Location: New York, New York
E-mail: lana@lanaluxurious.com
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 27
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So, I had a session with Lana on 10/29 and it was phenomenal! Her facesitting is second to none and her headscissors are bone crushing! She has really gotten stronger, so you can feel it when you are trapped in a hold of hers. Her trash talking is right up there as well, just a turn on all around, and an absolute pleasure to talk to, very down to earth. Highly recommend,


My neck is still sore today. It's all her fault. And I absolutely love it.

You probably know of Lana Luxor, a lovely young woman from New York City and one of the Doom Maidens superstars. Having seen some of her video work, I'd wanted to meet her for a long time. I'm still a bit wary of traveling to New York during these crazy COVID times, so I was pleased to see her Philadelphia tour plans. I reached out a few weeks ago via email to request a fantasy scissors domination session.

Lana is a total professional. She replied quickly and we made arrangements to meet. Yesterday was session day at last. I arrived an hour early in the city, scouted her location, parked, and walked around a bit while I anxiously awaited our appointment time. As I was about to send her a text ten minutes before, she proactively texted me with the room number and code for building entry. I was impressed!

I was even more impressed when she opened the door and warmly welcomed me inside the space. She looked spectacular in a tiny bikini and greeted me with an infectious smile and the warmest of hugs. We sat and talked for a few minutes, and she confirmed her understanding of what I'd initially written about what I wanted for the session. Again, total professional.

Soon she smiled wide and said "Let's see how much you can take." Gulp. Be careful what you wish for. 

For the next hour, Lana used her legs to test my limits. She scissored me in a variety of positions, including her favorite reverse and my favorite frontal. Lana is a strong and skilled girl. Her soft, sexy, shapely thighs turned to steel as she gripped me between them and applied effective and potentially lethal pressure. She would squeeze at varying, increasing intensities, then pulse and snap me with her thighs before tightening more and more, compressing my neck and throat until I was struggling to survive. I'm not usually a tapper, but Lana quickly erased any stamina-pride by forcing me to tap repeatedly. The pressure was intense, and I was amazed at her exquisite control of her inner thigh muscles. She would sometimes twist and flex her body to enhance the squeezing even more. It was deadly powerful and sensually wonderful despite the extreme discomfort.

As in my last two sessions with Leighton and Ava Simone, Lana dished out this delightful punishment with sweet loving care. She stroked my hair, my arms and legs, and she watched me suffer with looks of joy and intensity while she squeezed the life out of me. She eased the pressure when I tapped but often kept me trapped between her legs while we chatted. I absolutely love that, and I very much enjoyed getting to know her. But then she would start tightening her grip again. I quickly felt light-headed and saw stars, forcing more taps to stay conscious and survive.

I've enjoyed some uniquely wonderful sessions this year. Lana provided yet another of my absolute favorites. I noticed we were overtime on the clock and was sad to depart but so happy to have spent this amazing time with her. And quite thankful to escape alive.

I've suffered sore necks after some of my past sessions, but rarely into the following day. I'm still smiling about that. It's a reminder of Lana's power and skills, which I won't forget even after this soreness dissipates. I almost wish it wouldn't. 

Lana is indeed the real deal, professional, gorgeously attractive, highly skilled, and delightful to spend time with. She commits to provide the exact experience you want, as brutal or as sensual as you desire. Don't miss an opportunity to see this strong, talented, and beautiful woman!


7-31-2020 (Chicago)

Lana is the real deal. Beauty match with strength is a dangerous combination. Check your ego at the door because if you don’t then she will. Lana is amazing and down to earth. Can’t wait for the rematch. -Aaron


Did she say when she’s coming back to Chicago?


Lana is everything I was looking for and more. Just cute overload, packaged in a beautiful 5’7” frame that’s strong and full of fun personality. She was aggressive, with good technique during our semi-competitive session. She’s definitely strong and almost had me seeing the light once she locked those legs around me. Can’t wait to see her again.

