Location: Boston, Massachusetts
E-mail: lialabowe@gmail.com
Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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The Bowe-Cats on Tour 2019
Review of sessions with Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat

This year I have seen Lia Labowe on five occasions and Ashley Wildcat on four occasions. This review covers all of these trips. It has been a busy year for my favourite two athletes and they have travelled to many places besides those where I have been lucky enough to meet them. This review starts in March 2019 when Lia and Ashley visited Ireland. I made the short flight over to Ireland from Wales and met them at their hotel. They were just South of Dublin City with a great view of the Wicklow Hills. We did not do a session in Ireland but we did go to the Guinness Factory for a tour, late lunch and then into the Temple Bar part of the City Centre for some more Guinness and singing along with the bands playing in the pubs. It was livelier than usual in Dublin that evening because Ireland had just played against France in the Six Nations Rugby Championship and there were plenty of supporters from both nations enjoying the local hospitality.
It was a very early start the next morning as the three of us flew to my home City of Cardiff in Wales. It was too early to check into their hotel so they recovered from the combination of transatlantic jetlag and the night out in Dublin in two of my bedrooms; don’t worry I’d been preparing my house for weeks for The Royal Visit. I dropped them at the hotel in the afternoon where they kicked some Welsh ass (not mine!) and then I returned to the hotel later and we all had steak dinner and wine. My turn to get whooped came the next morning; Ashley has always been a great wrestler but she has become even more technical and physically stronger as well. Lia also demolished me while trash talking as I was tapping out at regular intervals. They then alternated points against me to finish off.
Time to check out and it was on the train to London; first class of course. I did not session with them in London but was in a different hotel nearby. I met them the next morning and accompanied them to Victoria Station, a final hug, and they were on their way to Gatwick. I was really happy to be able to assist Lia and Ashley on this trip and spend time with them in all three cities. I also want to say a big thank you to their other fans in the Ireland and the UK who made this trip possible through sponsoring them.
In April I flew to Boston to take on Lia and Ashley, sponsoring Ashley’s travel and accommodation. Unfortunately, the airline Ashley was booked on cancelled her flight. Ashley tried very hard to get an alternative flight even driving to another airport in Florida. In the end, we spoke on the phone and agreed she had done her best but it was too close to Easter and if she did manage to get to Boston she might not be able to fly back to Florida in time for Easter. These things happen. When Lia arrived at my hotel in the Cambridge district, the first thing we did was record a periscope video message to Ashley. Lia had another session before she took me on, but I was not able to take advantage of this as she beat me comprehensively once more with arm bars, Americanas, kimouras, head scissors and triangles. She had some requests for lift and carry photos so I helped her out. I enjoyed the rest of the Easter weekend in Boston. Lia met me again on the day I flew home and we had lunch at my favourite restaurant in Chinatown before Lia dropped me back to the airport.
My next sessions with Lia and Ashley came in June in Prague, Czech Republic. Fightpulse had invited Ashley to compete in a series of videos against their female and male athletes. I know how good Lia and Ashley work together so I asked if Lia could join them if I sponsored her trip. It all worked out for everyone and after the first day of filming, Fightpulse allowed us to use their venue to do our sessions. It was a two hour beat down as Ashley and Lia alternated rounds against me. The mats at Fightpulse are absolutely excellent. I did much better against Ashley than I did in Cardiff; that basically means I lasted longer before tapping than I did in Wales! Lia was in excellent form and used me as practice making sure she did not get me with a different hold for each point. I ended up being put in holds I’d never heard of before. What I loved about this trip was being able to watch Fightpulse in action making videos. It’s a real slick operation and they get through so much work in just two days. I was able to watch matches live as they were being filmed right up to the point on the Sunday afternoon where I had to leave for my flight back home.
September is Ashley’s birthday month and so I was really pleased to be able to fly to Florida to join her and Lia once more. A bonus was that I met Woody who appears on over 150 videos on Ashley’s clips site. Indeed the first day started with us filming a tag match where the Bowe-Cats took on Woody and myself; we called ourselves The Testosterone Twins. Just type in “testosterone” in the search feature on Ashley’s clips site and you’ll find the video easily enough. Ashley and Lia wore the Bowe-Cats branded bikinis I had brought over from the UK. It was brilliant and they showed off their new merchandise on periscope before we started filming the match. We made a couple of other videos of Lia and Ashley against Woody and then Lia and Ashley against myself. Then it was session time. You guessed it, I still have not got a point off either Lia or Ashley. The next stop was Miami to celebrate Ashley’s birthday at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. Lia organised everything, they had massages and facials before joining me for cocktails and then dinner. Fantastic French restaurant. Before getting the late train back to West Palm (I had a flight home the next day), I sat with them on the balcony of their hotel room, beautiful, overlooking the ocean, we could hear the waves coming in. What a day.
The year ended with a trip to Iceland. I had a relatively short flight to Reykjavik and Iceland is also on the same time zone as the UK at this time of the year. Ashley had the toughest journey, flying to Boston to link up with Lia and kick ass there before they both made the five hour trip to Reykjavik; their flight was delayed by two hours plus it was an overnight flight. The hotel staff were excellent letting the ladies into their room at 10am. They had pizza and Irish Coffee later before the main item on day one which was a trip into the countryside to try and see the Aurora Borealis. Our super-jeep took us to one location where there was a gap in the clouds but no Northern Lights, so we travelled on to a second location. It was not looking good so we went back into the super-jeep because it really was freezing, I mean well below freezing. Then our tour guide called us back out of the bus because the Northern Lights had appeared. It was a fantastic 20 minute light show and we got photographs taken. Wonderful. The next day we did a tour of the Golden Circle area seeing where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, the Gullfoss Waterfall and the Strokkur geyser. They gave me my Christmas beating that evening in my hotel room, while I was being locked down by one the other would tickle me. Half the time the tickling was causing me to submit and the other half of their points were straight submissions with one pin. Our final full day in Iceland was Lia’s Birthday celebration. A huge thanks to Ashley who helped me plan it and keep everything a big surprise. We went to the Blue Lagoon where we had champagne and enjoyed the warm waters in a private Lava Cove, the ladies had two hour signature in-water massages and facials. In the evening we had a seven course meal with premium wine pairing, it was incredible, big thanks to everyone at the Blue Lagoon who made it such a wonderful day for us. When they found out it was Lia’s birthday they brought in chocolate covered strawberries with Happy Birthday written in chocolate in Icelandic on then plate, all on the house.
If you managed to read the whole of this review, well done, there was not really an awful lot about the wrestling sessions, sorry about that. I’d like to thank Lia and Ashley for another wonderful year, seeing some amazing places, doing our sessions and letting me hang out with them when they have time. I’m looking forward to more travels and adventures in 2020.


I had a session with Lia in Boston and she is outstanding. It was very easy to set up the session by email. Lia was very responsive to emails. This was my first session with Lia. I had wanted to session with her for the past few years and I was very happy that my trip coincided with her availability. Lia is quite stunning! Not only is she very attractive but has a well toned athletic body. She has a great personality and was very fun to wrestle. She is always smiling despite placing me in impossible to escape holds. Although I weighed about 60 lbs more than Lia and have greater physical strength she was able to easily dominate me during the entire session owing to her flexibility and superior wrestling skills. She is trained in jiujisu and is quick and skilled in using this advantage against her opponents. Her signature holds are scissors. She utilized about ten different variations of scissor holds to render me relatively helpless all the while smiling and enjoying the torture. From a wrestling skills perspective I would rate Lia at the top of session wrestlers. I am planning to session with her again soon.my suggestion to anyone interested in a wrestling workout with one of the best texhnical session wrestlers who is drop dead gorgeous is to look no further than Lia.



