E-mail: goddess.lauren@protonmail.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
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WOW! What an unbelievable experience, Lauren is the ultimate muscle goddess! Her unique combination of thick sexy muscle, femininity, strength, sweetness, prettiness will drive you crazy! Oh and those beautiful eyes, sure you won't forget her. She is also very professional setting up the session and absolutely gives her full attention. Definitely a MUST SEE


Holy Toledo, what a woman! Lauren is just AMAZING in so many ways She is incredibly beautiful and probably the sweetest and most thoughtful sessionette I've ever been with, and I've been doing sessions since 1999. Also, her body is hands down the finest FBB body I've ever had the pleasure of worshipping. She really is a "don't miss" sessionette if she comes to your area. I saw her during Thanksgiving week and her body condition is between contest and off'-season. She is still quite lean.


Finally got to meet her, and the glowing reviews are all justified.
Easy and smart communication and setup. Convenient, discrete hosting location. Wonderful attitude, body to die for; face and smile to live for.
Read me like an open book and gave me everything I wanted.
Hope she comes back.


I was really lucky to meet up with Lauren. She is incredibly beautiful and her pictures are 100% accurate. Her body is a work of art. We started with me giving her a massage and every inch of her is toned and powerful. However, she maintains an elegant femininity and is super sexy.
She is also very sweet, warm, and reliable. I had a great time with her. Her location was conveniently in midtown in a nice hotel and she was accommodating. I'll without a doubt try to get together with her again next time she is in town.


My session with Goddess Lauren was last week, in early November in Atlanta. This was my first session with her, and I have to admit she is my new number 1. I've had sessions with over a dozen different women. I will defiantly be making sure I see her again as soon as I am able to. My preferences are for extreme forced muscle worship, and domination.

Communication was great, very timely responses, detailed and forthcoming. She does ask for deposit, but I was expecting that based on previous reviews. Once I sent the deposit she gave me details about the location, the area was very private.

She is drop dead gorgeous, her beautiful eyes, stunning good looks, great smile, perfect skin, soft hair. She is better looking than the most beautiful models you see on tv. She stood behind the opened door as I walked in, and then it began. I had asked for instant domination and she didn't disappoint. Before I had even set eyes on her, she had her bicep around my throat and started to squeeze slowly as she started to tell me that I was in deep trouble and she was going to hurt me bad. She kept squeezing and had me on the floor at her feet. This was exactly what I wanted and she was delivering at 1000%.

By the time I was able see her I thought was at least half way through the hour session, She was wearing a black dress that showed off her huge muscles. Her muscles looked and felt rock hard. I could not take my eyes off of her. It was only after a few more minutes did I realize that we had only been together less than 15 minutes, this was going to be a long hour.

She executed over the rest of the session my request to the letter and then some, she took my fantasy to another level, one that I did not know was possible. Hands down this was the best session I have ever had and that had nothing to do with fact she was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in the flesh or on tv.

I am seriously considering flying out to where ever she is the next time I am able to do so. Goddess Lauren is so worth it, go and find her and see for yourself.


I saw Lauren a couple weeks ago when she was in LA. It was my first session with her, and I think it's safe to say she is in my top 3 all time, current or retired. I've been doing sessions for quite a while, and I've seen some of the fan favorites on this site. I think she is the only current session girl I will find a way to see when she is in town, no matter what. My preferences are for muscle worship, and maybe a bit of light (very light!) fantasy wrestling or domination. I would even hesitate to call what I like wrestling, it's more that I like to roll around a bit with gorgeous muscle women.

Communication was outstanding. Quick response, detailed and forthcoming. She does ask for deposit, but I can vouch for her trustworthiness. I have scheduled with her before, but we had to cancel (nobody's fault), and she returned the deposit immediately. She emailed updates about the session (location, etc.) promptly and politely. Even in her emails, she has a warm and friendly vibe. The hotel she chose was private, where you don't have to walk through the lobby, and felt safe. Her room was clean and presentable. I have had some sessions where that isn't the case.

Her appearance was more than I could have hoped for. She doesn't show her face on WB270 or sessiongirls, but rest assured, she is gorgeous. Beautiful blue eyes, stunning good looks, nice smile, great skin, pretty hair, I could go on and on. She has a girl next door quality, not overly made up, just a naturally beautiful look. She opened the door wearing a little dress that showed off her impressive muscles nicely. Her muscles looked full but lean, maybe not as ripped as she was for her contest but still had cuts and full muscle bellies. I could not take my eyes off of her.

At first, we hugged, and then sat and spoke a short while. She asked about my preferences, fantasies, what I expected from the session. She was inquisitive and friendly, and made it clear she is not judgmental on the subject of fantasy and fetish. She is super easy to talk to. Her accent is adorable, which only adds to the whole package. I asked what she likes, and feels she is good at. She kind of redirected, and said that she is good at making her clients happy. She is not wrong...

She peeled off her dress, and the session itself started with some light fantasy wrestling, with a little domination. She held me down, and asked me to try to move. I couldn't, and truthfully didn't want to try to get away. She flexed above me, giving me a view from below. I touched, caressed, and squeezed her muscles. Soft skin, hard, full muscles. I was in heaven. She is intuitive, and moves gracefully. She does the little things that shows she "get's it". She was sexy and dominating, playful and teasing, and seemed to know what I want. I wish more girls were this instinctive. We then moved to massage, and I rubbed and kneaded every muscle on that perfect body. She made conversation throughout, and I enjoy talking to her. I think I could have massaged her for days. After that, she got up, threw me down, and jumped on top of me again. We cuddled and talked, and I didn't want it to end. We definitely went over on time, she didn't have any clients after. Not a clock watcher, by any stretch. Throughout, she seemed like she was comfortable and having fun too. That really makes all the difference. When a girl seems like she doesn't really want to be doing this, it kind of kills it for me. Lauren seems to genuinely like what she does.

