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Weight: 290 lbs - 131.5 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 24

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Hey guys, Im Layla! Amazon BBW wrestler & fetish model. Youve probably seen me on Grappling Girls, Doom Maidens, Womens Mat Wrestling, or my own store, Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips. I love not only fighting in, but producing all kinds of wrestling videos! I havent been as active over the last year and a half, but I am still available for real time sessions in the Tampa, Florida area (Ive just moved from Atlanta, sorry yall), and during my travels. 

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BOOK ME: Please know that I will not book any session without a 50% deposit up front. No exceptions.

Also, please be respectful and detailed in your first email, stating your location and exactly what youre looking for. Im not interested in a picture of your six pack, and Im not going to respond to a heres my stats, do you think you could beat me? email that has no other information about you. 

SESSION RULES: NO fish hooking, face/ear grabbing/hitting/slapping, intentional scratching/biting, bottomless sessions or sexual favors, under ANY circumstances. Again: NO FULL NUDITY. No means no. 

Please e-mail me if you are interested in booking a session with me.

A little more about me: I am a 24 year old curvy amazon, just getting my body and muscles back in shape after pregnancy. I am 61, currently 300 lbs with size 11 feet. I am fiercely competitive and I absolutely love to wrestle! I also enjoy boxing, gut punching, trampling, squashing, tape bondage, hand over mouth and a whole slew of other fun fetishes. I offer lift and carry up to 200 lbs. Keep an eye on my travel schedule, Id love to beat, oops, I mean MEET you! ;)

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-16-2018 07-16-2018 Austin Texas United States
07-17-2018 07-17-2018 San Antonio Texas United States
07-18-2018 07-18-2018 Amarillo Texas United States
07-19-2018 07-20-2018 Los Angeles California United States
07-21-2018 07-22-2018 Las Vegas Nevada United States
07-23-2018 07-23-2018 Salt Lake City Utah United States
07-24-2018 07-24-2018 Denver Colorado United States
07-25-2018 07-26-2018 Colorado Springs Colorado United States
07-27-2018 07-27-2018 Kansas City Kansas United States
07-29-2018 07-29-2018 Jackson Mississippi United States
Most of my May 2018 dates will be made up on my double tour with Sherry Stunns this July. If youd like a double or single session on my trip please book asap as spaces are limited Tampa Florida based. I do not travel anywhere near as much as I used to. Get on it if Im in your area and you are looking for a good ass kicking! By the way I am still coming to the UK but now in the fall. Exact dates TBA soon!


Layla does such a great competitive wresting session. She loves winning, and it is so hard to get her to tap. I had to mostly stay on defense because she was always getting on top of me. She made me tap over and over again which was hard to deal with since I was expecting to be much more competitive. She came close to getting a tap with her feet as well which was really impressive. She knows how to make you feel helpless, and she looks incredible while doing it. She also loves dominating with face sitting which is an amazing experience especially when she pulls it off in a competitive match.


Just as billed....6'1" and 300 lbs. Layla overpowered and totally dominated me for an hour. Her scissors tapped me out over and over. Once she gets on top, she is unmovable. She was trash talking through the entire match. If you're looking for a tall BBW that can crush and smother you, she's your girl. She was prompt with her communications and brought a great attitude to the match. When she hones in her wrestling skills and adds to her number of holds, she'll be even better. I highly recommend her!

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