Location: Tampa, Florida
E-mail: laylamoorexo@gmail.com
Height: 6'1” - 185 cm
Weight: 325 lbs - 147.4 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 26
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This was my second session with Layla. The last time we had faced was 3 to 4 years ago, and it was one of her very first competitive sessions. She has improved a LOT since then. I'm currently about 6' 290 lbs so unlike a lot of her sessions, she had no size advantage to call on. Her strength has increased immensely, and I wasn't quite prepared for that change like I should have been. It was a tough, grueling body to body match sorta match that honestly I struggled to hold my own in at times. She was quick to wrap me up and pour on some pain and even managed to submit me in one fall in just 40 seconds! That being said, we did end in what was more or less a draw on the final scoreboard as I managed to pin her down effectively despite her powerful bridge attempts. Hopefully we can settle this draw and gain an actual winner, real soon!


Layla is just so overwhelmingly versatile as both a standard session wrestler and as the go to girl for fulfilling niche fetishes. I don't even know where to begin. I first sessioned with Layla in November 2017 and had been in contact with her for quite a while before that. Layla is the perfect professional when it comes to setting up sessions in this industry. She's not just easy to talk to, she's FUN to talk to. I had had talks with her before the session to see if she was comfortable being paid a fair bit extra to exercise and get drenched in sweat as well as wear old dirty gym socks and shoes. She never acted like it was strange and she enthusiastically agreed to the idea since, as luck would have it, she had access to a gym where she was staying.
When the day of the session came and I finally got into the room holding the sweat drenched towering goddess, it made me think “worth every damn penny” as I handed her the cash.

Then she proceeded to fulfill my fantasy without hesitation and overpowered me effortlessly. She choked me and smothered me with any part of her body that came to mind. As I laid trapped, Layla’s sweet sweat seeped through her top and soaked my face and shirt, just as I wanted it. I was in heaven after she tied me up to a chair and tortured me with genuine foot smothers (go ahead and try to get those big things off your face! Its not easy!) I had paid her to stink up a pair of gym socks for this torture with the request “MAKE ME REGRET THIS”. And she did in the greatest way. That is the most at a girls mercy I have ever been and it was wonderful

Then once she forced me to sniff her underarms, I knew what she gave me was a steal at that price. She's 6;1” of sweet intimidating princess. She was at a voluptuous 300lbs when we met, just as the profile showed. And she wore it DAMN beautifully in person. I would’ve spent the whole match admiring her curves if I wasn’t getting dominated by them. I think I remember (I might be misremembering) her being apologetic about her body still having pregnancy fat but all I could muster was a grin of excitement; think it would have to take some kind of natural disaster to ruin that perfect ass. I am a lucky man to not only have experienced Layla's perfect ass forced onto my face, but I'm also even more lucky that it was Layla's ass when it was rounder than ever (and just as firm)! I don't know what I did to deserve a blessing of rare, blissful stinkface but on that Session Day morning, this poster's *ahem* heart grew ten sizes

She's super strong; I stood absolutely no chance against her. I was left completely helpless under her curves. My 210lbs could not get her off no matter what. And the whole time she's looking at me with that perfect sweet yet devious look that terrifies you straight to your core all the way to your lower gut and then genitals (or maybe thats just me haha).

I would recommend reaching out to her about any fetish session you have questions about or one you'd like to get juuuuust right, she is the girl for you; you simply need to respect her boundaries, remain polite, really try to help her understand where the desires come from so she can be on the same page as you. Most importantly in my opinion is to: compensate her well if you really needed help figuring out the sesion and what you’re looking for., because honestly, a therapist does the same thing for like assloads of money, and then they don’t even wrestle you! Personally I see Dr. Stinkface

FOR ARMPIT GUYS: - Smell and Taste are both 5 /5. I was practically smothering myself with her armpits when I was pinned. Then when she forced me to worship them the sweat from exercising earlier was too much at first but then I couldn’t get enough. By far the best armpits I've ever worshiped.

I IMPLORE you to check out Layla and always communicate respectfully and especially pay her a fair amount extra if you get her help setting up the perfect fetish session. The more work/tedious it is, your payment should reflect this.. Few workers I have encountered are nearly this good and passionate about bringing your fetishes to life in a non-judgemental way and I don't want to session in an industry without girls like Layla. So lets try and make sure she stays enjoying her job and we can keep enjoying our Princess


Layla does such a great competitive wresting session. She loves winning, and it is so hard to get her to tap. I had to mostly stay on defense because she was always getting on top of me. She made me tap over and over again which was hard to deal with since I was expecting to be much more competitive. She came close to getting a tap with her feet as well which was really impressive. She knows how to make you feel helpless, and she looks incredible while doing it. She also loves dominating with face sitting which is an amazing experience especially when she pulls it off in a competitive match.


Just as billed....6'1" and 300 lbs. Layla overpowered and totally dominated me for an hour. Her scissors tapped me out over and over. Once she gets on top, she is unmovable. She was trash talking through the entire match. If you're looking for a tall BBW that can crush and smother you, she's your girl. She was prompt with her communications and brought a great attitude to the match. When she hones in her wrestling skills and adds to her number of holds, she'll be even better. I highly recommend her!