Oh my..Ashley and Lia..the best combo out there! This was my first ever session, and I’ve wanted to session with Ashley and Lia for years. Scheduling was easy, and when they opened the door I was so shocked at how drop dead gorgeous they were. Pictures don’t do any justice, and their personalities are just as amazing. I’m young, and was very nervous when I sat down in the room. They spent time just talking with me, getting to know me, and making sure I was comfortable. And it worked, they really helped to make me feel comfortable. We started the session and it was absolute blast! Best time of my life, hands down. They also had a lot of fun toying with me and giving me a good beating, it’s crazy how almost surgical their thighs are. Their technique is incredible, and combined with their strength, makes their thighs lethal.

I enjoyed it so much 2 days later I was back again. Had so much fun. For anyone on the fence about it, just go for it. It’s well worth it!

Ashley and Lia, thank you both again for the wonderful time! You guys are the best!

-Your new favorite client;)


I just had a scissor session with Ashley Wildcat and Lia during their San Francisco visit and all I can say is from the moment they let me into their room until now I have just had a big fat smile on my face. I actually said “holy shit that was amazing” out loud to myself right after I left their room. And it truly was.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a newbie (well I am somewhat new but have done a lot of sessions with some of the well-known names out there).
Words will not be able to truly describe this experience for me but I want anyone who is interested in scissors and mixed wrestling session to know that this is once in a lifetime experience. I have done a whole lot of bucket items in the last 2 years and my session with Ashley and Lia are up there.
So what was special about this session? First off, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and not just with looks but with their friendly, genuine and incredibly sweet personalities. I felt like I have known these ladies for a long time at the end of our session. And I have to say this: Ashley is definitely my type so I knew I was going to be crazy about her but Lia is so gorgeous – I don’t think any still or a video does her a slight bit of justice.
Yes so they have the looks and the personalities but how about their scissor/leg power? Well every review says how strong their legs are but you have to experience this for yourself. They mainly toyed with me and had their fun with “their prey” as they put it most of the time but when they went full strength it was almost an IMMEDIATE tap out. Boy, these ladies can squeeze!! And that’s because they are trained and although they have gorgeous and feminine legs, they exactly know how to contract their inner thighs and right way to squeeze. Ashley even gave me a demonstration. I am a bit scared when it comes to knockouts so I tapped before I went out but came close to it on so many occasions. Seeing stars and their beautiful faces right after was simply fantastic.
One other thing that made this session special for me was when one of these gorgeous women was squeezing me, I was able to look the other beauty in the eye. And trust me it does not get better, sexier and hotter than that.
One word of advice to anyone who will have a session with these dangerous beauties: make sure to not fall in love with them and believe me that’s a real risk! :)

I will definitely see you again at one point in the future. Thank you for this amazing experience.


Listen here.

Recently sessioned with Lia again (Knock Out Fest Extravaganza Part 3.)

We haven't seen each other solo in a bit (did a fun session of total destruction with Lia and Ashley in March) and it was just so good to see her face. I got the good old butterflies when the doorbell rang.

We caught up for a bit, shared recent travel and life stories, laughed a shitload, and just enjoyed the moment. Really cool. Wasn't just a business feel to it which is when I open up way more too. She's so cool and super smart and you know those people you talk to that you can tell have a canned response to your sentence as you are saying it? She's the opposite. Listens, laughs, looks you in the eye, engages. Just the ultimate. I'm not embellishing.

Anyway, on the the session. Lia at this point knows I'm just trying to get KTFO haha. When I say she listens, I don't even just mean sentence to sentence. She remembered session related things I said over a year ago when we first met. A bear trap I tell ya! (Both mind and chokeholds haha.) She knows every choke/hold/move in the book so pick your poison. Personally the mounted triangle is so DOPE cuz she's looking down at you smiling as the peripheral walls are closing in on you....as......you...zzzzzzz....and then you wake up to that same welcoming, amazing face bringing you back to Earth. Honestly if I could do this once a day I would hahaha. No joke!

I went out probably 6 times, chatted in between, just had the greatest time I wished would never end.

So let me say this: this is your dream session. Look no further, have no fear, enjoy every moment.

Lia, you are one of a kind in sessions of course but you are truly one of the coolest people I've met and I'm so happy I emailed you all nervous last year haha

You're the best,


I was lucky enough to meet Ashley Wildcat and Lia Labowe together in Cardiff, as they were touring Europe. Although a couple of weeks back now, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I wouldn’t forget, especially as it was my first!

Getting in contact was straightforward, and everything was set up within a few emails with no fuss whatsoever.
As stated, I had never had a session before, so come to the day itself, and I was hugely nervous, possibly more than in any other experience up to now. However, a hug from each on arrival, and a brief chat and introduction was certainly enough to rid those nerves in seconds. Both Lia and Ashley were so welcoming, with a personality just as beautiful as they are physically (and they are gorgeous by the way).

We quickly went over the session itself, clarifying exactly what I wanted from it and what limitations I had, and then the girls wasted no time in starting to make me tap... From having this calm and relaxing introduction, it was amazing to see them switch into a completely different and dominant role. Lia was first to try out a couple of moves, one of which being what seems to be a very well known reverse headscissor, and boy could I understand why! You could slowly feel that pressure being cranked up, with what seemed no limit to how much Lia could squeeze. Then Ashley started to showcase an array of holds with the same devastating effect. I remember trying to sit up after a few moves, only to have Ashley say that I was going no-where. This was immediately followed by another brutal squeeze, this time around the body, that had me tapping in seconds. I started making noises I never knew I could make! And my god, was I in trouble once they realised I was ticklish...

This would also be the first time I’d experience being knocked out too, in another Lia headscissor and I was certainly unaware that it had even happened! That was until waking and seeing them both just sat there, smiling. I was honestly so shocked by the sheer strength of both Ashley’s and Lia’s legs and I’m sure I won’t be the first/last. Their knowledge of various wrestling moves and holds was hugely impressive and it’s clear to see why they give anyone a run for their money so easily. Their technique is amazing.

Perhaps what isn’t mentioned as much, is the psychological side to it all, and let us not forget, the mind can sometimes be one of the sexiest parts of our body. So not only did I enjoy how both of them were able to dominate me with various holds, it was also fun to listen to them telling me how I was trapped, how I was now their pray, and generally seeing how much pleasure they got from squeezing the life out of me. Even when watching the other girl apply some sort of scissorhold, you could tell they were enjoying it. And that’s what makes Ashley and Lia so great together, they complement each other so well, whilst being so fun to be with.

So much fun in fact, that my 2 hours went too quickly. Another hug and an embrace and I was on my way, the happiest I had been in a long time. The only sad bit was leaving. So let me take this chance not only to encourage you to book with Ashley or Lia (both at the same time if possible!), but also to say thank you for a wonderful and fun filled day! I’ll be doing everything I can to see you both again at some point!

