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lia labowe


Location: Berkshires, Massachusetts

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 0

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I offer sessions in Boston and surrounding areas. I’ve been session wrestling and Dominating for 16 years. I love to wrestle! Email to set up a match!


If you dont see me traveling to your area, sponor me, Ill come to you!!! Email me directly for details.


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Traveling with Ashley Wildcat. Email me only. Looking for producers for video content. Email me directly to set up a match. Deposit required to book a match.

I’m a few hours out from having just gone through the Lia Labowe experience, going over it in my head to see if there was literally ever a chance where I could have had her pinned or submitted. One move, one moment in 2 hours where I would have HAD her, beaten her at her own game.

Nope. Not a one.

Since I’m 35, 5’8” and 150, I felt like Lia was the perfect semi-comp match for me. COVID workouts at home and getting back into taking all sorts of ridiculous Los Angeles workout classes had me thinking I was in the best shape in a long time. I’m no idiot, I’ve seen her make short work of literally everyone she’s ever gone up against, but she hadn’t met ME yet…and even though I’m very much a beginning sessioner, how strong could she REALLY be….at least I would make it a bit of a challenge for her and get a few pins and submissions and make it interesting for her, surely THAT was a realistic goal… (you can see where this is going)

Well, it took about .42 seconds before I started having my ego stuffed right back into my mouth. Lia is more than the real deal, she’s a legend for a reason. And not just because she was probably trying at 50% (ok, mayyybeee 25-30%) while I’m straining and pushing myself to my limit, but because you’re having so much fun together while doing it. When she laughs and gives you a little trash talking while you see her gorgeous face smile down at you (cause her sexy body is on top again and there’s literally nothing you can do to change that), you feel at peace with your decisions in life that got you there, at least until she picks your poison and gets you to immediately tap via scissors. And then by chokeout, then by grapevine, and on and on and on…

Lia is like a fun, sexy python. You’ll have an unforgettable session, but you’ll also never forget that she’s playing around with you (and honestly enjoying it) because she has the power to win and crush you whenever she wants, in virtually any way she can think of. Not that she even cares about winning, because she has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, and that makes it even more memorable.

She even took the time to teach me some moves and improve my techniques, which was really sweet of her even though it clearly won’t make much of a difference against her. Chatting and joking around in between my moments of surrender was a ton of fun too, and those 2 hours flew right by.

I chose to session with Lia because she’s the best of the best, and she made that 1000% clear to me. I’ll see Lia again because she’s a kind, cool, fun and sexy sweetheart who goes out of her way to ensure you have the very best experience while shattering your ego in the most memorable ways possible. And also because she admitted I got her to “break a sweat”, so next time I WILL submit her at least once...

Or at least she’ll keep letting me dream that I can.


I had such an incredible time meeting and wrestling Lia during her recent trip to Dallas. I loved her energy from beginning to end. Conversing before and in between rounds was just as nice as being worked on the mats. She's skilled, strong, athletic and way too tough for me to contend with -- though, I certainly tried. I'm fit with wiry strength, but I was dripping with sweat while Lia remained cool as a cucumber. Most importantly, she genuinely enjoys what she does and it will show in the experience you share with her. If you're a mixed wrestling enthusiast, you'll love your time with Lia!

lia labowe

This is why I still wrestle. I’m honored to have met you.

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