She is gorgeous, fun, professional, intuitive, and has an outstanding physique. She is perfect in every way that matters for the kind of sessions that I like. I am already checking her travel schedule to see when she is coming back. I think that would be my only complaint. She lives too far away. If you get a chance, and you like muscle worship, see her. She truly is special.


I was privileged to see Laura during the Olympia weekend festivities in Las Vegas. It was my first time sessioning with her, and the experience was truly special!

Prompt response to E-mails, and SO easy to schedule with. Showed up right on time. Fantastic physique! Pro level muscle here. A very attractive woman. And she truly aims to please her clients! That last statement really says it all. I can't wait to see her next year!


My session with Lauren was on the day after her show and she was stunning!

Booking the session with her didn't present any problems and she was accommodating to my request for a muscle worship session. It was more of a sensual session with some holds and bouts of strength sprinkled in between. I wasn't able to move at all when she got me pinned. Lauren is sensual with limits, but I was completely floored with her touch. She isn't a clock-watcher and our eyes were locked in on each other the whole time. Lauren is truly a goddess with sublime combination of beauty and power that deserves to be worshiped, and spoiler alert, she loves to be admired and worshiped. Did I mention that she is drop dead gorgeous?

If Lauren travels to within my vicinity, I'll be sure to see her again!


I saw Goddess Lauren on 09/30/2019. She was not as lean as the pictures she's posted, but was more curvy, with big muscles everywhere and some nice definition. I set the appointment up months in advance and It was easy. Always a prompt reply to my emails. My session was for muscle worship and I was not disappointed. Lauren was timely, friendly and beautiful. It's been a week and I'm still smiling!


Well, selfishly I hate to say it.....but she is simply the best! I've seen her three times and she is simply incredible! I anxiously wait for her to come to GA!


My session with Goddess Lauren was my first time and, my god, was it an incredible introduction to the scene!

It was simple to book the session with her as she was quick in replying to my inquiries and laid out her rules right away.
She was one week post competition and was quite hard and defined. She's really friendly, she didn't make me feel as nervous as I thought I would be and was incredibly generous with her time. She arrived promptly and didn't watch the clock or hurry through our appointment.
This woman is remarkably strong; I asked her to pin me and I was in awe of how effortless it was for her to keep me down.
I had a decidedly fun time worshiping the phenomenal physique she has built and I can't wait to see her again. In fact, I started saving for the next time she's in town the day after our session.

If you're looking for a memorable experience with an absolute jewel of a bodybuilder, look no further than Goddess Lauren.


Goddess Lauren is simply amazing. She’s amazing in ways I couldn’t believe.

First of all, I want to say It was really simple to book the session with her. She answered quickly my mail and getting to the place where she was staying was pretty easy.

Goddess Lauren is strong as hell and she’s gorgeous… her face and eyes are really beautiful (it’s a shame you can’t appreciate it in the pictures).

She’s a real sweetheart but she can be really intense if you want her to be: when she lets her dominant side arise you can tell how much she enjoys it.

Believe me, she’s incredibly powerful. Her arms and shoulders are insane, so are her legs… her whole body is super thick and during the whole session she toyed with me with no effort: her legs are very powerful, her head scissors are insane, I simply couldn’t move (I’m 6’1 and 190lbs).

Goddess Lauren understands perfectly what you want from the session, I was surprised how perfectly she understood all my fantasies.

If you’re reading this don’t hesitate to book her, I will surely do it again in the future. I’m 100% sure you won’t regret it.


I recently met Lauren for a semi-competitive session in NYC. Upon entering the room I needed to catch my breath because standing before me was a most magnificent woman. Lauren is very feminine while having a balanced and muscular champion physique. During our session she was velvet on steel, easily overpowering and locking me up at will. While resting, we had warm and genuine conversations. My session with Lauren was a truly memorable experience. She is a real sweetheart and a complete professional in every way. Highly recommend!


I have been doing sessions for over 7 years and rarely will I meet someone new but I am certainly glad I chose to meet Lauren! She is extremely professional, not a clock watcher, beautiful smile, lovely accent and she can read exactly what you are looking for in a session. I highly recommend her and have seen her every time when she travels to my city. She is among a few select session women I choose to see. Highly recommended!


Lauren is truly the best. Her body is fantastic and she has a beautiful face. Her best feature however is how kind and engaging she is. She really wants you to have the best time and wants to know exactly what your fantasy is. She is a total sweetheart and deserves all the praise she gets.


Lauren was a great experience and very professional. She accommodated me with what I asked for her to wear. She also was gracious to manage to find a way to see me even if she didn’t get the apartment on time. Overall I will see her again and I reccomend her to anyone. Great attitude and beautiful smile.


Just got back from seeing. Omfg simply amazing. Gorgeous Beautiful Sexy Muscle. If muscle babe is in dictionary Lauren should be the definition.

Smoking hot french candian accent.

Easy to book, she accommodated my roleplay request and performed perfectly.

Perfect combination of dominate and sensual.

I can’t wait to see her again.. Been doing sessions for 15 years and I was bummd out on lack of pretty/beauitful women with muscle on the scene..

(Facial Beauty is very important for me)

And Here Comes Lauren wow amazing.

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