Cheers Guys ☺️


Had a double session with Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat a couple of weeks ago in London so here’s the review.
The session was setup with a few simple email exchanges and then the date for the session came around and boy was I looking forward to this one.
I’ve been a fan of mixed wrestling for going on 15-20 years when Lia was just starting out so I was almost a little star struck when I was greeted on arrival by Lia. They had just checked in so were finishing preparing the room when I arrived. There were plenty of smiles and hugs from both girls. I quickly got changed and we had a quick chat about what I’d like from the session.
I mainly do comp or semi-comp sessions, not for the competition but I like to wrestle with women that can dominate me despite my best efforts to stop it. I definitely came to the right place because these girls have got serious grappling skills and both are pretty tall with strong legs.
We started with some armwrestling (right hand). I managed to beat Ashley and Lia but only with some serious effort. Both of them were much stronger than I was expecting. Then.... the wrestling started.
I went up against Lia first and it took a minute before I was mounted and in Lia’s mounted triangle. I tried to roll her off several times but she was having none of it. She has a really brutal squeeze in her triangle and I was tapping pretty quickly.
Next up was Ashley and I remember thinking to myself ‘it’s ok, she’s never going to be as good as Lia was’. Wrong, I was tapping out literally ten seconds later to the most brutal guillotine I’ve experienced so far.
This is the point where things started to go even further south for me. Now it was time for both of them to come at me. They both love to mock and tease as they dominate you with ease. God knows how many times I tapped out in total but it was a lot. I can’t recall a single hold that I was able to get out of. Both of them could even Submit me with bodyscissors.
In summary, both of these girls are amazing. Both are absolutely stunning. Tall, gorgeous, amazing legs and can easily kick your ass on the mats. They have a great professional attitude and immediately make you feel welcome upon arrival. I always got the impression that they were really enjoying the beating they were putting on me. If there is one session for you to book then a double with these girls is a must. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them.
Thanks Ashley and Lia for a wonderful experience. I hope to meet you two again one day but if I don’t I’ll cherish the hour we spent together. Lol


Lia Labowe and Skylar Rene
Christmas in New York 2018

This was my fourth and final trip to USA this year and it was even better than my amazing trips to Florida, Boston and California. I’d booked hotels and flights months ago and had been looking forward to the trip for months, counting down the days. Some weeks after I’d made my arrangements with Lia, I noticed that she would be doing double sessions with Skylar Rene while in New York so I made some enquiries to see if it would be possible to have a double session and I was very lucky that Skylar was able to join us. I was staying in the same Midtown Manhattan hotel as Lia and had arrived before her so I waited for her to arrive. She entered, we gave each other a hug and then went upstairs where I helped Lia arrange the furniture in her room so the mats could be put down. Lia’s room was a corner room, perfect for sessions, and with a great view of New York at Christmas time. Lia and Skylar had a couple of sessions on that first evening before they joined me for something to eat. This was the first time I met Skylar and she is a lovely person. All three of us were wearing superhero Christmas sweaters and received plenty of compliments from the other guests and hotel staff for them. We had a great chat about the scene and different types of session and our plans for the future. After we had eaten, Skylar and Lia were back in action so I would see them the next morning.

0900 on Monday morning I knocked on Lia’s door, when she opened it and called me in, I could see Skylar was there already. We changed into our superhero costumes for some photographs; Lia wore a purple Bat Girl costume, Skylar wore a blue skin-tight costume that looked like one of the fantastic four but I think it was something else – whatever it looked absolutely great. First up it was Skylar against myself. We locked up and I could see that Skylar was laughing at my facial expressions, I don’t deliberately make these expressions to put my opponents off, it is me trying to concentrate on the difficult challenge of defending myself against some of the best athletes in the World. Skylar got on top, but I used my half guard defence to prevent her getting full mount before rolling on top myself. Skylar was in a great position to get me in an arm bar except she was backed up against the wall and did not have the room to lean back and complete the move. I let her know this through my commentary that was kept up during the match. Lia is used to my one-man wrestling, commentating and comedy routine, but Skylar was being exposed to it for the first time. However, she went about her business without letting me put her off. I could see Lia was itching to come to Skylar’s aid, but she refrained and allowed Skylar to tackle me one on one. I could not capitalise while on top and Skylar got the first point with an arm lock. She then got on top but I managed to hold out, our costumes slipping against each other which helped me evade her submission attempts for a while. However, when Skylar got on top this time she made no mistake and rolled me into a head scissors which had me tapping pretty quickly. I took about 30 seconds after this as I felt breathless having been trapped beneath Skylar’s full mount. I think it was just the start of the session that caused this as I was able to go all out for the remained of the session without encountering this difficulty again.

So with Skylar having achieved two points on her own, Lia decided it was time for her to join the battle and so I was now up against two awesome opponents. Skylar discovered I’m ticklish and took full advantage of this while I was trapped in Lia’s mounted triangle. It was hard work trying to ward off their attacks but exhilarating at the same time. Skylar and Lia swapped roles with Skylar pinning me down and Lia throwing in a couple of stomach punches. Then they went for double holds; firstly I found myself being crucified in a double arm bar and then I was in a double scissors with Lia scissoring my neck while Skylar scissored my trunk. Lia backed off for a while and let Skylar do more of the work, this time when I tried to roll on top of Skylar, Lia craftily positioned herself so I couldn’t.

Lia came back in again and they started giving me all sorts of problems. I was on my back and Skylar sat on my chest while Lia pressed my legs up over my body, afraid I had to tap through lack of flexibility. Skylar got me with a thigh scissor, I always wondered what it felt like and how the athletes resisted for so long in the thigh scissor videos. Let me tall you all, Skylar’s thighs are much stronger than mine and I could feel circulation being cut off to my lower leg and I had to tap within 10 seconds of it being applied. Lia got me with knee lock while Skylar helped keep me under control and then Lia placed her cape over my mask. I did not realise this and was trying to adjust my mask because I though it had move sideways on my head. Lia also used her cape to choke me for another submission. So that was the first video done; I don’t know how many times I tapped, I’ll see when I watch it back.

Next up was a 15 minute bout with Skylar without filming. I wore t-shirt and gym shorts while Skylar opted for a black bikini. She was now used to my wrestling style and had figured out how to best take me on. She got me with a guillotine, a breast smother, a grapevine, a fore arm pressed to my throat, and a rear naked choke. She finished me off getting me with a reverse head scissors. I looked up and could see her looking over her own shoulder down at me to make sure I was still conscious. She squeezed once, I tapped, the she squeezed harder and I tapped again and then squeezed with full power. Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that. Lia and Sky asked if I was ok because I looked like an “albino monkey” after the three reverse head scissor squeezes.