Anthony in DC

I saw Lana recently and have to say she is a new favorite of mine. I had seen some of her earlier videos but her grappling skills have improved dramatically (she has a blue belt in BJJ). I'd say she is right up there with Veve and Cypruss as far as her skills. We did an hour of wrestling somewhere between semi-competitive and competitive and I gave her a good match but got no submissions. I lost track of how many she got on me - at least 10.

Our second hour was more focused on domination and I got to enjoy her facesitting and scissors with plenty of trash talk thrown in.

I also found her outgoing and easy to talk to - I didn't want to leave when our two hours was up! Overall just an incredibly fun and sexy girl that I will definitely be seeing again.


I can’t explain in enough words how much fun it was to session with Lana Luxor again.If you don’t session with with her you are missing out!!!!! Wonderful personality, so down to earth, you can almost spend your time just having a conversation with her ( not saying that you don’t want to session. Lol Lol but she makes you feel that comfortable ). I had so much fun with our initial session, I returned the day for a rematch which wasn’t scheduled. Lol Thanks Lana , Looking forward to the next one. DB


Before a really fun 8 minute Mini Session with Lana Luxor, at Lola Jean's Wrestling Party, November 2019 Union Square Manhattan NYC :
WJack : "So you'll take it easy on me? I turn 61 in two months, am old and weak, and have really bad arthritis in my knees..."
Lana, with that Million Watt Smile of hers : "No promises. I feel a little sadistic tonight!!!!!!"
WJ : "GULP!!!!!!"
And she proceeded to thrash and trash me for 8 minutes straight!!!!!!!! We wrestled submission style from our knees mostly... Until I decided to try to stand up and rush her about halfway through.
She grabbed my forearms and yanked me down onto my chest in less than half a second, and kept me there!!!!!!!!
She's very strong and has great BJJ!!! So very friendly and personable too : After our match we discussed Lift & Carry, and how much we both enjoyed being lifted by Amazon Annie!! I asked if I could lift her in a cradle carry; to my delight she smiled again and said "Oh yes, carry me!!!!!!" After that she said "Let me ride you!!!!!!"
She jumped on my back for a little while... then playfully began to BJJ choke me out!!!!!! A great great great time; highest recommendation!!!!!!


Had a session with Lana Luxor this past Thursday night and it was fantastic!! She has gotten a lot stronger since the last time we faced each other (2 years). She’s great for semi-comp, but especially fantasy. Her trash talking is through the roof! Her facesitting is euphoric! I gave it my all, but I was trapped repeatedly, and I was her “prey”. Also, she will ask you “is everything ok”, if you’re not comfortable with something, just say stop! She’s a great session, an absolute pleasure! Highly recommend.


Just had my first of what I hope is many sessions with Lana! Tough as nails but a sweet assassin! Guys if she’s in your town .... contact her! She doesn’t disappoint!

Dave of the north

Lana. I had the pleasure to session her twice on her visit to London. Wow she is the best most sexy strong lady .a great wrestler and if your lucky she will sit on your face. 😝😍 What a treat it's a shame she has to return to USA. No one in England can match that American hospitality I will miss her


I had a session with Lana on 6/15 and it was the best session I have ever experienced. I had a facesitting session mixed in with some headscissors. Lana is absolutely gorgeous, she has a sweet bubbly personality and it’s almost unbelievable that she can be so sadistic 😏. She smothered the hell out of me and her legs are extremely strong as I nearly passed out from her strength. She took a moment to make sure any limits of mine were being considered and she was a ton of fun. Definitely worth the experience and I can’t wait to see her again!


I just had a session with Lana. She was just awesome, by far my favorite session. She’s deceptively strong, gorgeous, and has a personality that is scintillating. I highly recommend having a session with her if you get the chance. She was as playful as she was dominant.


