but not limiting to face sitting/ass smothering,feet worship, ball busting, BDSM, spanking and tickling.

If you have a particular request dont hesitate to ask! I do require a minimum deposit for every session. These deposits are non refundable however rescheduling is allowed!

Lastly, I am always available for custom requsts - just send me an email with your script outline. My clip store:

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04-18-2021 04-18-2021 Baltimore Maryland
05-21-2021 05-22-2021 Raleigh North Carolina
05-22-2021 05-24-2021 Charlotte North Carolina
07-16-2021 07-19-2021 Chicago Illinois
Travel agenda is subject to change. If I do not get enough interest or pre bookings with deposits Ill be subjected to change travel plans. When I am not traveling I am local to New York City.


04-17-2021 - 04-17-2021
New York City
Custom Clip Shoot with Camille Green

Email: to place your fetish custom clip order. Do not wait until last minute as we book up quickly.

Able to shoot various types of fetishes.


So, I had a session with Lana on 10/29 and it was phenomenal! Her facesitting is second to none and her headscissors are bone crushing! She has really gotten stronger, so you can feel it when you are trapped in a hold of hers. Her trash talking is right up there as well, just a turn on all around, and an absolute pleasure to talk to, very down to earth. Highly recommend,


My neck is still sore today. It's all her fault. And I absolutely love it.

You probably know of Lana Luxor, a lovely young woman from New York City and one of the Doom Maidens superstars. Having seen some of her video work, I'd wanted to meet her for a long time. I'm still a bit wary of traveling to New York during these crazy COVID times, so I was pleased to see her Philadelphia tour plans. I reached out a few weeks ago via email to request a fantasy scissors domination session.

Lana is a total professional. She replied quickly and we made arrangements to meet. Yesterday was session day at last. I arrived an hour early in the city, scouted her location, parked, and walked around a bit while I anxiously awaited our appointment time. As I was about to send her a text ten minutes before, she proactively texted me with the room number and code for building entry. I was impressed!

I was even more impressed when she opened the door and warmly welcomed me inside the space. She looked spectacular in a tiny bikini and greeted me with an infectious smile and the warmest of hugs. We sat and talked for a few minutes, and she confirmed her understanding of what I'd initially written about what I wanted for the session. Again, total professional.

Soon she smiled wide and said "Let's see how much you can take." Gulp. Be careful what you wish for. 

For the next hour, Lana used her legs to test my limits. She scissored me in a variety of positions, including her favorite reverse and my favorite frontal. Lana is a strong and skilled girl. Her soft, sexy, shapely thighs turned to steel as she gripped me between them and applied effective and potentially lethal pressure. She would squeeze at varying, increasing intensities, then pulse and snap me with her thighs before tightening more and more, compressing my neck and throat until I was struggling to survive. I'm not usually a tapper, but Lana quickly erased any stamina-pride by forcing me to tap repeatedly. The pressure was intense, and I was amazed at her exquisite control of her inner thigh muscles. She would sometimes twist and flex her body to enhance the squeezing even more. It was deadly powerful and sensually wonderful despite the extreme discomfort.

As in my last two sessions with Leighton and Ava Simone, Lana dished out this delightful punishment with sweet loving care. She stroked my hair, my arms and legs, and she watched me suffer with looks of joy and intensity while she squeezed the life out of me. She eased the pressure when I tapped but often kept me trapped between her legs while we chatted. I absolutely love that, and I very much enjoyed getting to know her. But then she would start tightening her grip again. I quickly felt light-headed and saw stars, forcing more taps to stay conscious and survive.

I've enjoyed some uniquely wonderful sessions this year. Lana provided yet another of my absolute favorites. I noticed we were overtime on the clock and was sad to depart but so happy to have spent this amazing time with her. And quite thankful to escape alive.

I've suffered sore necks after some of my past sessions, but rarely into the following day. I'm still smiling about that. It's a reminder of Lana's power and skills, which I won't forget even after this soreness dissipates. I almost wish it wouldn't. 

Lana is indeed the real deal, professional, gorgeously attractive, highly skilled, and delightful to spend time with. She commits to provide the exact experience you want, as brutal or as sensual as you desire. Don't miss an opportunity to see this strong, talented, and beautiful woman!


7-31-2020 (Chicago)

Lana is the real deal. Beauty match with strength is a dangerous combination. Check your ego at the door because if you don’t then she will. Lana is amazing and down to earth. Can’t wait for the rematch. -Aaron

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