A quick drink and then it was back into costumes for Lia against myself. Skylar took a quick shower while the next match was on because she would be getting back to her other sessions after the first hour. This time she was Cat-Woman taking on me in my traditional red / blue costume. I really appreciate the effort Lia made getting the costumes she used for these sessions, five of them in total. Lia got me down with a Thai grip and then got my back, electing to place me in a head scissors from behind, pulling my chin up for good measure. I tapped. I tried my “dead beetle” defence to avoid Lia’s grapevine, and took great joy in commenting on how I’d managed to avoid the grapevine. Lia put her hand over my mouth to shut me up before rolling onto her back and then making me tap to an upside-down grapevine. We locked up again and this time after a bit of a struggle, Lia got my back and placed me in a sleeper hold. More scissors followed as Lia closed out an impressive victory. We did some posed photos of Lia with the Cat-Woman suit on holding a whip. Wow! Skylar said her goodbyes for now, she would be doing further double sessions with Lia the next day. We hugged before she left. I really appreciate Skylar fitting me into her very busy New York schedule.

Next Lia wore the blue one-piece costume that Skylar had been wearing earlier. We zipped each other up and got the video camera rolling from an elevated position. Lia got me with a bear hug, a Boston crab, an arm triangle and a school girl pin before a pillow fight broke out at the start of the fifth round. The school girl pin was particularly effective with both of my arms and my head squeezed between Lia’s knees. Once we’d got a few shots in each, the pillows were discarded and we were back on the mats straight grappling. I found myself face down on the mats with Lia sitting on top of me facing my feet and pulling my legs up stretching my quadriceps. She could have probably turned this into an Indian death lock but I was tapping out before she got that far. Lia was trash talking me from start to finish, every time I said “I’ve got an idea” or “I know what to do”, she taunted me asking me what my big idea was while trapping me motionless in a controlling hold I could not even begin to escape from.

A quick break and then Lia changed into her Wonder-Woman costume while I went for the black Spidey costume. We did a face off before this match started, our foreheads pressed together and the tips of our noses touching. I was on the receiving end of body scissors and also had to tap when my ear was being pressed hard to the mats by my own head. I tried to cross my legs to avoid Lia’s grapevine but she ended up smothering me with her shoulder telling me to “eat some shoulder” as I was tapping out. We gave the office workers opposite the hotel a wave, great that Venom and wonder-Woman had a live audience for this match! I noticed that the body piece of Lia’s wonder-Woman costume was pretty tough, not that my body scissors would have been effective anyway. I was on my back trying to get up, pressing the palms of my hands to the mats, but Lia just pushed me back down again, laughing at how I was wasting all of my energy trying to get up. I tried the hedge hog defence but Lia caught my head with her thighs and had me tapping to a reverse head scissors.

Time for a break, I went down stairs to bring up a couple of cups of coffee. Then we were into the last part of the 3 hour session which was a photo shoot of Lia doing lift and carry on me. Someone had requested this on twitter so we took the photos for her fans. There was a fireman lift, a cradle lift, front and back piggy backs as well as Lia lifting me up on her shoulders.

I spent the afternoon seeing the sites of New York City while Lia and Skylar continued with their sessions. The next day (Tuesday) was very special. Once Lia and Skylar had finished their morning sessions we all went to the matinee showing of the Roxettes Christmas Show, it was truly magical. Then we went to the top of the Empire State Building to see New York, it was amazing. I really appreciate Skylar and Lia spending the afternoon with me. They are two kind and lovely ladies who can kick ass when they need to. I had one more day in New York after Lia and Skylar had travelled their different ways home. I saw more sites and made the most of New York at Christmas time. Yes, no doubt about it, this has been my best ever session wrestling experience. Thanks Lia. Thanks Skylar.


Lia's reputation precedes her: there are very few people in this business who have accumulated as many accolades as her. I'm very happy, and honestly a little shocked, to say that somehow she managed to exceed expectations. Obviously there are many reviews here providing meticulous detail on what a session with Lia is like, so rather than writing a wall of text I will hit on a few distinctive themes that can help inform people considering sessioning with her.

Since it's often the first question on people's mind, whether they ask or not: Lia is gorgeous. Her recent video interview on sesssion girls, or clips on clips4sale, give a pretty good sense of what to expect physically.

Lia has a wonderful personality, perfectly tailored to this activity. She is a prompt and efficient communicator by email (which if what you want), accommodating and welcoming when you arrive, and cares deeply about understanding what you want from the session; however once the wrestling starts she effortlessly code switches into a fun sort of bratty taunting dominant. It would feel like an act from other people who weren't such naturals, but from her it's terrific. The chats between falls were just as crucial to the experience as the wrestling.

As for the wrestling, Lia was unlike anyone I've ever sessioned with before. I'm not skilled or in great cardio shape, but I am also not small and am reasonable strong, so I can normally brute force my way to a few submissions even with women who are more skilled than me of Lia's size. With Lia I got zilch, and honestly only even came close to putting her in trouble once (which felt like a moral victory; she praised me and gave me a high-five for it!) The issue is that it feels like she knows what you are going to do before you yourself do: every move I made was immediately blocked and deflected, any opening I thought I saw was really just an invitation to expose an arm for an arm bar or a neck for a triangle choke. Her long legs are justifiably famous for the pain they cause when scissoring, but less well known is how effective they are defensively; Lia likes to use water metaphors to describe the flow of wrestling, but if so her legs are a dam you crash against again and again, until eventually you are diverted into a submission hold. Lia's is the first session I've had where it really felt like even if I were somewhat stronger it would not have helped; if you aren't either quite fast or skilled she is probably going to dominate you regardless of how big and strong you think you are. And isn't getting dominated by women you feel like you "should" be able to easily take, even when you're genuinely trying, why a lot of us are here?

Looking over this, I guess the common theme that makes Lia so special is her empathy and understanding at every level of the process, from setting the terms of the session to chatting during it to the wrestling itself. I can't imagine there are very many women around who can do all of that, and so would strongly encourage anyone who thinks that this sounds like someone they want to roll with to book her as soon as they can.

lia labowe

Thank you so much! I’m in this world for people and session like this one! I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for these kind words and I had so much fun on my Birthday trip with rolls like this one! Thank you Thank you and Thank you again! I look forward to the next one...;) xo


Recently saw Lia in Boston. Really fabulous semi-comp session. Lia looks great -- pics are accurate and undersell how hot she is in person. She is an excellent communicator over email and in person, and really made me feel at ease to start the session with both small talk and exploring my interests, which she did a great job tailoring the session to. We did a semi-comp where it was generally Lia twisting me up and locking me in various helpless positions before extracting the tap slowly and methodically, and taunting me (per my request) along the way. She has some real grappling skill and the variety of holds, pins, locks, and chokes was way better than most girls. From scissors to arm bars to leg locks to all manner of chokes (night night!), I was blissfully dominated in unpredictable ways. She knows what you're going to try and has three ways to counter it or turn it against you. She was a ton of fun to roll with and talk to. Don't miss out on Lia -- she is in an elite tier of girls who are the total session package.


Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat
September 2018
Session Reviews

I had seen Lia and Ashley together in Florida earlier in the year and when I saw they would be together again in Los Angeles I checked some flights and hotels, found them to be good value, booked everything and sent the deposits. The ladies would be heading to Hawaii afterward, I’d love to have gone there too but work commitments meant I couldn’t on this occasion. As well as doing sessions with each of them, I decided to sponsor some videos with a Harley Quinn theme. I ordered the traditional Harley Quinn Costume and the Arkham version as well. Ashley spotted a red / blue jacket, bikini and trainer set that she liked, Lia liked it too, so I ordered it for each of them on their Amazon lists. I could not resist ordering some inflatable baseball bats and Harley Quinn hammer as well. This was going to be fun.
I flew in mid afternoon with the sessions and videos scheduled in a four-hour slot the next morning. This suited all of us as we had all flown west to get to LA. We had a catch up over breakfast before the ladies came round to my hotel room for the sessions. The way we worked it was we alternated un-filmed session segments with filmed matches. I really thought I had a chance having slimed down to 144 pounds and done great training over the preceding 6 weeks. However, Lia and Ashley were far better and took great pleasure in submitting and pinning me in both the session matches and the videos. I’ll not say too much about the videos because Lia and Ashley will be selling these on their clips sites. I will say this, they did their hair Harley Quinn style and look absolutely beautiful together in the photos. They gave me a beating with the hammer and baseball bats when I was wearing both my red / blue Spidey costume and the black Spidey Venum costume. Watch out for their trade-mark double arm bar. I got a bit of a groin stretch as they pulled me this way and that way and one funny incident was when Ashley had me in a camel clutch but because my mask was pulled round my face I could not see and I honestly thought it was Lia who had me!
I was on top for the first minute of the session with Lia, mouthing off that I was about to get her in an Americana. She laughed and simply told me to “go for it” before reversing the whole situation and proceeding to demolish me with body scissors, mounted triangles, arm triangles, head scissors, figure four head scissors, and reverse head scissors. At the start of one of the sections Lia burst out laughing telling me she could not take me seriously because of my facial expressions.
Ashley took full advantage of my major weakness tickling me into submission during one of the session sections. I had several great views as she pinned me flat on my back! I must admit, when Ashley got my back I had no answers, whether she was applying rear naked chokes or Nelson moves. She does excellent combinations, always wanting to get her long legs into the action no matter what hold she has me in with her arms. Ashley’s trash talking was excellent, she is a natural at this, as is Lia. They just love what they do, as each was wrestling me I could tell the other was just itching to get into the action.
At Lunch time we completed the sessions and I took a break while they had a full afternoon of sessions with other guys. We met up later that evening in the hot tub and had a great chat before ordering food in the bar. Big hugs as we said our good byes, the ladies needed to be up early the next morning to fly to Hawaii. I was up in time to see their flight leaving. I spent the rest of the day on a VIP tour bus seeing the sites of LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. This is the second time in 2018 that I’ve sessioned with Ashley and Lia. They are great opponents and I recommend both highly, but if you do get the chance to see them both together, you should definitely do it. Another amazing experience, thanks Ashley, thanks Lia xoxox


ROUND 3: It is now my third week in Boston and this is a review of my third boxing session with Lia Labowe.

Our first session described below was primarily brisk fantasy boxing as we met, got to know each other and understand our limits. At our second session I asked her to bring up the energy and she said she had gotten more comfortable with me so it was easy to to escalate and to find out what she could get away with. It was more like sparring without headgear with a little fantasy mixed in. Our third session took it above that as
we started semi-competitive boxing and eventually adding headgear and mouthguards. She described it as intense.

Another 10 rounds of hard punching; We took a breather after 10 rounds and talked, but she knew this would be the last time I saw her for a long time and she asked to box a few more rounds but to bring the energy level down so we could end on a fun note. Sadly, I had ordered hundreds of dollars of gear for her and none of it arrived before I had to leave so I will have to wait for months before I have the opportunity to box her in that gear. She did say she would send me some photos, though.


ROUND 2: A week ago I submittd a review of a Fantasy Boxing Session I had with Lia Labowe. At the end I mentioned She wanted to see me again, well it is a week later and she came back to give me another 'boxing lesson'.

Discussing last week's session I asked her what word she would use to describe her persona. She said "Brat" (sweet with a lot of teasing). I loved what she did last week and I wanted to see where she could take it, so I asked her to be a little meaner and quieter. Lia delivered.

10 rounds. Hard punching, she said she didn't but I would swear she looked at last weeks notes to refresh her memory. She did some things this week she didn't do last week, like grapple me to the ground, really push me hard to the wall and hold my head while she pounded my middle. A lot of pushes with gloves into corners. Two really big things were wrapping me in her arm against her chest while she pounded my middle and getting me against the wall and making a kissy face before she hit me in the head.

She also knew all the dirty tricks. My shoelace was untied and she pointed it out for real
but she also belted me when I looked down at it. She stepped on my boot to hold me in
place while she hit me. She hit on the break, hit after the bell, hit in a clinch. She was
nasty as hell...and I loved it.

Her punching was incredible. 2, 3, 4, 5 punch combos coming from both hands. She just
kept coming at me and pushing. I had a real problem trying to cover up, back up, weave,
clinch, parry. I was slow. As she punched I would parry and she would pull back and punch again before I had a strategy. If I successfully blocked or clinched her right, she
activated her left, which I was not prepared for.

Beautiful boxing. I have a lot to learn. Going to talk to a boxing coach for a strategy.

We took a breather after 10 rounds and talked more.

We boxed 4 more rounds and knowing it was the last round she ramped it up and I took
a knee and officially said knockout. If she continued, I think it would have been inevitable.

She was so considerate, getting me a wet compress for my face and getting the bag
of ice from the freezer.

If there were skill ratings for boxing I would say she is a black belt. She is a master at
varying her power, targets, speed, hands, and she puts real power behind her 140 pounds that would rock any man.

We opted not to wear headgear and she was still so skilled she never threw a stray punch and even checked regularly if the power of her punches or her intensity was too high so she could take it down a notch. She said she watches closely and can tell (for safety sake).

I don't know about other men, but I assume at the end of a session, most men want to see their sessiongirl again. Imagine how I felt when I just boxed with a dream girl to my limits and SHE asked to see ME again. HELL YES.

Hoping to schedule Round 3 for next week before I leave Boston.

For those of you who are looking for a woman that can really box and who can follow your fantasy, look no further. Lia is the one for me, and she's probably the one for you too.


So, finally had a session with the legend herself, Lia Labowe, and the myth is true!
First off, she’s quick responding to e-mails, as long as you’re polite and say what kind of a session, length of session, etc.
Secondly, her legs are hard as steel!! If you’re in her reverse headscissor, it’s like you’re on a roller coaster, you’ll know when it’s time to tap or scream!! Lia was great, very playful, very technical with holds, always smiling while she’s got you pinned down. All i have to say is, she made me cry literally from how hard she squeezed my neck in a reverse headscissors!! But, she’s fantastic! Couldn’t recommend her enough, she won’t be around forever, you know!


I am usually a good writer and express myself well but my experience with Lia Labowe has me struggling to find the words of adequate weight to describe what she did for me and how she made me feel.

People below go right for the superlatives like goddess and queen; Words which have been used too often for less talented people on these pages. She is beyond superlatives. Lia is beyond words.

I had just had a bad session with someone else from these pages. Someone who sessions a lot but doesn't care about clients. That session gave me nightmares for days and I needed to find someone with real skill and experience who could give me a good session to put the bad one behind me.

That person was Lia Labowe.

When I emailed, her responses were prompt and were light, playful, confident and optimistic and that helped to put me at ease. What really impressed me was her words, "If you want to explain more so I can make sure you get exactly what you want in session regarding your boxing fetish…." It told me that she was listening to me and wanted to give me what I was really looking for and paying for.