I got to have a session with Lana last night and well.. damn. First off, if you’re looking for competitive or semi-comp, she’s gonna kick your ass more than likely. I consider myself to be in decent shape and I was no match. She’s super technical and can have you tapping in a couple different ways. Later, she gave me my first bondage wrestling experience. I thought she did a great job of going hard but not absolutely destroying me. I ended up all tied up and it wasn’t for a lack of trying on my part. 10/10 would def recommend Lana if she comes to your city! She’s a great mix of sexy, dominant, and even potentially sweet if you’re lucky.


I had my third session with Lana several weeks ago. Obviously if you're repeating with a session wrestler, it's because you enjoy the experience -- but somehow this session bested the first two.

Lana's personality and energy are unmatched, and neither waiver at all over the course of the session. The person you're getting when you walk in is the same you're saying goodbye to on the way out. (Now, you on the other hand...)

Our 3 sessions have come over the course of 12 months or so, so it's been crazy to see her not only getting more strong physically, but her ability as a wrestler as improved so much. I'd like to think I've got more raw strength, but it doesn't matter because I have no clue how to use it and she does. Our sessions fall somewhere between competitive and semi-competitive, and even when I'm putting in pretty high effort, I'm unable to do much at all. I've maybe gotten her to submit once total? We usually lose count of my taps pretty early on.

I ask her to focus on headscissors/smothering and she always delivers. Legs are just rock solid and tough to withstand much less get out of. When she drops that backside on you, you don't know whether to gasp for air or say thank you.

Can't recommend Lana enough. Be polite and respectful and you'll get a great experience in return.


I had the pleasure to session with Lana for the first time and let’s just say that she exceeded my expectations. She is very beautiful in person, very friendly and easy to talk to, but don’t let that fool you because once in the mats there is no compassion is either tap out or pass.

During my session with her we did some semi-competitive wrestling, which in the end resulted in a beating like she put it by I consider it was more of a massacre for me since no matter what I tried to do or what hold I got off from Lana would just instantly proceed to the next hold without breaking a sweat, and every time I was down trying to catch my breath would just result on me getting slapped until I got up; then resulting on the next hold. Once we agreed I had enough punishment we decided to follow with some bondage, and I got to say Lana knows her way with the ropes at first I had a hard time dealing with the pressure from the ropes without mentioning the assistance of Lana, which resulted on me taking a little longer but I was able to untie myself. Let’s not forget about the face sitting, as every time I was down trying to catch some air she would just bring in the punishment until I got back in position, or worshiping her ass as well because during the time I refused she made sure to remind me who is in charge; putting in a reverse headscissor resulting in a KO just to be reminded who was in charge.

This by far has been one of the most intense if not the most intense session I had, and whenever I get the chance I will make sure to book a session with her without a doubt. She is a must when it comes to sessions.


I had an amazing session with Lana and will definitely repeat as often as possible! She's smart, beautiful, and a great wrestler. She can physically dominate the majority of men. She can toy with you without working up a sweat. Also, she's very sexy. She knows what she's doing. She has a sweet personality, but on the mat, in the midst of a session, she can humble you with a simple look. You'll be instantly addicted.


My arm's are sore, my legs are a little wobbly, a tad bit lightheaded, my throat is raw, and my ribs have an ache.

In other words, I just had an awesome time with Lana Luxor.

I met Lana for a two-hour session only thirty or so minutes, and while I like to let me opinions marinate before throwing them out there, I wanted to get this out there while it was fresh. I love strong women, and Lana is a [I]strong woman[/I] - deceptively so. You might not think it to look at her - she's fit, yes, but curvy, and you wouldn't guess that she's as powerful and forceful as she is. But underneath those curves is a lot of raw power. Her legs surge with strength when they're coming down on your head or your midsection, her arms can anchor you to the floor. When she's in control, there's no escaping.

Her power alone is impressive, but it would mean less if the woman behind the power wasn't as skilled as Lana is. She's not a hammer, she's a scalpel, and it's legitimately hard to believe she's only been at this for a short time. It's like trying to wrestle an octopus - one moment she has you here, you pull out of that, but you find yourself in another hold, you get out of that - or, more likely, she lets you out of that - and you find yourself with a pair of thighs around your head. She locks those ankle, pours on the pressure, you squirm and you fight, but it doesn't matter. Sooner or later, you tap. There's no two ways about it. I am 6 feet tall, I weigh 195 pounds, I'm probably in the best shape I've been in since high school, and she handled me like an unruly ten year old.