I had a session with Layla a few days ago and she was a total delight. Prior to our time, she was incredibly enthusiastic and receptive to my kinks and desires for the session, and setting up things up was a total breeze with wonderful communication. We had a very domination focused session with heavy smother, squeezing, and scent play; she excels in all these things! Layla is an expert at using her size, and I felt quite flattened after just a few minutes under her body. She alternated between facesitting, which was an amazing experience, to allowing me to indulge my love of smelly feet, to showing me just how strong her legs were. Her scissors are not to be taken lightly. Her legs well developed, long, and very used to crushing anyone that gets between them. I had her pour on the pressure to see what I could take and definitely felt light headed at times (she was great at checking in, offering water, and making sure I was good to keep going). A heavenly experience. I also was treated to some tight bear hugs as well. She can wear someone out from any position, and I think I only got a taste of what moves she has and the strength she posses. On top of a fantastic wrestling/smothering/domination experience, she is a treat to speak to, incredibly personable and friendly. A treat I'd say for experienced persons or first time, she will put you right at least with bright eyes and an adorable smile...before crushing you like a grape


I recently had a session with Layla and Amazon Annie and all I can say is WOW! These 2 amazons worked me over good...I was sore for a couple of days! This was my 3rd time seeing Layla and her legs are getting stronger and stronger. My 1st session I had to tap out to her scissor because there was just no way out. This last time (last week) I had to tap out because of the power. Not as quickly as I had to with Annie, but felt the squeeze nonetheless. She is well worth the money, and very fun to be around


This girl is an absolute beast! But she has a lot more than size going for her. She's amazingly agile for someone her size and knows how to use her height and weight to advantage. I was exhausted after 15 minutes of trying to fight her off. Got a couple of good (I thought) headlocks on her and she broke them with the sheer strength of her arms. Mostly I feel like I was run over by a tank, and I probably was.


I had a session with Layla about a month ago. After emailing her it was very quick and easy to set up a session with her. As for the session Layla completely flattened me. Every time she took me to the mat she made sure all her weight came down on me. She'd then reposition herself so she could control me by again throwing all her weight on me before jumping on my chest and arms to pin me. I think she scored about 25-30 pins in the hour. Overall she was very nice. If being squashed is your thing you probably won't find anyone better.


WOW!! Layla is as advertised! Big, strong, and solid!! She will be a competitive match for most anyone but will go at your skill and speed. She really loves wrestling. See her Now!! :)


I just had a session with Layla, and wow! She was amazing! :) when she says that she is fiercely competitive, she means it. Highly recommend! She used her weight well and was able to pin me. Super friendly and very sweet as well. Can't wait for her to come back through town!


I just had a 3 match competitive pin wrestling session with Layla(6/17). the set up was professional and easy, she was very pleasant and friendly . a little on me 5'8" about 195-200 lbs, i have wrestled before, taken judo and jiu-jitsu ,work out 5 days a week and have done a number of sports and against Layla most of that did not matter, at best i was able to hold my own for 2 to 3 minutes but she was just too big to take down let alone pin. I did get some holds on her but they had little to no effect, it was like going on a large game safari hunt with a .22 rifle.

She said she would flatten like a pancake before that session and she did just that, she won all three matches overwhelmingly , she pinned me in the third match in under a minute, i am still sore ( and flat) from the session, i highly recommend her , but if you under 225 your toast or should a say a "pancake" :)


I sessioned with her just yesterday in KC. I'm a big guy currently around 6' 270 lbs and 25 years old with wrestling experience from high school and I tend to prefer fellow heavyweights. So when I saw Layla pop up here, I was excited. Everything I hoped for was fulfilled in her. Someone near to my sizzle and willing to actually wrestle. She hasn't had much competitive experience against anyone near to her size but that didn't even faze her in the slightest. She was aggressive and wrestled hard. Mostly, I could control the action but there was never anytime I could score quick pinfall/submission wins. She made me work for it. She missed out on winning a couple falls here and there, but evuantally she forced me to concede to a nice little front facelock.

She was incredibly friendly and high-energy. Willing to give me what I was looking for in a competitive session and capable of providing it. I would recommend her to anyone!


I had a session with Layla about a month ago. It was a pin/squash session. It was amazing. Layla communicated quickly and professionally and was definitely not a clock watcher. When I arrived she answered the door dressed and ready to go. She had her own wrestling mat ready set up in the room. I got changed and we got started. Layla is the total package...pretty, strong, quick, and competitive. She had me pinned in a matter of seconds and there was NO moving her. I spent the next 60 minutes being pinned, squashed, and totally defeated! She was open to trying all pins and squashes. When Layla sits on top of you, there is nothing you can do but take as much as you can and then tap quickly. I wouldn't call myself an experienced sessioner, but I have had a few and Layla is right at the top! I would highly recommend her and I am looking forward to booking another session next time she's around my way.

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