Rather than send her anything I decided to just bring a mix of 12 small videos and a sheet of paper describing the person I wanted her to be in a Fantasy Boxing Session. I figured it might take a while for her to read all of it and get it but it was important enough for me to get it right.

I explained that and in just a few days and 2 emails she was knocking on my hotel suite door.

Greeting me with a smile as bright as a spring morning, we sat and chatted at the kitchen table and she was so open, relaxed and friendly she allayed my concerns in minutes. I was so glad I was working with such an intelligent, talented and insightful woman. She reviewed the videos and the persona in a few minutes and agreed to try to act the role.

She helped move the furniture out of the suite so we had adequate room to box. The she went into the other room to change and when she returned she was breathtaking, so fit and attractive and her long dark hair underscored her feminine gifts and even more, SHE WAS IN CHARACTER ALREADY. My pulse started to race.

She told me to put her gloves on her hands and as I did she started taunting me, telling me what was about to happen.

With only minutes to prepare, she was so at ease with fresh and unpredictable taunts and teases, she took the idea of what was on the video clips and made it feel like it was real and new to me.

She projected the persona, the confidence, the very thing I wanted to see and I have to say, I was excited beyond words and I did not want this to end.

During the bout, she showed such great skill with form, and accuracy in both punches and blocking and both during and in between rounds her taunts and comments were on target as well. What I liked was she was able to verbally spar without using the words pathetic or loser, which so many less skilled ladies use freely.

Coming over when I was down, sitting on me and getting tangled, made me want to stay down and wrapping me up in her arms while she hammered my gut was thrilling.

Her use of her gloves to push me around, prop me up and set me up for punches was out of this world.

I especially liked when I was down and she performed or commented. The pounding of gloves, the little shimmy dances and the end of fight celebration almost made me wish I were down more often.

As to her power, it was a great honor to fight with a real professional. The way she measured her blows to my head, controlled her targets to avoid sensitive areas, and put full power into my body really gave me the impression that she was playing with me, working my body hard, but easing up on my head, so I would last longer and there would be more rounds to punish me.

I was purposely leaving my left down to invite her attacks with right crosses. Her execution was elegant and perfection, with double taps and combinations I don't think most of the ladies even comprehend.

I don't even know how many rounds we boxed, but no two seemed the same. She was really able to mix it up and keep it fresh.

She's truly spoiled me for other women.

2 HOURS LATER she finished me and at that time exorcised the bad juju from the other woman's session I had the week before.

She replaced it with fond memories that will play over and over until I see her again.

Since she was so quick to pick up on the mix of video clips I brought from various sources, and to improvise them throughout the match, I will be asking her to make videos of her repeating everything in the clips so I have all of them from the same talented woman.

I just called her and I see her again next week for the rematch!


First let me say that it has been 12 years or so since my last match with Lia. All I can say is what the hell took me so long to make this happen??? When she opened the door it was like time had stood still. She was as friendly and beautiful as I remember. She remembered me even though it had been so long, which was great! We chatted for a bit before our match to catch up on what has gone on in our lives since our last match. Then it was time to get down to business, and get my living ass kicked again by the great Lia Labowe! I had requested a super hero outfit, which she brought. It was a Wonder Woman outfit that truly looked amazing on her. Once we started I simply couldn't wait to have those million dollar legs wrapped around me again after such a long time. It was tremendous the first time she wrapped them around me...even though it hurt like hell! The power in those legs I simply can't describe. I asked her to go easy which she did. She slowly but surely squeezed tighter until I started to tap like crazy. You don't want to tap because again those legs are one in a million!!! She had me in so many different types of scissors, and I loved every one of them. Even though she put me in a couple earlier in our match , I simply had to request more of the best type of scissor in the world to be applied by the best to ever do it. What scissor is that you ask??? The famous Lia Labowe reverse headscissor!!!!! She said "absolutely I will give you 10 in a row". I was laying on my back on the floor dying for it to happen, even knowing what kind of pain would come with it. She got in position and i was like " oh God no" she said " I'm going to scoop and squeeze" and with that she scooped my head up off the floor with the gorgeous, powerful, million dollar legs and then proceeded to give me 10 consecutive reverse headscissors!!! The view was AMAZING as she also has a million dollar backside lol!! It was so worth the pain!!! What a way to end the session!!! In closing I would say that you simply won't find a better person, or someone to wrestle with than Lia! I can't recommend a session with her enough! I guarantee it won't be another 12 years before our next match!! Thx again Lia


Lia Labowe
Review by The Amazing Spider-Mouth (July 2018)

This was the second time I’ve met Lia having met her in Florida in March this year. She is one of those athletes who I would really regret not doing a session with if she were to retire from the scene before I arranged a match. However, having done my first session with Lia, I really wanted to come back to the USA and do as many sessions as I could withy her. This time I flew to Boston so she would have home field advantage. I wanted to get as much done as possible during this trip. So we did four hours’ worth of sessions over two days including video shoots in superhero costumes, a periscope broadcast and a straight semi-competitive match off camera.
Lia brought her mats, lights and camera to my Cambridge hotel where I had booked a king room with a balcony looking over the River Charles to the main city of Boston. The costume matches were fun with me wearing my black Spidey costume for some matches and the red / blue Spidey costume for the others. Lia looked sensational in the female black Spidey costume, a black version of the Captain America costume, Iron Girl, the Green Lantern, Super-girl and Lady Deadpool. She looks particularly stunning in the Lady Deadpool costume which kind of crosses the superhero and domination worlds. The videos we made included mostly wrestling / grappling, but there was also a test of strength clip where we did arm wrestling and then Lia tried out her scissors on me. I was hoping one or two of the costumes would be slippery against my costume to help me avoid being put in her holds. I can’t tell you the results because Lia will be opening a clip store, but can confirm that Lia had me tapping in every video.
Lia was brilliant in the costume matches and we had a lot of laughs during the videos. However, her real passion is for mixed wrestling as a straight up competitive sport. I could tell as we approached the point in the schedule for the session match that she really wanted to get to grips with me in workout gear. It was a good humoured and sporting contest which Lia dominated from start to finish. She laughed a lot at my facial expressions. I don’t make these faces to put my opponents off, it is just something I do through hard concentrated effort trying to figure out how to escape from the positions I’ve been put in. Lia got me with head scissors, reverse head scissors, a figure 4 triangle, a mounted triangle, omno-plata, arm bars, a kimoura, rear naked choke, guillotine, body scissors, pretty much every hold in the book performed in isolation and within combos! Her strength and fitness are incredible. I trained 6 days a week solidly for 4 months, shedding 6 pounds in preparation for these sessions. However, Lia had me under control and when she mounted or pinned me, I could not get her off me. I really felt weak but I think it was just the way she expertly pinned me to the mats to make difficult for me to even start an escape. Any time I did get on top, Lia laughed and taunted me to complete the move, before she turned the tables on me scored with successful counter attacks.
Lia is very kind and she showed me many of the sites of Boston while I was there. I really appreciate this because it was my first trip to Boston and I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the history, the food, the culture, and the food! Thanks for everything Lia, we’ll meet again on the mats later this year x


It has got to be close to 18 years since I first had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lia and having a session. Yes, it was that long ago 😊. I would go up to her place in Manchester where I would then begin the part of getting my ass kicked by a simply gorgeous women with a “devilish” laugh each and every time she got me into one of her unbreakable and painful holds… How can such a small girl dish out so much punishment? Well, if her name is Lia Labowe she can!