She can be cruel on that mats. She'll bend you and squeeze you and have you begging for release and slapping your hands on the mat. But she's also an incredibly pleasant person, and fun to talk with. I had a two hour session with her, and I was happy to see how flexible she was with the time and how accommodating she was to my requests. I wanted to do some competitive, she was down for it. I wanted to do some domination, she excelled at it. I wanted experiment with rope wrestling and oil wrestling, and she set a high bar for both that's going to be hard to top.

In between and while we set up for different parts, Lana anad I talked about a variety of things - the lifestyle, the business, training, et cetera. It's always refreshing having a conversation with someone about this sort of thing in real life, face to face, and I never felt pressured to leave or rushed in any way. Lana is a person who loves what she does, and you really feel that when you're working with her. It's all fun.

I traveled a long way and paid a fair sum to wrestle Lana, and when you invest that much into something, there's always a worry that you might've wasted it, especially with a wrestler you've never worked with before. I can safely say that I don't regret a single penny spent or a mile traveled to session with Lana, however. She's well worth it.

Addendum: I loved her hair. You don't think about hair too much with session wrestling, but it really struck me. Long, pretty braids.


Lana is an absolute tour de force of gloriously sexy mat dominance - she can roll, banter, charm, and leave you with an unquenchable thirst for more after every powerful submission, quick remark, or sly look. Her patient professionalism returns emails fast (within a week), patiently fulfills your request, and helps you feel comfortable having a great time. The only complaint we both seemed to have is the time goes too fast, even though she's not even close to being a clock watcher. She is definitely worth seeing, treating well, and then seeing again (I know I will).


I sessioned a competitive match with Lana during her trip to raleigh NC. She was hands down a top notch fighter and a great person to chat with. I had no idea I’d be getting pinned down at every round. And if that doesn’t make you tap, her scissors or deadly smothers definitely will. If she’s anywhere near by I def. recomend.


I had a semi competitive session with Lana and she is by far the best wrestler I ever wrestled!!! She is everything you would want in a wrestler. I met her at the door She greeted me with a hug and a smile. When i talked with Lana before we started i couldn’t but help notice how beautiful and perfect she really is. She has a great personality and is very down to earth and really enjoys to wrestle.. Lana is really competitive ,very strong and dominant. Lana applied a very strong reverse head scissors on me and making tap out inatantly. . She also applied a strong rear naked choke hold on me and made me worship her feet and ass for repeatly taping out .. To anyone who seeking a great wrestling session I would defitinely recommend Lana. I definitely can’t wait 😊until I meet her again.


Had oil wrestling session with Lana.
She was so much stronger than I thought!
She totally owned me!
What a wonderful lady! Very friendly & so dominant!
I encourage all to sed her. You will not be disapointed!
Love this strong & friendly lady!
Thank you Lana! I look forward to seeing you again.


I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Luxor when she visited Raleigh, NC last week and WOW is all I can say!!! First of all I must say I’m typically not into black women in terms of looks but goddamn - Lana is the exception. Her Egyptian facial features, smooth dark skin tone and nice round ass makes her unique in today’s session world and therefore even sexier!!! Compare her looks with her skills ( she beat me 5 - 0 in a full on competitive match , I am 5’11 and 190lbs ) I will DEFINITELY be seeing her again next time she visits Raleigh!!!!


