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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I offer sessions in Boston and surrounding areas. I’ve been session wrestling and Dominating for 16 years. I love to wrestle! Email to set up a match!


If you dont see me traveling to your area, sponor me, Ill come to you!!! Email me directly for details.


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-21-2019 11-24-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
12-13-2019 12-14-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
12-15-2019 12-18-2019 Rek Iceland
Email me directly to set up a match. Deposit required to book a match sent to Pay Pal via I will be traveling with Ashley Wildcat. We will be offering doubles.

I had a session with Lia in Boston and she is outstanding. It was very easy to set up the session by email. Lia was very responsive to emails. This was my first session with Lia. I had wanted to session with her for the past few years and I was very happy that my trip coincided with her availability. Lia is quite stunning! Not only is she very attractive but has a well toned athletic body. She has a great personality and was very fun to wrestle. She is always smiling despite placing me in impossible to escape holds. Although I weighed about 60 lbs more than Lia and have greater physical strength she was able to easily dominate me during the entire session owing to her flexibility and superior wrestling skills. She is trained in jiujisu and is quick and skilled in using this advantage against her opponents. Her signature holds are scissors. She utilized about ten different variations of scissor holds to render me relatively helpless all the while smiling and enjoying the torture. From a wrestling skills perspective I would rate Lia at the top of session wrestlers. I am planning to session with her again suggestion to anyone interested in a wrestling workout with one of the best texhnical session wrestlers who is drop dead gorgeous is to look no further than Lia.



Oh my..Ashley and Lia..the best combo out there! This was my first ever session, and I’ve wanted to session with Ashley and Lia for years. Scheduling was easy, and when they opened the door I was so shocked at how drop dead gorgeous they were. Pictures don’t do any justice, and their personalities are just as amazing. I’m young, and was very nervous when I sat down in the room. They spent time just talking with me, getting to know me, and making sure I was comfortable. And it worked, they really helped to make me feel comfortable. We started the session and it was absolute blast! Best time of my life, hands down. They also had a lot of fun toying with me and giving me a good beating, it’s crazy how almost surgical their thighs are. Their technique is incredible, and combined with their strength, makes their thighs lethal.

I enjoyed it so much 2 days later I was back again. Had so much fun. For anyone on the fence about it, just go for it. It’s well worth it!

Ashley and Lia, thank you both again for the wonderful time! You guys are the best!

-Your new favorite client;)


I just had a scissor session with Ashley Wildcat and Lia during their San Francisco visit and all I can say is from the moment they let me into their room until now I have just had a big fat smile on my face. I actually said “holy shit that was amazing” out loud to myself right after I left their room. And it truly was.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a newbie (well I am somewhat new but have done a lot of sessions with some of the well-known names out there).
Words will not be able to truly describe this experience for me but I want anyone who is interested in scissors and mixed wrestling session to know that this is once in a lifetime experience. I have done a whole lot of bucket items in the last 2 years and my session with Ashley and Lia are up there.
So what was special about this session? First off, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and not just with looks but with their friendly, genuine and incredibly sweet personalities. I felt like I have known these ladies for a long time at the end of our session. And I have to say this: Ashley is definitely my type so I knew I was going to be crazy about her but Lia is so gorgeous – I don’t think any still or a video does her a slight bit of justice.
Yes so they have the looks and the personalities but how about their scissor/leg power? Well every review says how strong their legs are but you have to experience this for yourself. They mainly toyed with me and had their fun with “their prey” as they put it most of the time but when they went full strength it was almost an IMMEDIATE tap out. Boy, these ladies can squeeze!! And that’s because they are trained and although they have gorgeous and feminine legs, they exactly know how to contract their inner thighs and right way to squeeze. Ashley even gave me a demonstration. I am a bit scared when it comes to knockouts so I tapped before I went out but came close to it on so many occasions. Seeing stars and their beautiful faces right after was simply fantastic.
One other thing that made this session special for me was when one of these gorgeous women was squeezing me, I was able to look the other beauty in the eye. And trust me it does not get better, sexier and hotter than that.
One word of advice to anyone who will have a session with these dangerous beauties: make sure to not fall in love with them and believe me that’s a real risk! :)

I will definitely see you again at one point in the future. Thank you for this amazing experience.

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