Well, fast forward 18 years and, I once again had the pleasure of seeing and sessioning with her again today. She is just as beautiful as I remember and, just as much of an “Ass Kicking” machine!!! Everything I enjoyed so many years ago was just as good if not better this time. And, yes, she still has that “Devilish” laugh when she had me all tied up. She was having so much fun simply dominating me and, doing whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted. It was as if I had seen a friend I hadn’t seen in years yet, didn’t feel like we lost a step.

The session world has changed if you have been in it as long as I have 25+ years. There are so many different women to chose form, so many different shapes, sizes ,looks and types of sessions available.. But few have yet to match the Class that Lia has not to mention the looks, skill and personality that it takes to make the session great for all of her clients. She is a true professional. She has always brought my “Wrestling Fantasies” to life both years ago as well as today. How many women can you say that about after 18 years?. If you have not had the privilege of meeting Lia, and, you want to meet one of the “Rock Stars” of sessions, I strongly suggest that you put her at the top of your list for women you want to wrestle. There is simply no way that you wont have a great time regardless of the session type you like. She is ‘One A Million” guys so please treat her well. You will thank me for it 😊 Ok enough reading …contact her now!!!


Lia Labowe is a goddess, plain and simple!! A session with Lia is the dream scenario. She is relentless, exhibits awesome strength with unreal stamina. Test her - at your own peril. Don't obey her commands and pay the price - immediately! Lia is relentless with an approach that seems 'never ending.' She taunts, engages in one-sided dialogue, and punishes to drive home a point, her point! But all of this might not even be the best part of working with this absolute gem. Lia is a kind, considerate, caring, friendly, super attractive woman who considers a session a success only when you benefit. In the end, guaranteed you will ask, "When can we meet again?"


I recently had the awesome opportunity to have a session with Lia Labowe. It was actually a double session with the amazing Ashley Wildcat. Lia is absolutely stunning with a smile that lights up the room. Don't let those looks fool you into thinking she can't wrestle because once she gets you on the mats you better be ready and even then, Lia will kick your butt.
Lia knows all the holds and will have you begging for mercy in no time. When she traps you with her deadly legs or a rear naked choke, you better tap or it will be lights out.
Lia makes sure it's a fun time and she laughs and taunts while dominating. Communicating is easy as she promptly responds to emails. The next time Lia is in Florida or I'm up in Boston I will definitely book another session with her!


Ashley Wildcat and Lia Labowe
Review by The Amazing Spider-Mouth (March 2018)

This was my first trip across the Atlantic to do sessions and I’ll say straight away that this was the best experience I’ve ever had since entering the scene in 2005. Ashley and Lia are the two US athletes I wanted to have matches with most and I made sure of this by buying and watching plenty of their videos. If I could session with Lia great, if I cold session with Ashley great, if I could session with both of them on the same trip even better. But what I really wanted was to meet both athletes at the same time and also to sponsor a match between the two of them. I did not wish to waste their time with endless emails so I made a clear sponsorship offer to Lia to travel to Florida if she could spare the time. I decided to base myself in the same Florida town where Ashley lives booking one of the Hilton Hotels there, nice, PGA village, loved it. What I did to make this worth their while was sponsor and appear in some custom clips against the two athletes one on one as well as two v one, booked a full session with each of them and sponsor a match between the two of them. It was a joy to me that Ashley and Lia were able to do other session work and video work while together in Florida, and it was great that so many of their fans were able to take the opportunity to get customs with them both.
I’ve seen a lot of talk about deposits and some guys not paying deposits because of scammers. Well I also know that decent athletes have been the victims of no-show guys having paid for gym hire and taken time out for the session, travelled etc. My attitude is don’t cause problem for decent session athletes who have a very good and honest professional record of doing sessions and video work, using deposit scammers as an excuse. I did not particularly want to carry thousands of dollars in cash around with me so I paid almost everything up front, because I knew I was dealing with Ashley and Lia. This gave the athletes confidence to set time aside knowing that I’d be there.
OK enough of that, onto the sessions. Well let’s just say the ladies were very keen to get at me, and were messaging for me to let them know when I arrived at the hotel so they could call round and get started immediately. Ashley’s car arrived and I went into the car park to greet them in the flesh for the first time. Big hugs. Ashley had also got new mats which she was using for the first time in these sessions. We arranged my room into a wrestling arena and then had a bit of a chat about our wrestling interests and session preferences before we started. What happened next was just excellent. Instead of doing two separate sessions, Ashley and Lia took control of the session and tag teamed me, they had clearly understood more about what I like than I know about myself and made this the perfect session. I did not have to choose who would be mu first opponent in USA, I was up against both athletes. The rounds were interspersed with conversation about the international wrestling scene. Both Ashley and Lia devoted a full 2 hours to this 2 v 1 match so I got way more than I paid for in terms of sessions. It was a great sporting contest, good humoured with Ashely and Lia cheering each other on. It was a great atmosphere.
I have to admit not only did I misjudge Ashley and Lia, but I also misjudged all of their opponents I watch on video. I honestly thought I was going to have to lower my level to make it a good even struggle. There was no need, we kept it safe and controlled, but boy are these ladies strong and skilled. They were far superior in terms of skill and I was taken aback by their natural strength as well. I was tapping out to head scissors, reverse head scissors, figure 4 head scissors, triangles, arm bars, an Americana, an omoplata, body scissors, rear naked chokes and kimouras. Ashley managed to get my favourite hold on me (the grapevine), and both managed to pin me down but never counted, they were intent on gaining all of their points through submissions. They worked together fantastically well as a team. I’ve been training 6 days per week for this but it was no stroll in the park, it was one hell of a good workout. Seriously, Ashely and Lia planned it and did the session to make sure it was the best session anyone could have ever had.
Next up we filmed some costumed superhero matches for Ashley’s clips site. We got some great fun videos done with myself in Black and Red/Blue Spidey costumes while Lia went for Wonder Woman and Iron Princess costumes and Ashley was Spider Girl and Batgirl. At one point Lia and I had a pillow fight in the middle of a match. We really entered into the spirit of the matches and had a ball as you will see in Ashley’s clips. Then we finished off with a two v one superhero custom that I’d ordered. If you want to see me get knocked out buy this clip! I don’t want to give too much else away about the video because Ashley will be selling it commercially.
Then I was the camera operator for a couple of other guy’s custom videos. It was a privilege to be able to do this and see what goes into making a custom. They were focused while going over the clip and making sure I knew my cues for changing what I was filming during matches. They discussed and clarified everything in the script and came up with excellent improvisations as well. It was a very productive day and at the end of it we all went for steak dinner in the hotel restaurant. I had a beer for the first time in a while, figured I deserved it. I said my good byes to both ladies just in case they did not need me to film for them the next day.
I was delighted the next day (Saturday) when Ashley contacted me asking if I could film a custom clip where they really needed a hotel room to fight in. We got the job done very efficiently allowing the ladies to proceed to the other side of town where further custom work had come in for them. I knew Lia was flying out the next day, we said our goodbyes after what has been a special and memorable trip for me. On the Sunday morning, I still had more than enough dollars left over for another session. Ashley and I had already been talking about a rematch the next time I was in USA, well after a twitter exchange on the Sunday morning, Ashley met up with me on the Sunday evening to settle a few things on the mats. It was awesome.
By the time I had completed the journey home, via Toronto and London, Ashley had already got my clips to me via drop box, highly efficient. She is a real industry leader, well organised, committed and travels far and near to work with the best people. A big thanks to Ashley for hosting Lia and I in Florida, it’s been wonderful. Massive thanks to Lia, a legend in this scene who I’ve admired for over a decade on video and now I’ve hit the mats with her. She took time out of her schedule to travel to meet myself and her other fans. It’s truly appreciated. I will definitely meet both Lia and Ashley again and can highly recommend them for sessions and customs.