I am really surprised at the latest review for Lana; an accusation that she kept a deposit and was a no show. We have had several sessions in the past months, innumerable phone conversations, texts and e-mails. I provided her with more than the standard deposit prior to our first meeting. All I can share with you is totally positive. She conducted herself honestly and ethically from the start. I trust her explicitly and when we have sessions, I better trust her, because my life is in her hands. :o)


To the reviewer below me - I’ve seen her at least 5 times this year and never had an issue when I’ve sent her a deposit. She always showed up on time and prompt.
- Bill


BUYER BEWARE. Guys, would recommend you be VERY careful about sending her any kind of deposit in advance. I put down a significant deposit for a match with her, and then not only did she not show up, she never even returned my subsequent emails trying to get a refund.


Had my very first session with Lana the other day. She’s really friendly and puts you at ease. Do not let her size fool you. Her legs are really strong. Her scissors had me tapping quickly. I did my best to hold out and my neck is paying for it. You absolutely can’t go wrong with her. I can’t recommend her enough. Already looking forward to our next session


Emailed to set up session BUT she never responded!


6/2/18. I had the pleasure of wrestling the beautiful Lana. I had no problems with the communication with Lana, she responded to my emails in a timely manner and kept me updated with change of location. When we finally met Wow!!!! Absolutely stunning. I felt really comfortable with her from the beginning. Ok, with those beautiful looks ,she began kicking my Butt (This lady is very strong, she might not look like it but she is ( Don't get caught in the headlock and scissors (Smile). She has skills along with a nice tight body. When you come back to Calif. It's on! Thanks D B


I had an awesome session with Lana in New York on May 11. She is a lot of fun and clearly enjoys what she is doing. She’s attentive to your needs and goes above and beyond to make certain you have a great time. She’s very strong and fast and extremely competitive. She’s a good trash talker and likes to let you know how much trouble you are in. I couldn’t have enjoyed my session with her more.


I had a session with Lana, and she was absolutely amazing!

Lana is extremely fun, friendly, yet dominant. The moment she gets you in a chokehold, you know you're done for.

I tried hard to win in the end, but she used her wits, strength and flexibility to make me submit to her.

I will definitely go back to see her again and I totally, absolutely recommend her, if you're looking for a competitive, friendly wrestle match.


Just had a session with Lana. When I got there, Lana was very friendly and personable. I asked for a competitive session, and Lana was very competitive! She is very strong and skilled, and really went all out. I definitely recommend her!


Recently had my second session with Lana. Somehow, the second go-round was even better than the first.

First off, Lana has a fantastic personality, this perfect blend of being fun, engaging and playful while still being dominant, aggressive and basically ready to kick your ass at any point. It really does a number on your brain, which is trying to decide whether you should be enjoying her beauty or fearful of what her power can do to you. It's a good problem.

Lana is not the biggest, but she knows how to use every ounce of strength in her body to her advantage. Her legs are gorgeous and incredibly lethal, and her arms are no joke as well. If you're caught in a headscissor or a choke, well, you're basically at her mercy at that point - it's just a matter if she wants to let you out or not.

Now, obviously she'll tailor the session to what you want, but don't be surprised if her dominant personality takes over and you find her running the show. After countless submissions, she commanded I massage her legs and arms. It only took me refusing one time to determine that that was a mistake. Thank god I give a good massage.

For someone still new at this, I cannot recommend Lana highly enough. I will say too, be kind and treat her with respect, and you will receive the same in return. (Aside from the being crushed part.)


I had a semi competitive wrestling session in Washington DC with Lana in January 2018. It instantly became one of my most favorite sessions! She has no quit in her. She is aggressive and strong, which I love! Such a powerful grip. Her guillotines and scissors are like pythons. Plus she looks so sexy in her wrestling attire. Can’t wait to session with her again.


I have sessioned with Lana numerous times and if you are looking for real competitive action Lana is the real deal. We always start with boxing and in the beginning Lana was new to boxing but still tried hard to win. Now she is much improved and punches with a purpose. She has knockout power. After the boxing we move onto wrestling which is her specialty . Lana is fierce and hates to lose. If she gets her legs around you it is just a matter of time before you tap. Lana can also tone it down if you want. She has a great personality and is fun to session with. Don't pass up the opportunity to session with her if you have a chance.

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