I recently had both the pleasure and privilege of having a session with Lia. Actually, it was a double session with the amazing Ashley Wildcat. What can I say about Lia? She is absolutely stunning with a smile that lights up a room. Once she gets you down on the mats, you better be ready. She is very strong and skilled and her legs are deadly. She will ratchet it up or take it down a notch, making sure it is fun. However, if she traps you in a head scissor or rear naked choke, you better tap or it's lights out. Lia is always prompt to respond to any emails. If you're looking for a great session, be sure and book one with Lia. I know that the next time she is down in Florida or I'm up in Boston, I will definitely look for another go with Lia!


The legend of Lia is 100% true. She was amazing. I was super nervous but she was exceptionally understanding and easy to talk to. I told her it was like talking to an old friend. Technically skilled and as beautiful as you can imagine. I can't recommend her enough. What a doll. If you want the best, look no further than her.


I couldn't help but to write a review about this amazing woman. If you are browsing session girls and you are stopping at this page, and see all these great reviews just keep in mind she is not some overnight just pop up random, she has dominated the wrestling industry for 16 years!! So you're not just getting some local gal who just started last week who ya kind of wasting your time on! I session with Lia a few years ago, but just saw this session Girls page for the first time :-). A true professional no horror stories! And the best part that should be on these reviews should be she's not one of these people who takes a deposit from you and disappears!! All you need is a confirmation she checks in periodically and go from there!!! Because she has so much faith in us :-) she's awesome if she's in your city or you're around town I definitely recommend that you give the true queen of wrestling a shot!!


Just had an absolutely amazing session with Lia!! My best ever BY FAR! She is really one of the most genuinely nice people I have met (and I usually think people are pretty crappy) in this kind of forum or otherwise. Really just the coolest.

I was nervous as hell when she showed up, we talked a little about ourselves, broke the ice, I felt so comfortable, and I had the best hour (plus) I've had in my life in a long time. She KOd me twice (strong as ALL HELL btw!!) which was friggin amazing, but as I was sort of snapping out of it and I was needing a break, we talked about everything in the world and I might hold that as my favorite memory of today. She's so smart and hilarious and we had some really fun conversations as well.

So listen! If you want a true pro and the coolest session possible, book now. I will be jealous of you but that's just because I know how much fun you'll have. Hahaha. Don't think...just book! I did a very non-competitive session but whatever you need she's got answers.

And please as a general rule to you session wanters...1. Don't be a psycho creep and 2. She will fucking kick your stupid ass. Capisce? (I know Italian Lia! Proud? Lolol)

But in all honesty, just amazing and worth everything.

Thank you again Lia for the wonderful afternoon!


I had my first session with Lia today. It was my first time ever doing something like this so I was a little nervous at first, but Lia made me feel so comfortable. She is genuinely a nice person very friendly and beautiful all around. I had so much fun lots of laughs I felt like a had known her for years. She put me in a whole bunch of submission holds some I didn’t even know excisted I had no chance with her she is really strong. I would definitely recommend Lia to anyone I promise you won’t regret it. I look forward to having another session with you Lia thanks again!


I had a session with Lia today. The girl is amazing. Very easy to setup a session. I emailed her, she got back to me quickly and had a session setup with a couple of exchanges. Her pics on here are great, however, she looks better in person. For the session, she completely dominated me. I had no chance. By looking at her I did not think she could beat me as easily as she did. Still not sure how it happened. Her skills were unbelievable and she was too strong. Scissors pins and so many other holds, nothing I could do but tap. I look forward to seeing her again. Thanks again Lia.


I had my first Semi Comp wrestling session with Lia last week being new to all of this and had a session booked in less than 6 e-mails. First off this girl has incredible personality and friendly. She has beautiful body that should be a lethal weapon but would never know that looking at her.When i first saw her i said this is gonna be easy. Then i was in a full body triangle tapping out multiple times as she laughed.I tried time and time again never came even close to a tap from her shes the real deal . Her legs are very strong and so is she.I will be back again and again to see her, she`s a lot of fun Thanks Lia


I see I have a few reviews here that I don’t answer emails..my hotmail account is 16 yrs old and gets hundreds of emails, allot is spam. I do read my emails every few days and weed out junk. If you tried to get ahold of me without a reply, there are 2 emails hotmail/gmail to try, oh and twitter. I respond to my emails in the same manor I’m emailed, ex: “Do you still wrestle?”...my response will be “yes”. I don’t spend allot of time on people who email me one liners. If you want to book a session leave a description of what you are looking for and who you’ve seen. I’m not going to chat about my favorite moves or how I put them on, when I can show you in person..;). I’m a professional session wrestler on the scene for a very very long time. Don’t waste my time and I absolutely will never waste yours. Happy 2018 everyone! See you on the Mats! Xo


Had my second ever session with Lia yesterday, the commination and replies were very prompt! And the session was so fun and incredible! Lots of laughter! I'm 6'8 250 athlete with an extreme high level of pain tolerance. I don't know how but her legs are insane strong! And I couldn't last not than a few seconds in some of the scissor holds! She's very professional and can be fun at the same time. Will definitely be back to redeem myself!!


Doesn't answer e-mails. Waste of time.


Premiere session wrestler in the early 2000's, no question about it. Insane leg strength. Don't know what happened thru the years. Modern day, good luck scheduling a session with her. One /two word ambiguous replies here and there when trying to set up a session and arrange locale, date, and time. I don't know why she even bothers replying at all. The responses are a complete joke and useless; and you'll just end up pulling your own hair out after about three e-mails. If she is traveling to your area, maybe you have better luck. But when she is local, she doesn't arrange sessions, despite advertising to the contrary.


I tried reaching out to her, but she does not respond to her emails.


I sessioned with Lia in 2016 in Boston for a tickling session . Lia showed up on time. She was very friendly..... and even more beautiful in person than in her pics. We hung out a bit and talked before getting started. She was very relaxed and laid back as we talked, almost as if we were old friends catching up. No rush and no pressure on her part either. The session was great, just as we discussed. She was very professional. She wore a bikini and was in amazing shape. After the session, we chatted for awhile and she left. Again, no pressure, clock watching or rushing on her part. I had a great time and will session with her again. I highly recommend Lia to anyone who is interested in meeting her.

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